What you said about Mayne Report closure

April 10, 2017

Here are some comments about the decision to close The Mayne Report. And here is how The Australian reported it.

Thanks for all you've done over the years Stephen. A sad day indeed. Feel free to keep my email for any future ventures you may be involved with.

Regards, Michael B
Multiple donor


Well done Stephen on your many achievements over the years!

Am sure that in your next phase you will continue to contribute to a sensible discussion about whatever you find yourself involved with!

Have made a $50 donation to your fairwell bash - hope that it's great!

Thanks and best wishes


Thanks, it was a very enjoyable service.

Good luck.

Ian (veteran business publisher)


Hi Stephen

A sad day - speaking as one of your original subscribers.

Thanks for such a great contribution. Some compelling reads and the odd barb.

Best wishes, ABC journalist

"Congrats on a very long-running, quality effort Stephen."

Cheers, Pete
Business journalist


You are a remarkable individual. Sorry to hear The Mayne Report is closing down and best of luck for your next step, whatever it may be. I'll look forward to it.

Regards, AFR journalist

Hi Stephen

A great story and a great obituary. An amazing contribution to our public space and debate over the years.

Vale Mayne Report

Cheers, Bruce


Sad to see this happen but having read today's history I can understand why. It's still a good read.

I'm with this person highlighted below: get on board on the Vic Upper House or the Senate. You've always done campaigns on the fly or while juggling other things. I know how much energy you have if it was all devoted to a single goal. I know you'd make a difference so that's why it would be good for the Parliament.

Will seek you out next time I'm in Melbourne for a catch up.

Ex staffer to a PM


That's a shame Stephen

I'm in the deep north, so lots of your local political stuff went through to the keeper, but I loved your ASX , ASIC & general political stuff.

You have made a big diff.

Congrats and best wishes, Mike G



Your output is always a joy of insightful independence and has provided much pleasure over the years. You have always provided an alternative independent voice and hopefully, will continue to do so in the future.

I applaud your willingness to embrace new methods of content distribution and to move on when they no longer remain practical.

I eagerly await your next initiatives.


ps: Crikey will forevermore be a memorial to your inventiveness and courage.


Dear Maynie,

I think it's amazing that you have started and sold Crikey and The Mayne Report and have been a regular media figure and done ASA and stood/served on and agitated for many elected positions both public and private.

To me, you are a hero unlike any other.

If I had a wish for you, it would be to host a radio programme, with a business focus. This may clip your wings in some ways but every decision is a sacrifice of some kind. The reason why I say this is because you are such a great conversationalist and your knowledge and fair mindedness are great qualities that are actually rarely found together. And this platform helps to keep your brand up there and it can be a way to gently editorialize on the many things you now fight for.

But, throughout all the ups and downs, you've maintained your trademark optimism and a belief in what's possible. When things got tough (and they always do) the top guys get above it all. And this is what I always saw you doing. One of the reasons why you're my hero.

You are at the cross roads a bit, but there's always ups and downs, and we all need the downs to help inspire and energize the next rise. So, my wish is that you see this as a great period of creativity.

Whatever you choose will be right for you. You know what you're motivated to go after.

I can't wait to witness the next chapter.



I'd noticed that editions of the Mayne Report were becoming rarer but still surprised to hear your news. Although reading your summary of life since you sold Crikey it all makes sense.

Sounds like you've received loads of great suggestions of what you can do next but why not take time out and think about what you want to do? Clearly you won't be short of offers.

You should retire from the Mayne Report knowing that you made a difference and shone a light on corporate behaviour that just wasn't good enough. And the twice you've come and talked to my teams people loved hearing what you had to say.

I reckon the MRCAC members and other helpers deserve a farewell drink, so by way of a thank you for all the free reading I've made a donation!

Looking forward to seeing what you do next.



Thanks Stephen for your dedication to political commentary, it is certainly the end of an era. While it has been entertaining to read, I am disappointed by the consistent inaccuracies.

All the best in the future.

Boroondara Councillor

Best of luck to you Stephen, While I have not always had the time to read your lengthy and insightful pieces I've enjoyed following the Mayne Report over the years and having the pleasure of voting for you in Higgins.


Hi Stephen,

Just a quick note to wish you all the best. Particularly enjoyed the coverage of Council life since my departure from Town Hall - and the mammoth job you did covering 79 council elections.

Go well.

Ex City of Melbourne spinner


Hi Stephen,

Sorry to see this go. You have done an amazing job over the years keeping your head around multiple issues and keeping those bastards honest. Sadly, there will always be bastards, but there is only one Stephen Mayne.

Best wishes

Senior ASA Volunteer



Well done. You can hold your head high with that list of achievements.

Whatever comes next I am sure you will do it with your usual passion and flair, and it will flourish and end well.

Wishing you well.

Bob (ex corporate PR)


Good on you. A massive innings - retired not out.

I've always prided myself as being a sand in the oyster (trusted insider agitating for change). Not sure how many pearls I've created but the level of influencing has been intoxicating. Let me know if you'd like to have a look inside the rabbit hole when considering options.

Would be keen to catch up at some stage. Also will chip in a token amount for the celebration.

Good on you - I've learned a lot, and you've sharpened some of my agitating over the years.



G'day Stephen and I'm sorry to learn of the closure but I think that, in the long term, you and your family will benefit enormously from you ceasing to tilt at those windmills and using your talents (which I so much admire) to build your own rewards in whatever ethical, legal, cultural and moral fashion you decide.

I've enjoyed and been enlightened by what you have given and I am much the better for it.

Thank you... and I look forward to following your new life and career with interest.



Thanks for trying to make a difference.

Your passion showed up consistently in all your reports, albeit a bit too long sometimes. J

Loved ya work, did ya best.

Regards, Ray

All the best Stephen! Your report will be missed - but best wishes for your plan to improve transparency and governance in councils!

I'm with you!

Cheers, incumbent inner city councillor

Very sorry to see the end of the MR.
Hope you can keep going with items like the Rich List, the professions of politicians and their advisors, shonkey Board Directors, etc



I can't remember how long since I began following the regular mayne report. I've always been a great fan of yours over the years. I was especially impressed by your honesty, your ethics and the interesting way you wrote. I have mentioned to many people how much your presentation and political ideas remind me so much of Nick Xenophon, who is also a man I admire greatly. What a great thing it would be if you were somehow able to be elected to federal parliament. Then I would have two people who I could be proud of to represent the poor voters of Australia.

Good luck to yourself and your family for whatever direction you find yourself taking in the future

Do Ya Best

Kerry (73 years young)