2009 Seven Network AGM

January 7, 2010

A cordial affair with Seven webcasting for the very first time and chairman Kerry Stokes offering detailed answers. You can here all the questions here and below is the edited audio including the full remuneration debate.

Congratulations on webcasting and are you going to be writing and KKR joint venture back up after excessive write-downs?

Explain our monster tax bill and does cash really mean cash?

Take us through the full $3.5bn private equity loan commitments

Why the protest against the rem report and what is David Leckie really paid?

The full remuneration report debate

Well done on putting up David for re-election. How is your health David and why didn't you retort to James Packer when he had a go?
Why did you sell your 3 million shares David?

Dulcie Boling on age, tenure and independence

Will you be adding another independent director considering the protest against Ryan Stokes' re-election?

Why did David Leckie unload his equity play, yet come back for another one?

Is Nine closing the gap and will chairman Kerry ever go non-executive?

Hosting the PM in Broome, praising stimulus and the contrast with Rupert.