A big day of AGMs in Perth

November 8, 2009

Friday, November 6 was a big day in Perth with four different AGMs. Here are the edited audio highlights.

Litigation funder IMF 2009 AGM

Why haven't we got a majority of independent directors


Success fee increase and what are our competitors doing?

Are we collaborating with Brian Burke on Great Southern action?

How are we getting on with ASIC?

Are we the biggest listed litigation funder in the world?

Are we suited to the public company space?

How is Oz Minerals and continuous disclosure more broadly going?

Why haven't we sued Babcock yet?

Only 4 losses in 140 cases, what were they?

All questions

Cazaly Resources 2009 AGM

How much has all this claim jumping cost us?

Does director Ken Hunter supporting claim jumping?

What process have you been through to ensure the receivers of the selective placement have not voted on it?

When raising capital please look after retail

Do we really need to offer more options?

Can you tell us more about Tim Burrell?

Has it ever been laid down on you as a board that we don't do any SPPs for retail?

Well done if this placement really is at a premium

All questions

Atlas Iron 2009 AGM

One big clump of questions on Twiggy, rail access and sacked chairman

Western Areas 2009 AGM

What's all this litigation with chairman Terry Sweetman?

The big remuneration report defeat - full debate

Please stop recording the meeting and where is your webcast?

Get yourselves some more independent directors

Box tickers, corporate governance and Risk Metrics

The defeat of four resolutions on options for directors

These options for the CEO need some performance hurdles

Where was the SPP after your institutional placement?

All questions