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More than 200 appearances on RRR over 22 years

December 31, 2018

This list tracks Stephen Mayne's various appearances on legendary Melbourne community radio station RRR over 22 years which now number more than 200.

2015Regular June 30 Party Show panel with Hedley Gritter and Tom Elliott


The Breakfasters December 8, 2010
Interview discussing the ongoing election results and WikiLeaks.

The Party Show
October 16, 2010.
Interview discussing the News Corp AGM.

The Breakfasters August 25, 2010
Interview discussing the federal election wash up.

The Party Show
August 8, 2010
Brief interview discussing up coming Federal election.

The Party Show June 26, 2010
Mining tax debate

Questions to Kelvin Thompson: Who are the machine women of the Labor party and where did it all unfold for Rudd?

Question from Mark Forbes

Discussing David Jones and executive remuneration

Discussing BP debacle

The Breakfasters June 9, 2010
Chatting about the mining and resources tax

The Breakfasters
April 21, 2010
Interview discussing yesterday's farcical Seven Network EGM and women on boards.


The Party Show
December 5, 2009
Calling Wilson Tuckey a reactionary dinosaur.

Preference deal discussion with Greens candidate Richard Di Natale.

Exchange with David Davis about the Doncaster tram extension.

Discussion with Carlo Carli.

The Party Show June 27, 2009
2008 financial year in review

Gary Morgan poll

Robert Gottliebsen chat

Kennett years

US Economy

Bryan Boyd chat


Interview with The Breakfasters: Wednesday June 10, 2009.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Cracking interview with The Breakfasters on RRR Melbourne discussing Pacific Brands, executive pay and the global economic crisis.


November 24, 2008: discussing 2008 AGM season with Breakfasters.

The Party Show October 5, 2008
Asking departing Melbourne Lord Mayor John So if there is still $100 million in cash sitting in the council's coffers.

Debating hedge funds with Tom Elliott from MM&E Capital

Tom Elliott reveals he was asked by the Reserve Bank to curb his negative opinions

The suggestion of Tom Elliott becoming the new Neil Mitchell


17th November 2007: a 1am discussion on The Party Show about the federal election, Campaign Costello and preferencing.
Did a preference deal on air with Stephen Conroy.

November 14th, 2007: discussed getting an apology from Rupert Murdoch in Adelaide the day before.

Appearing on The Breakfasters on 16th October 2007 discussing our Murdoch campaign and the up-and-coming federal election.


Did occasional spots on The Breakfasters.

November 2006: Victorian election special with Richard di Natale on The Party Show.


Occasional spots on Breakfasters in new East Brunswick Studio after sale of Crikey in March.

Did a phone interview on The Party Show during Melbourne City Council election where quizzed Lord Mayor John So and candidate Gary Morgan.


Moved into the new studios in late 2004 and only did occasional spots on Breakfasters.

Went into Victoria St studio for last time to do The Party Show with host Headley Gritter and rogue trader David Bullen as the guest promoting his controversial book.


Scaled back to occasional Breakfasters appearances after moved from South Melbourne to Camberwell.


Weekly spot from 7.45am to 8am each Wednesday morning with John Safran's Breakfasters crew at the Fitzroy studios.


Weekly spot from 7.45am to 8am each Wednesday morning with John Safran's Breakfasters crew at the Fitzroy studios.


Weekly spot from 7.45am to 8am each Wednesday morning with John Safran's Breakfasters crew at the Fitzroy studios.


Two spots on RRR during September 1999 Victorian election campaign, including one on election night.


June 30, 1989: first ever radio appearance on The Party Show with Headley Gritter.