Macquarie AGM 2008

December 4, 2008

The Macquarie Bank AGM in Melbourne July 23, 2008.

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Audio Breakdown

Why is it taking so long to get Peter Costello on the board?

Is part of the Macquarie empire being audited over tax havens?

What's the total disparity between the book value of our investments in various listed funds and market value?

Commenting on the disappointing answer to the previous question. Will there be a mark to market approach?

Tabling the suggestion to sell Sydney airport and make our day

Why don't we internalise the management of MIG and MAP?

Why is a banker owning a bank magazine?

Asking to respond on book values. Why aren't we adopting a model of having a different audit firm for our listed funds?

Can you give us an update on the defamation battle against The Australian, and the coronal inquiry into the Beaconsfield mine collapse?

Commenting on Alan Moss's remuneration and the chairman's $35 million loan

Why has the CEO chosen exemption from re-election and does Macquarie have tenure limits for directors?

Commenting on not disclosing proxies as we go

Where does the CEO stand in terms of purchasing another $25 million worth of stock and will this occur annually?

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