Our favourite AGM audio exchanges

December 31, 2018

Below is a package of some of favourite AGM audio highlights from the period 2007 until 2010.

Woolworths 2010
Moreland City Council and a possible Supreme Court challenge over differential pokies rates

AFIC 2010

Are we still negatively screening the major gaming houses such as Tabcorp, Tattersalls and Crown?

Seven-Westrac EGM 2010

Strong debate between Stephen Mayne and board on a range of issues

Westfield 2010

Congratulations of reaching the top of the Rich List, now is the time for a pay cut.

The community of Manningham is feeling railroaded by your decision to ignore the council vote and go ahead an develop the ten story apartment complex behind Westfield Doncaster in Melbourne.

Tabcorp 2010
What is the total number of rights being issued across the full executive class?

Leighton 2010

Why did Wal King take cash rather than stock for his bonus?

MAP 2010

Campaign speech lashing excessive $345m payment to Macquarie

Adelaide Brighton 2010

Here's hoping the new chairman can find a female director

Axa Asia Pacific 2010

You need more women on your board and what is Paul Sampson's level of contact with Paris?

GPT 2010

A big spray for outgoing chair Ken Moss whilst supporting remuneration report

Alumina 2010

The directors are grossly overpaid relative to the role of this post box company.

Ten Network 2010

Going in hard on the SPP rip-off

Fired up campaign speech on SPP shafting and appalling election process

Woolworths 2009

Chairman's opening comments about shareholder concerns with the pokies business.

Stephen Mayne sprays the board in no uncertain terms

Fellow shareholder Judy Latta asking for ATM limits at pokies venues prompting attempt by chair to shut down pokies debate

Paul Bendat from discussing issues about children in gaming venues and problem gambling

Seven Network 2009

Is Nine closing the gap and will chairman Kerry ever go non-executive?

Hosting the PM in Broome, praising stimulus and the contrast with Rupert.

Asciano 2009

Why didn't you accept more than the $100 million from the SPP?

QBE 2009

Stop treating us small shareholders badly and what's wrong with renounceable rights issues?

ASX 2009

What lessons have you learnt from the wild west of infrastructure funding that you tolerated and what changes have you made to make sure it wont happen again?

Where is the ASX on taking steps to further protect retail investors?

Why can't the ASX mandate that scale back policy is outlined in the offer document and stick to it?

Clive Peeters 2009

Compilation of all our questions on the fraud

Fairfax 2009

Questions on why Fairfax missed the three big online classifieds plays

Questions for Roger Corbett on Woolworths, pokies, conflicts and his small shareholding

Stephen Mayne campaign speech

AWB 2009

Have you considered a follow up SPP for retail shareholders? How did you go from paying dividends to a debt crisis? Tell us how the $200 million disappeared in Brazil.

Campaign speech and shareholder questions

Crown 2009

Opening salvo: response to James' pleas on problem gambling, overall financial performance and US write-downs

James Packer defends board processes during the US casino splurge?

Chris Corrigan defends board processes and takes shares of blame

GPT 2009

Challenging PwC auditor David Armstrong on the missing $4 billion in book value

When did you wake up and realise the Babcock JV was a disaster?

Why is GPT ripping off small shareholders in the latest capital raising?

Toll Holdings 2008

Skewering chairman Ray Horsburgh over the $55 million executive rip off

Opposing Ray Horsburgh's re-election for failing to try and recover some cash back from the executives

Macquarie Group 2008

Go ahead and make our day by selling Sydney Airport for $12 billion

Why is a banker owning a bank magazine?

Why is it taking so long to get Peter Costello on the board?

Westfield 2008

Got a margin loan, Mr Lowy?

Take a hair cut on the salary, Frank

How old is the candidate, Mr Hilmer, and is he going to serve a full term?

Macquarie Airports 2008

Question about their performance fee

Why hide in dodgy Bermuda?

Tabcorp 2008

Political environment, banning children and responsible gaming practices

Macquarie Media 2008

Ding dong battle with Max the Axe over appalling governance structure

Babcock & Brown Infrastructure 2008

Opening salvo on all these outrageous fees being gouged by Babcock & Brown as BBI shareholders lose billions.

Explain this 10% fee on the US deal and why didn't we stop borrowing and buying in 2007-08?

Rallying the shareholders to vote down the remuneration report from the floor.

Consolidated Media Holdings 2008

Has any director read Who killed Channel Nine? Plus, will James Packer buy back Channel Nine?

