Getting auditors to speak at AGMs

June 9, 2021

Below is a compilation of audio files from various AGMs over the years where auditors have been asked to comment on the accounts.


Bendigo Adelaide Bank AGM November 3, 2010
Question for the auditor about gambling driven fraud


Bell Financial Group AGM, April 22, 2009
Is the $80.5 million goodwill figure something the auditor is happy with?

Clive Peeters AGM, November 20, 2009
Getting the auditor up to defend processes

Fairfax Media
, Nov 10, 2009
Question for the auditor on write-down of intangibles

GPT AGM, May 25, 2009
Challenging PwC auditor David Armstrong on the missing $4 billion in book value

Macquarie Group AGM, July 29, 2009
Question for the auditor about conflicts and write downs.

JB HiFi AGM, October 15, 2009
Mr auditor, can we make our conservative balance sheet look any more realistic?

Timbercorp AGM, February 27, 2009
Why hasn't the auditor required the board to take a more realistic approach to asset values in the books?

Transfield AGM,
November 4, 2009
Why did you punt PwC as auditor?


Allco Equity Partners AGM
, November 5, 2008
Can the auditor explain where this missing $300m of value has gone?

Babcock & Brown Power AGM, November 7, 2008
Getting auditor Marc Upcroft to defend illusory accounts

Babcock & Brown Infrastructure AGM, November 5, 2008
Putting the auditor on the spot and what happens if BNB or BBI go into receivership?

Computershare AGM, November 11, 2008
Why is there a massive differential between what the auditor and the market value us? What aren't you valuing?

Credit Corp AGM, November 10, 2008
Could we hear from the auditor? Where are our banking covenants at if we take a write down?

Housewares AGM, November 11, 2008
Why the difference between the auditor accounts and what the market says?

Macquarie Airports AGM, May 22, 2008
Have a listen to the full exchange as there is also some interesting stuff on the PwC conflict given that Macquarie comprises about 5% of its Australian revenues.

Macquarie Bank
AGM, July 23, 2008
What's the total disparity between the book value of our investments in various listed funds and market value?
Commenting on the disappointing answer to the previous question. Will there be a mark to market approach?
Asking to respond on book values. Why aren't we adopting a model of having a different audit firm for our listed funds?

Macquarie Media AGM, October 29, 2008
Getting the auditor up on this missing $600m in book value and The PwC audit conflict

Slater & Gordon AGM, November 14, 2008
Would we sue our own auditor, Pitcher Partners?