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Columns about capital raising shaftings

April 12, 2010

This list tracks all the web accessible columns by Australia's major business commentators about the extraordinary rorting and dilution that has been going during the record breaking $100 billion capital raising binge over the past 18 months.

April 10, 2010
Legislation is needed to ban placements
Terry McCrann, Herald Sun

November 2, 2009
Small investors struggle to get fair treatment
Andrew Main, The Australian

October 29, 2009
Punters got the rough end of pineapple
Ian Verrender, The Sydney Morning Herald

October 9, 2009
Two moves afoot in MPP issue
Bryan Frith The Australian

October 6, 2009

One in the eye for little guy
Terry McCrann, Herald Sun

September 12, 2009
Conspiracy of silence on market flaws
Terry McCrann, Herald Sun

September 9, 2009
A question of equity
Stephen Bartholomeusz, Business Spectator

September 8, 2009
Rights and wrongs
John Durie, The Australian

September 3, 2009

No room at the trough for mums and dads
Terry McCrann, Herald Sun

August 27, 2009

Asciano handout a winner
Terry McCrann, Herald Sun

August 18, 2009
Boart sold on issue rip-off
Terry McCrann, Herald Sun

August 15, 2009
NAB shows buying retail can deny you profits
Malcolm Maiden, The Age

August 11, 2009
Bendigo can screw them over like the big banks
Terry McCrann, Herald Sun

December 12, 2008
Speed Dating for Desperados
Alan Kohler, Business Spectator