2009 Seek AGM

August 11, 2010

You can hear all the questions here and below is the edited audio from the 2009 Seek AGM held in Melbourne on November 30.

Could you tell us more about the departure of one of our cornerstone shareholders? Is the performance of the share price somewhat attributable to the fact we are more attractive to institutions?

What is the long term plan internationally? How do you compare internationally in terms of market cap. where do you rank?

Are you cleaning up Fairfax, or with their changes, do you see them as being a formidable oponent?

Where is the industry at relative to your strategy? Do we have any preference of old media partner in terms of promoting our businesses or are we strong enough on our own?

Well done on your conservative cash payments and could you talk about the small protest on the remuneration report?

It would be better to have a couple more independents and a couple more women on your board to have better diversity representing the community
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In light of the sensational performance please disregard the small protest vote and lock-in the founders as part of our long term plans