2009 AXA AGM

May 8, 2009

The AXA Asia Pacific Holdings AGM in Melbourne today was a lively affair and after giving several of the directors a solid roasting about holding no shares in the company, we expect they'll all be on the register this time next year.

Have a listen to these sprays:

A couple of questions about the recent $800 million capital raising

Some questions to the board about our banking costs, debt covenents and other things financial

Paul Cooper has done 14 years and he is not an independent director so why go again for election?

How big is loan to Centro?

Why hasn't this board got some decent skin in the game at non-executive director level?

Is there any reason Tony Froggatt why you are not on the register?

Could you explain the final calculation of the payout to you chairman and Paul Cooper?
This meeting should protest against the 30 per cent increase in the executive pay cap, when no director has any substantial holdings on the register.