Multiple AGM battles: Rupert, Fairfax, Macquarie, Alumina

June 9, 2021

In 2010 we put together this package of companies where we have had more than three encounters over the years. News Corp and Macquarie are equal favorites with eight AGMs attended.

Nine News Corp AGM battles
Here is a complete chronological record of AGM engagements with News Corp and Rupert Murdoch since 1999.

Fast and furious nine face-offs with Fairfax

Here is a complete chronological record of our AGM engagements with Fairfax Media since 1998.

Macquarie: favourite with Rupert
Equal with News Corp, we've had eight AGM encounters with Macquarie Bank over the years.

Seven lively rounds with the Packers
Kerry and James Packer have always provided great sport at AGMs which is why we've been back to PBL on seven occasions.

Seven of the last eight Alumina AGMs
Post box company Alumina has attracted our interest more often than most since it was created from the demerger with WMC back in 2002.

Seven AXA AGMs so far this century
It might be controlled by French giant AXA, but the old National Mutual has generated plenty of lively AGM debate in our seven appearances over the years.

Six of the best with Cranky Franky
Westfield chairman Frank Lowy is the most combative chairman we've come across and we know this from our six bouts over the years.

Six run-ins with the unhelpful Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto is used to being rumbled by unions and green groups but this shouldn't justify the pretty poor communications with its shareholders more generally that we've encountered at six gatherings over the years.

Five cracking AGMs with the farmers of AWB
Fundamental changes over the past couple of years including board candidate in 2009

Five Seven Network AGMs
We had an early burst of interest in Kerry Stokes and Seven Network AGMs but we have gone back.

Five this century with AMP
AMP is another company with which we have enjoyed five AGM exchanges over the years and here is a summary of what happened.

Five rounds with gaming giant Tabcorp
Gaming giant Tabcorp has long been a favourite target and here is the roll call of our four AGM encounters with the company that was floated by the Kennett Government in August 1994.

Five BHP rounds with the combative Don Argus
BHP chairman Don Argus is highly combative as you can see from these accounts of our five shareholders meetings of the mining giant over the years.

Five rounds with the National Australia bank
Big bank AGMs are usually long and tiresome affairs to be avoided, but we've made an exception for National Australia Bank and had five lively rounds with what is now the nation's second biggest bank.

Four years battling Babcock & Brown
Since financial engineers Babcock & Brown floated in October 2004, we've taken the trouble to attend all of their AGMs, where the action has unfolded as follows.

Four rounds with pokies giant Woolies

Always cracking affairs where we have sprayed them many times about their growing pokies business.

Three rounds this century with Austar
Regional pay-TV provider Austar is one of less than 20 companies with which we have enjoyed three or more AGM exchanges over the years and here is a summary of what happened.

The last three Oxiana AGMs
Owen Hegarty's Oxiana Resources has excited the market over the past few years and I've been at all the recent AGMs.

Cranky Chris and Computershare
We did three straight Computershare AGMs a few years and found executive chairman Chris Morris to be someone who doesn't like shareholder engagement at all.

Never a dull moment at three Gunns meetings
Tasmanian tree-lopping giant Gunns is Australia's most loathed company and we certainly discovered why in our three shareholder meeting at the Launceston head office.

The three Spotless AGM encounters
Spotless are a colourful Melbourne-based services company that have had very ordinary governance in years gone by but are starting to clean up their act. Here is what happened at the three AGMs we've attended so far.