26 early AGMs attended but said nothing at

By Stephen Mayne
March 27, 2022

With the world's biggest small portfolio and the luxury of our own publication, there is no problem speaking at AGMs these days. However, as a regular reporter for mainstream newspapers and someone who was almost financially ruined there were plenty of meetings over the years which I attended but didn't ask questions at. Here is a list of them, along with any relevent reports from the day.

ANZ: January 30, 1991
Covered it for Rupert's tabloid - see Herald Sun.

ANZ: January 29, 1992
Bank was on the back foot over fraud allegations - see The Age.

Biota: October 28, 1998
Part of Daily Telegraph series but no questions

Coca Cola Amatil: May 1, 2003
Would love to have hit chairman David Gonski with questions but no proxy.

Coles Myer: 1990

Coles Myer: Nov 29, 1994
Solly Lew unveiled even more property spin-offs.

Crown: October 16, 1996
The standard of debate was very disappointing - see Herald Sun.

Delta Gold:
Cracking debate after a big write-off in the Solomons

Disctronics: November 30, 1990
I lost about $3000 in this spivvy outfit - see Herald Sun.

John Fairfax: November 17, 1994
Everyone was having a go - see Herald Sun.

Hudson Conway: November 24, 1992
Coincided with the cracking Coles Myer AGM which would have been a better option - see The Age.

Iama: February 9, 2001
The final meeting when Wesfarmers took over and the News Ltd papers even reported the silence - see Courier Mail.

National Mutual 1995
The day the sale to the French was announced - see Herald Sun.

National Australia Bank January 23, 1992
Hadn't formally started at The Age but still attended the meeting before becoming banking writer.

North Broken Hill: 1992
Sent old school mate Tim Smyth along to ask some questions

Orbital Engine Company: October 25, 2001, Perth
Was in town for a conference but didn't say anything

Pacific Dunlop
This was the day when Margaret Jackson was unveiled as a public company director

Permanent Trustee: October 19, 2000
See Alan Kohler's feature in The SMH

Pasminco October 25, 2000
One of the best AGMs for decent debate as miner headed to the rocks.

Petersville Sleigh: November 22, 1990
John Spalvins was in the process of losing control - see Herald Sun.

QBE Insurance: April 19, 2001, Sydney
Failed to line up a proxy - see Crikey report.

RACV: November 16, 2006
See Crikey report explaining why no questions were asked.

RACV 2007
Can't ask questions because the wife, Paula Piccinini, is a director.

Symex Holdings: October 25, 2001
Chairman Alan Stockdale was a no-show due to Macquarie Bank duties

Text Media: October 30, 2001
Checked out the future owners of Crikey but no questions as no proxy

Toll Holdings: October 31, 2001
No proxy so no questions and a short meeting

Westfield Trust: August 4, 1999
The one meeting attended when writing Rear Window column for The AFR in 1999.

WMC: November 4, 1992
Sent Hugo Kelly along with a proxy from analyst Peter Rudd to hop into Hugh Morgan.