Biggest votes against incumbent chairs

This list tracks the biggest double digit votes against incumbent chairs of ASX200 listed companies.

May. 4, 2019

ASX-listed chairs rushed into the job

We are of the view that a director needs at least 12 months on a board before taking over as chair. This list tracks chairs of ASX100 companies who were rushed into the job.

May. 4, 2019

How chairs and CEOs depart in quick succession

Chairs and CEOs of troubled companies tend to depart in quick succession, as this list demonstrates.

May. 4, 2019

Tenure of AFL Presidents

This list tracks the tenure of AFL Presidents ahead of the 2017 footy club AGM season.

May. 4, 2019

Voting support for non-independent executive chairs

This list tracks the voting support that non-independent executive chairs of ASX100 companies over the past 16 years. What it demonstrates is that despite all this talk about having an independent chairman, investors are reluctant to vote against the chairman.

May. 4, 2019

Australian chairs getting busier and less independent

The Australian directors club is becoming even more concentrated with too few doing too much.

By Stephen Mayne, May. 4, 2019

The out of town chairs whose companies struggle

The Mayne Report has long had a theory that trouble is more likely to hit public companies which have a chairman who lives in a different city from the head office and CEO. The near collapse of Commander Communications is the latest addition to the list.

May. 4, 2019