All the foreign ownership lists

January 20, 2017

The Mayne Report has built up some insightful lists tracking the following various components of foreign ownership in Australia.

Chinese investments in Australian resources
This list tracks Chinese Government investments in Australian resource projects.

Every project that has Chinese investment
This list tracks Chinese investment in Australia.

Foreign government investment in Australia
See how the Chinese are Singapore Government are set to own more Australian business assets than our own government.

Foreign companies turning over more than $200m a year Down Under
This list shows just what a large proportion of the Australian economy is already run by foreign companies.

Australian companies which generate more than $200m a year offshore
There aren't even 100 of these, but we should salute them.

Foreign companies unhappy with their experience Down Under
The global financial crisis has substantially changed this list in recent times.

Foreign companies that have done well in Australia

There aren't as many of these companies around any more.

Australia is selling the farm
Video about the rise and rise of foreign investment in Australia.

Banging the drum on Today Tonight
Video about foreign ownership of Australian companies.