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Appearances on The National Interest

November 14, 2015

Here is an archive of more than 10 appearences on The National Interest program on ABC Radio National over the past decade.

Telstra-Future Fund stoush 24 April 2009
The future fund being a shareholder activist fund. 21 December 2008 - participated in Radio National's program The National Interest, reviewing the year.

2008 on a need-to-know basis 19 December 2008
What a year it's been. The financial crisis, Kevin 08, the Turnbull factor, surprise election results in WA and the Northern Territory, bailouts and handouts, not-so-tough targets and reams of reports on the future of everything from the car industry to maternity leave. But what does it all mean?
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd may well have hit the ground reviewing, but how have international events outside his control changed the name of the game?
For example, can we afford - and do we want - tough measures to cut Australia's greenhouse gas emissions with unemployment now on the rise?
And in the face of real problems with household indebtedness, how concerned should we be to hear the government urging us spend like there's no tomorrow?
The National Interest places the year's highs and lows under the analytical microscope of its year-ender panel. download audio

21 May 2006 - with Peter Mares - The Big Mac

2007 on a need-to-know basis 23 December 2007
It's been a big year, with a federal election campaign that just went on and on, then a change of government and a prime minister losing his seat. Continuing drought has helped focus our collective mind on global warming and while growth remained strong there was a sense of fragility - as though it might not be possible to blow too much more air into the economic balloon before it pops. Three people join the National Interest to reflect on the year that was and to speculate on what surprises lie in store for us in 2008.

The Big Mac 21 May 2006
There's a Macquarie finger in many a pie: from airports to aged care, from toll roads to ten-pin bowling; from South Africa to South Korea, from China to the Czech Republic and of course, at home here in Australia - industrial estates, office buildings, supermarkets, energy distributors, radio stations, child care centres, taxis - Macquarie's got the lot. What does Stephen Mayne, founder of Crikey-dot-com and shareholder activist make of all of this? Transcript

The art of leaking 8 May 2005
The leaking of the state budget to a commercial TV station has embarrassed the Victorian government. Meanwhile the Senate Privileges Committee has been debating what to do about the leaking of Senate reports. But politicians are the biggest leakers of all.

That was the year that was 19 December 2004
Three astute commentators on national affairs, Andrew West, Karen Middleton and Stephen Mayne, join Terry Lane to review the main issues of 2004 - in state and federal politics, business and foreign policy. Transcript

Crikey and defamation 10 March 2002
Stephen Mayne, publisher of, talks about being sued for defamation by commercial radio present Steve Price.

Election 2001: the result 11 November 2001
And our crack team of election analysts - Fran Kelly from the 7.30 Report, political scientist Brian Costar and's Stephen Mayne - analyse the election result and what it tells us about the Australian political psyche.

John Anderson; Globalisation; News Ltd AGM 14 October 2001
Stephen Mayne from crikey-dot-com reports back from this year's News Ltd annual general meeting. Transcript

Ansett 16 September 2001
Journalist Stephen Mayne and the ACCC's Allan Fels discuss the collapse of Ansett this week. Transcript 29 April 2001
Journalist Stephen Mayne, publisher of, who was excluded from a Victorian government media conference this week. Transcript