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ABC Radio National interviews

January 27, 2011

Here is a list of links to interviews on 621 Radio National over the years.

3 September, 2010: contributed to a story about poker machine restrictions.

5 August 2010 - contributed to story on Fran Kelly's breakfast program about the pokies.

1 June 2010 - talking with Phillip Adams after the 2010 mini AGM season on how to be a shareholder activist.

5 February 2010 - talking with Peter Mares on the National Interest program about political donations.

15 April 2009 - talking with Fran Kelly on ABC Radio National Breakfast about the Brisconnections developments over the past couple of days.

6 February 2009 - very rigorous debate with The Age's Michelle Grattan and The Australian's Lenore Taylor this morning on Fran Kelly's Radio National Breakfast program.

13 August 2008 - Radio National with Michael Cavanagh - New generation takes on Australia's top companies.

24 Apr 2008- ABC Radio National - Kerry Stokes vanquished in WAN showdown.