2009 David Jones AGM

August 3, 2010

Retailer David Jones had its 2009 AGM on November 30 in Melbourne and here are the edited audio highlights from all our questions.

Is there any chance we can commit to webcasting the AGM next year? Could you talk about the company's consideration of adopting some hedging? Are still outperforming Myer out at Doncaster? Are there any other sites in Australia we would love to be but cannot because of restrictive style covenants in the leases?

Could you talk more about the Myer float and their media blitz and what it meant to us? Do you think they have damaged their brand because of the over hype and poor performance?

Is it the intention of the candidates to serve a full three year term. Mr Coates your performance over the years has been sensational and you should stay on the board.

Supporting the re-election of Katie Lahey and this company should have more women on this board. Katie how have you felt being the only female on the board?
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Could you talk about the stability of the top ten executives of the company over the past three or four years. Have any of your major shareholders or proxy advisers expressed any concerns before the meeting about any element of your remuneration practices? Can the CEO talk about his share purchase, then quick sale?