Cr Mayne

February 23 meeting transcript

September 11, 2020

This transcript is from the February 23 Manningham council meeting questions from councillors segment.

Listen to audio here.

Cr Stephen Mayne: a question for you Mr Mayor. Could you please inform the council what happened at the December 11 meeting with the Department of Planning and Community Development regarding the proposed extension of the On Luck nursing home?

Mayor Charles Pick: Thank you councillor Mayne, I shall defer to a more appropriate planning expert to Lydia Wilson, our madam CEO and also to Mr Molan to explain the technicalities of what happened in terms of the planning processes as they are far better equipped to explain those aspects.

CEO Lydia Wilson: Mr Mayor, I'm not going to attempt to talk about the planning processes, but I'm certainly happy to comment on my attendance at the meeting, and broadly what occurred. I was requested to attend the meeting, and did so, and at that meeting there were officers from the department of planning and community development, and also representativesfrom On Luck nursing home, including their planning person and also their architect. The role that I played was solely really as observer, and listening, I had no real involvement in relation to the provision of any technical advice, but as I said the role that I played was really just listening, and I really wasn't sure what further action I was required take.

Mayor Charles Pick: Mr Molan do you have any comments to add?

Planning director Paul Molan: Mr Mayor and councillors, the only thing that I can add, is that we were not briefed in any way before that meeting with the department. We met in there and heard about the expansion proposal for the first time. At that meeting we informed the Chinese community's planning consultant, well they were sort of instructed by the department to prepare the amendment documentation, we said we were happy to receive that documentation and provide commentary on it, they provided that to us just prior to Christmas, and before we had time to even provide feedback to them, we received the notice from the department itself, saying they have finalised the documentation and asking for our commentary on it within a very short period of time. To which the chief exec then responded to the department saying there was insufficient time, and requesting further time, so it could be considered by council.