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The last three chats with Virginia Trioli

January 25, 2011

After almost eight years of regular radio chats with 702 ABC Sydney morning presenter Virginia Trioli, it's over, and why not sign up for our video and audio podcasts to hear and see much more. Also, check out these special packages for our other regular media spots.

Having had 200 chats to Virginia on the ABC in Melbourne and Sydney over the last eight years, I could hardly say no to her request to co-host the first half hour of her last show on December 14, 2008, which turned into a lively 50 minute chat you can listen to here.

Three days earlier on Tuesday December 11, 2008, we were meant to have our final on-air chat after what has been more than 50 hours of live radio since the launch of Crikey on February 14, 2000. Plenty of people got a thorough bagging during these discussions, but as a farewell gesture we really gave a decent and much-deserved spray to successive NSW Governments for financial incompetence as Morris Iemma proposes a flawed $15 billion power sell-off to ease his government's burgeoning debt and deficit problems.