Nine News Corp AGM battles

October 19, 2010

Here is a complete chronological record of AGM engagements with News Corp and Rupert Murdoch since 1999.

News Corp Adelaide, Nov 3, 1999
14 questions over 40 minutes with Rupert - see and listen to ABC radio's PM program

News Corp Adelaide, Oct 18, 2000
A lively round two with Rupert, but less friendly that 1999 - see Crikey.

News Corp
Adelaide Oct 10, 2001
Round 3 with Rupert - see Crikey and special Falun Gong piece.

News Corp (candidate) Adelaide, Oct 9, 2002
Round four with Rupert and almost elected from floor - see package of highlights.

News Corporation Oct 15, 2003
Rupert was rolled and decided to leave Australia - see Crikey and The SMH.

News Corp Oct 26, 2004
The day Rupert quit Australia - see Crikey report.

News Corp, New York, Oct 21, 2005
First trip to New York to take on Rupert - see package of highlights.

News Corp New York Oct 19, 2007
A great result with $5 billion backing proposal to end gerrymander - see package of highlights.

News Corp NY AGM October 15, 2010
- listen to audio, Read Transcript, Read Mayne Report AGM preview, and Subscriber edition sent out following up AGM