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December 31, 2018

Lateline Business came into being in 2006 and when combined with Lateline, here are links to 50 appearances or mentions over the past decade.

The Business, Waterfront war for Asciano hots up - 10/11/2015
Interviewed after asking questions at Asciano AGM

Lateline, Two strikes law reins in CEO bonuses - 21/08/2012
Hamish Fitzsimmons story on executive pay and AGM protest votes

Lateline Business, Packer's Sydney casino push - 28/2/2012
Story on James Packer's Sydney casino push.

Lateline Business, News needs to dilute Murdoch-controlled board - 20/10/2011
Interview with Ticky Fullerton before flying to LA for Murdoch AGMs

Lateline, Baillieu plans to move quickly - 30/11/2010
Story canvassing possible win in Victorian upper house

Lateline Business, Time for some razzle dazzle at JB Hi-Fi AGM - 13/10/2010
Story on JB Hi-Fi's extremely low key AGM

Lateline Business,
Leighton moves to reassure shareholders at AGM - 4/11/2010
Wal King's farewell as Leighton CEO

Lateline Business, Kupper fronts last Tabcorp AGM - 25/10/2010
Expressing concerns about executive pay structures at Tabcorp

Lateline Business, Axa tells AGM NAB deal is better - 18/5/2010
Used line from AGM asking chairman if this would be last shareholder gathering

Lateline, Salary cap rorting claimed to be widespread - 27/4/2010
Interviewed as part of package about Melbourne Storm scandal

Lateline, Seven shareholders vote for merger - 20/4/2010
Package after Seven EGM approved Westrac merger

Lateline Business, Virgin announcement breach of ASX rules - 4/3/2010
Criticisms of newspaper leak about appointment of new CEO John Borghetti

Lateline Business, Interview with Fairfax chairman Roger Corbett - 11/11/2009
Was mentioned in passing as a board candidate with media experience

Lateline Business, Macquarie Airports to keep executive team - 30/9/2009
Comments before EGM approving $345m divorce payment to Macquarie

Lateline Business, QBE confident of higher profits - 8/4/2009
Congratulated QBE for blinking and changing executive pay arrangements

Lateline Business, Businesses prepare for tough AGMs - 5/10/2009
Preview story on main 2009 AGM season

Lateline Business, Fairfax chair may have bowed to pressure - 23/9/2009
Package on the final days of Ron Walker's chairmanship

Lateline Business, Allco subsidiary tells AGM it's business as usual - 5/11/2008
They really should have wound up AEP back then

Lateline Business, Debate over Toll payout intensifies - 30/10/2008
Some fascinating vision of Paul Little refusing to answer questions

Lateline Business, Babcock & Brown take centre stage again - 18/06/2008
Discussing Babcock & Brown's proposed $3.2 billion wind farms sale

Lateline, Corporate regulators failing to protest investors - 22/5/2008
Hard hitting Stephen Long story after corporate collapses

Lateline, Stephen Mayne's analyses the behavior of ABC Learning - 27/02/2008
Discussing margin calls and share dealing by the teetering ABC Learning

Lateline Business, Wheat growers to stay on AWB board - 12/2/2008
Strongly criticising farmer gerrymander after first EGM vote

Lateline Business, Gunns chairman shuts down AGM - 22/11/2007
One of the more extraordinary shareholder meetings we've attended

Lateline Business, Activists criticise Perpetual's Gunns investment - 30/10/2007
Joined with others to pressure Perpetual over forestry during Federal election campaign

Lateline Business, Family-run businesses get positive reports - 22/10/2007
Talked up the idea of Harvey Norman spinning off its property portfolio into a separate vehicle.

Lateline Business, Questions at the Zinifex EGM - 26/07/2007
Raised issues around lead liabilities at EGM which left Zinifex with almost $3 billion in cash.

Lateline Business, APA says Qantas bid not over yet - 07/05/2007
Like a scene from a B grade horror movie it's the corporate takeover that apparently refuses to die.

Lateline, The Glenn Milne Walkleys attack - 30/11/2006
The ABC almost beat host SBS to air with this vision given delayed telecast

Lateline Business, Shareholders express concerns at Tattersall's AGM - 30/11/2006
Criticism of payout to former CEO Duncan Fischer

Lateline, Glenn Milne apologises for attack - 1/12/2006
Brief story on the Walkleys drama

Lateline Business, Packer rejects Fairfax interest - 26/10/2006
Coverage from 2006 Fairfax AGM about backroom media deals

Lateline, Heffernan moves to block Snowy sale - 25/5/2006
Blasted Bill Heffernan's xenophobia whilst calling for disclosure of 72 year water licence

Lateline, News Corp announces move to US - 6/4/2004
Rupert leaves Adelaide for lax governance in Delaware

Lateline, Singapore Power plans for Australian expansion - 3/5/2004
Steve Letts story about investment flows between Australia and Singapore

Lateline, NAB chairman quits - 17/2/2004
Commented that new chair Graeme Kraehe was over-committed after Charles Allen quit

Lateline, Calls for CEOs to stop wage increases - 22/10/2003
Steve Letts story triggered by outrageous payout to then BHP Billiton CEO Paul Anderson

Lateline, Murdoch backs down on pay deal - 15/10/2003
This was the Rupert humiliation which triggered News Corp's departure to America

Lateline, Money in wrong business: AMP chairman - 15/5/2003
Package after tumultuous AMP AGM where board tilt fell well short

Lateline, AMP's sensational share collapse - 5/5/2003
Interview with Tony Jones as a board candidate after AMP share dive.

Lateline, Shareholder activist sends strong message to News Corp - 9/10/2002
Stephen Mayne is interviewed by Tony Jones after almost getting on the News Corp board at the 2002 AGM.

Lateline, Shareholders defy News Corp board - 9/10/2002
Story preceding interview after winning support from floor in board tilt

Lateline, Friday forum with Quentin Dempster and Margot Kingston - 06/09/2002
Forum discussing attempt to save the planet in Johannesburg and the gathering storm over Iraq

Lateline, Iraq and Telstra generate debate - 18/8/2002
A panel discussion with host Maxine McKew and independent MP Peter Andren

Lateline, Democrats face uncertain future with Lees on the outside - 26/7/2002
Panel discussion with host Tony Jones and Margot Kingston after Don Chipp interview about Democrats demise

Lateline, Debate over ethics - 13/01/2002
Tony Jones debates Stephen Mayne and Margo Kingston about the Cheryl and Gareth affair affair.

Lateline, Bonuses to company chiefs enter political arena - 30/10/2001
Named some of the most outrageous CEO pay packets

Lateline, The Bank - 31/8/2001
Story about branch closures coinciding with Robert Connolly's movie The Bank.

Lateline, Packer pulls out of Fairfax - 19/7/2001
Interview after Kerry Packer's once-cherished dream of owning the Fairfax empire ended when he sold out

Lateline, Shareholders react to BHP merger - 18/05/2001
Interview after Billiton merger was approved

Lateline, Calls for more info on BHP merger - 4/5/2001
Lobbying for greater disclosure ahead of Billiton merger vote

Lateline, Telstra Board contest - 16/11/2000
Story about AGMs and board voting with Federal Government still controlling Telstra