2009 Crown and Consolidated Media AGM audio

January 7, 2010

Below are the edited audio highlights from the Crown and Consolidated Media AGMs held at James Packer's Crown Casino in Melbourne on October 28, 2009.


Opening salvo: response to James' pleas on problem gambling, overall financial performance and US write-downs

James Packer defends board processes during the US casino splurge?

Chris Corrigan defends board processes and takes shares of blame

Do you have any leverage over your personal stake, James?

Defending Macquarie and UBS as new Crown director Ben Brazil declines to engage

Let's hope this isn't your last day of AGMs, James

Full version of direct exchanges with James Packer

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Consolidated Media Holdings

We were the sole questioner at the CMH AGM and the full exchanges have been packaged up in this single audio file whilst the individual debates have been broken down into the following audio files:

Are we going to expand the 10% buy-back?

Explain how the pre-emptive rights work with Foxtel and Fox Sports

What could Telstra break up mean for Foxtel?

Can Packer keep creeping up CMH register under standstill agreement with Seven?

How are we getting on with the Seven directors given Leckie spray?

Hitting Seven's Peter Gammell for unfair Today Tonight attacks on James Packer

Seven's conflicts, why not Kerry and drawing a blank with Ryan Stokes

Getting Chris Corrigan to pledge his independence

Chris Mackay pledges independence and exchange with Packer over board numbers

Commending the remuneration report of a post box company with 5 staff

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