2009 Channel Ten AGM audio

January 7, 2010

Here is the edited audio from all our questions at the 2009 Ten Network Holdings AGM held Star City Casino on December 10 with the campaign speech a stand out. And check out the special Mayne Report edition sent from Sydney Airport.

When will Ten get with the program and webcast its AGM?

Small shareholder opens the batting on SPP shafting

Going in hard on the SPP rip-off

Exchange about Bruce Gordon board seat including the billionaire's speech

Is programming boss David Mott too indecisive?

Have you missed the boat with your digital strategy?

Is it really a 100% separation from CanWest?

Engaging with Hungry Jack Cowin on shareholding history and SPP shafting

Using "pipe and slippers" line against silent 80-year-old incumbent John Studdy

Fired up campaign speech on SPP shafting and appalling election process

Answer to shareholder question with Manningham rave