WA News 2008 EGM

April 19, 2010

The WA News EGM on April 23, 2008

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Kerry Stokes vanquished in WAN showdown
Mayne Report, 23 April, 2008

Conflicts here, conflicts there, conflicts everybloodywhere
Crikey, 23 April, 2008

Stokes and the vexed issue of editorial independence
Crikey, 28 April, 2008

Audio breakdown

Can we see the breakdown of the undirected proxies?

Support Peter Mansell to be removed from the board

Kerry Stokes WA News campaign speech

Is this the only opportunity to quit Mr Stokes?

Stephen's campaign speech plus bunfight with Kerry Stokes over editorial independence

Full audio

Media coverage

Setback for Stokes in WAN board fight - The Australian, April 23, 2008.

West boss denies he has too many roles - The Australian, March 4, 2008.