2009 AWB AGM

February 1, 2010

A very feisty meeting with much anger on the floor from grain growers. Candidate again and received almost 10%.

See Mayne Report - Executive pay, AWB and NAB tilts, Manningham, elections in 2010, cracking Cornwall, Woolies faltering, capital raisings and much more

Results of meeting - 8.6% for

Why wasn't your one-for-one offer renouncable? How did you market the offer?

Have you considered a follow up SPP for retail shareholders? How did you go from paying dividends to a debt crisis? Tell us how the $200 million disappeared in Brazil.

Can we hear from the candidate about the debacle in Brazil?

Campaign speech and shareholder questions

The base pay is still high and is increasing. Considering performance this should be frozen.

Can you give us some insight to the timing of when the ex gratia payments were made?

Press Room

774 ABC Melbourne - chatting with Libby Gore about AWB AGM

Check out these two articles printed on December 30, 2009 in the Weekly Times by Peter Hemphill from the 2009 AWB AGM - AWB grower backlash and AWB bribe claim.

Attacking the board for the shocking timing of their AGM in this column for the Weekly Times on December 16, 2009.

The arguments for the tilt were laid out in this column for Fairfax Media.

The board has refused to engage on the issue of retail shareholder shaftings in the notice of meeting.

How AWB shafted its grower shareholders
November 2, 2009
Discounted placements and retail shortfalls have severely disadvanted retail shareholders at AWB

936 ABC Hobart - December 10, 2009, talking to Tim Cox about how AWB shafted retail investors and board tilt.

Meanwhile, check all our previous encounters with AWB:

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2008 AWB EGM approving new constitution
AWB finally adopted a new constitution ending its farmer gerrymander on October 22 and we were there praising the reformist board and asking a few questions just in case a board tilt is necessary at next year's AGM.

2008 AWB EGM
The AWB EGM on August 21, 2008 was a dramatic event.

AWB August 2008 EGM
The AWB EGM in Melbourne on August 21, 2008.

AWB 2008 AGM
Stephen Mayne is a small shareholder of the AWB. He posed questions to the board regarding the abolishment of takeover protection and tabling the idea that farmers get kicked off the board.

AWB AGM 2007
Gave the board a thoroughly deserved bollocking Feburary 22, 2007.