PacBrands 2008 AGM package of highlights

October 28, 2008

PacBrands AGM on 21 October, 2008 in Melbourne

See Mayne report here.

Audio breakdown

1) How have sales been in the last month?

2) How China dependent are we?

3) Are we suffering any supplier pressure and is the shipping crisis affecting us?

4) How much pressure are we feeling on the retailing side?

5) What is the ratio that we are nearest to in terms of debt covenants?

6) How are you managing your time commitments and are you committed to Pacific Brands in the long term?

7) Who are our big five banks? Is it fair to say we paid too much for Yakka?

8) Are we getting the benefits of lower interest rates?

9) How much are we spending on advertising regarding Macquarie Radio?

10) How have we played the currency collapse?

11) What are you going to do with the base director's fees?

12) Why hasn't the CEO ever been elected?