Cr Mayne

September 2009 public council meeting

October 1, 2010

Manningham City Council held a public council meeting on Tuesday, September 29, 2009. Check out the agenda and minutes. Below are links to edited audio of Stephen Mayne's contributions to the public debate.

Bamfield Close special rates drainage proposal

Backing the green councillor David Ellis on banning logging in catchments

Full debate on new stormwater management plan for hilly, partly unanswered Manningham

Pressuring Melbourne Water to build path for Brindy Crescent residents

Endorsing fire management plan

Speaking in favour of public exhibition of Matthews property re-zoning proposal

Endorsing emissions targets

Closing debate on Wonga Park development proposal which went down 5-4 - rest of debate

Should we ban grog at big festivals?

Tight 5-4 vote to save fireworks at carols by candlelight

Full contentious debate on Kiwanis raffleStephen comments

State legislation banning political staffers