The James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch saga

Why no protest against John Alexander like at Crown?

Crown 2008

Strength of our balance sheet, plus James Packer's stake is debt free

Wow, that's a huge protest vote against John Alexander

Big round of applause to James Packer for working for free

ASX 2008

Opening battle over supervisory failures as chairman tries to delay debate

Campaign speech complete with shareholder heckling

Michael Sharpe explains how his poor health at Babcock is fine at ASX

Nailing Maurice Newman for blaming the press and jousting with Eric Mayne over Babcock disclosures

Asciano 2008

If the shares are so cheap, why isn't the CEO buying and how much does he owe on the 10% stake?

Can we have a conventional meeting?

Big spray at lack of board accountability after various debacles and explain the Poole-Rowsthorn relationship

Why proceed with these unpopular options when the CEO already owns 10% of the company?

Zinifex EGM on Oxiana merger

Politely telling over-committed Zinifex chairman Peter Mansell to retire at the Oxiana merger EGM

Eulogy to Zinifex and sledging Andrew Michelmore for claiming "two plus two equals five"

Babcock & Brown 2008

Attempt to nail director Joe Raby with resurrection of Alan Bond - slapped down by Nosworthy

The model we are running is actually broken

Austar 2008

Where is our Labor mate for pay-TV lobbying

Rio Tinto 2008 AGM

Why isn't Rio Tinto headquartered in Australia?

Why is the chairman paid so much?

Vote against Rio chairman Paul Skinner

Alumina 2008

Campaign speech for a board seat

WA News 2008 EGM

Campaign speech and bunfight with Kerry Stokes over editorial independence

Listen to Kerry Stokes' 15-minute campaign speech

Oxiana 2008 AGM

Eulogy to Owen Hegarty and Australia's woeful mining record

Why Owen Hegarty should stay as CEO

AXA 2008 AGM

Why Paul "Centro" Cooper should quit Axa board

Time for chairman Rick Allert to retire

Telstra 2008

Two hours and 8 minutes is too long for formal presentations

MFS 2008 EGM

The real reason why the share price tanked

AWB 2008

Why things need to change

Timbercorp 2008

Asking the CEO and chairman about margin calls

Skilled Engineering 2008

Railing against the failure to have a share purchase plan

Orica 2007

Why did you clowns sell Incitec Pivot on the cheap?

Incitec Pivot 2007

Calling for Centro chairman Brian Healey to be sacked

Coles 2007

Bagging Coles CEO John Fletcher at Wesfarmers takeover meeting

News Corp 2007 - Adelaide

Getting an apology from Rupert Murdoch for Glenn Milne assault

Macquarie Radio 2007

Taking responsibility for Alan Jones inciting the Cronulla riot

What happens to Alan Jones if there's a change of government

Macquarie Radio 2007

The Parrot's Mark Carnegie conflict over Qantas

News Corp 2007 - New York

Jousting with Rupert Murdoch over my shareholder resolution

Has Rupert ever been elected as a director?

Macquarie Bank 2007

Auditor plus auditor response, remuneration report

Question for auditor about conflicts of interest

Perpetual 2007

Ripping into Perpetual over Gunns shareholding

Woolworths 2007

Get out of the grubby pokies business

Amalgamated Holdings
2008 AGM

Time for boardroom renewal and what is former James Hardie chair Meredith Hellicar still doing here?

2008 AGM

Why is Stan Wallis on this board when he blew more than $5 billion at AMP?

Boral 2008 AGM

It's time to go, Mr chairman

Reece 2008 AGM

Why is there no regular governance structure?

Big debate around governance on election of new director

Lively remuneration report debate


My proxy is shut down by chairman Bruce Teele before asking whether it is appropiate to have Stan Wallis on the board.

Pacific Brands 2008 EGM

Who are our big five banks? Is it fair to say we paid too much for Yakka?

Why hasn't the CEO ever been elected?

Allco 2007 AGM

Opening exchange on conflicts of interest and related party transactions

WA News 2007

Alan Carpenter comments on WA News AGM

Gunns 2007

AGM aborted prematurely, extraordinary stuff

Australian Foundation Investment Company 2007 AGM

Does Don Argus not believe in the resources boom?

You owe us heavily diluted retail shareholders a share purchase plan
Chairman Tony Shepherd and the Belgiorno-Nettis family both acknowledged the arguments for an SPP after last year's heavily discounted institutional placement and the inability of retail investors to apply for "overs" in the entitlement offer, which finished only 63% subscribed.