AGM transcripts provided up until 2010

October 11, 2021

Back when The Mayne Report had staff (ie 2007 until 2010), we were emailing companies asking them to send through transcripts from past AGMs which produced the following up until the end of 2010.

Westfield 2010: only a couple of questions before heading off to Macquarie AGM.

BHP-Billiton 2008: another enjoyable stoush with Don 'don't argue' Argus when failed in board tilt.

Rio Tinto 2008: some fairly heavy combat with chairman Paul Skinner in Brisbane.

AWB 2007: Exchanges with chairman Brendan Stewart.

Qantas 2007: Board copped a thoroughly deserved spray over private equity bid.

Promina EGM 2007: Takeover by Promina achieved, but chairman Leo Tutt very unimpressive.

News Corp 2005: Rupert generously allowed a few questions to individual directors and then there was plenty of give and take over the notorious poison pill.

BHP-Billiton 2003: Chairman Don "Don't Argue" Argus copped a big spray for approving a series of major golden parachutes over the years.

NAB 2003: Some strong exchanges with plummy chairman Charles Allan, especially over the $3 billion Homeside debacle.

Foster's 2003
: Here is an edited transcript of our exchanges at the 2003 Foster's Group AGM held at Melbourne's Crown Casino.

John Fairfax 2002: The last half on board conflicts and composition was very interesting when you look back today.

BHP-Billiton 2002: Here is an edited transcript of the 2002 BHP-Billiton AGM when Stephen Mayne hit chairman Don Argus with several questions and comments.

ANZ 2001: ANZ Bank have kindly provided a transcript from the 2001 AGM and this is the relevent debate with the chairman and auditor.

ASX 2001: Candidate for second straight year and kept running hard on the monopoly's untenable conflicts.

BHP EGM 2001: Controversial Billiton merger vote which should never have gone ahead.

BHP-Billiton 2001: The first ever BHP-Billiton AGM when chairman Don Argus wasn't particularly helpful.

Brambles EGM 2001: A really good insight into the combativeness of BHP-Billiton chairman Don Argus as he attempts to land Rio Tinto.

Telstra 2000: Sprinted bank from Sydney after Seven AGM but didn't poll well

QANTAS 2000: Margaret Jackson said she was a better chairman for past failures.

Lend Lease 2000: Big tribute for outgoing chair Stuart Hornery and big turnout at Fox Studios.

NRMA AGM 2000: Ran for the board and Nick Whitlam pulled a swifty with the undirected proxies.

ASX 2000: The debate about monopolies, regulation and conflicts or interest resonates loudly given all that has happened in recent times.

Fairfax 2000: Pointing out the Fairfax mogul stooges.

NAB 2000: Ran for the board and was ambushed by chairman Mark Rayner getting pulled on stage right at the start of proceedings.

John Fairfax 1999: Really enjoyed winding them up over Kennett cronyism.

John Fairfax 1998: Jack Tilburn went bananas and chairman Brian Powers was very combative which makes for a good read.

Foster' 1998: Here is an edited transcript of our exchanges from the 1998 Foster's Brewing Group AGM held at the Concert Hall in Melbourne.

We've also packaged up our favourite AGMs audios here.