Special edition on Victorian council elections

October 24, 2016

Dear Councillors, candidates and other followers of local government politics,

Greetings for the first time since our last bumper email edition on October 6. If you'd rather not receive these occasional email newsletters, click here to unsubscribe.

In this special edition we will try and bring you some of the action from Victoria's 76 contested elections both today and through the week as votes are progressively counted.

Traditionally, results have been declared today, on the Sunday after the official Saturday election. That's what happened in 2008 and 2012.

However, a sensible legal change has extended the time for postal ballots to arrive until next Friday, which means most VEC button pushing exercises to determine the various winners are not scheduled until next weekend.

In the case of City of Melbourne it is 5pm on Saturday and until then, we are in somewhat of a twilight zone. The Lord Mayor and deputy Lord Mayor remains in office, but us councillors were all officially terminated at 6am yesterday and required to clear our offices.

This has happened across Victoria. For instance, we got this reply to this edition from Hobsons Bay:

Thank you for your message.

The 2012-16 term of Councillors Peter Hemphill, Angela Altair, Paul Morgan, Sandra Wilson, Jason Price, Colleen Gates and Carl Marsich expired at 6.00am on Saturday 22 October 2016. It is anticipated that the Councillors elect will officially take office in early November 2016.

Kind regards, Hobsons Bay City Council

Greens storm ahead in the inner city

We do have results from the 6 councils which put their constituents through freezing conditions yesterday by clinging to the anachronism known as attendance voting. See the full call of the card for updates on what happened, but we were particularly struck by the march of the Green army in Yarra, Port Phillip and Moreland.

Given the information vacuum at the 70 Victorian councils which conducted postal elections, the purpose of this email is partly to encourage candidates and councillors to keep the information coming to email (stephen@maynereport.com), Twitter (@maynereport) or by phone to 0412 106 241.

Media coverage of local government has never been less well resourced than the moment and we're also lacking independent blogs or punditry from academics or experts as you normally see in state or Federal elections.

Rather than working on the Melbourne re-election campaign, I've spent much of the past 4 weeks covering everyone else's campaigns as can seen in this comprehensive 10,000 word state-wide call of the card.

We'd like to keep updating this as the results come through but will need your input.

Picking up clues by watching the envelopes being opened

The most useful information is from those who appointed scrutineers to sample votes as envelopes were opened. It's amazing how many candidates and incumbent councillors followed the advice from the VEC and didn't observe Saturday's activities, if there were any.

I spent 3 hours watching envelopes being opened in Manningham yesterday and was able to determine that incumbents Geoff Gough and Dot Haynes are definitely home and my better half, Paula Piccinini, is a very good chance in the Heide ward.

If you've got some data on that, let us know. Here's a few snippets we've picked up and already tweeted by ringing around:

# Only Mt Waverley ward has been opened in Monash and the Geoff Lake Labor crew were happy with the outcome, suggesting the Liberals will fail in their big campaign to wrest control.

# Labor could be set to recover their lost majority in Maribyrnong, although there will be 1 or 2 Greens and independent Catherine Cumming will get back.

# Indigenous Labor candidate in Brimbank Simon Vallone came second on the primaries and is looking good to get over the line.

# Nasty right winger Jack Medcraft has topped the vote in his Hume ward on 22.5%, followed by Leigh Johnson on 18%, Trevor Dance on 16.6% and Labor's Ann Potter on 14.8%.

City of Melbourne update - Doyle returned, probably with a majority

The big news from City of Melbourne is that Robert Doyle has been comfortably returned for a third term as Lord Mayor with a primary vote of more than 45% and appears to have secured his coveted majority after polling 40.8% of the first 51,156 above the line votes counted in the separate councillor election, enough to secure 4 quotas in addition to himself and the new deputy lord mayor Arron Wood.

However, this excludes the 8.5% of below the line votes which only broke 17% Team Doyle's way in the 2012 election, so the final primary vote is likely to finish up in the high 30s.

The VEC sent these figures through to candidates at 7.30am on Sunday morning, but for some reason nothing has been loaded onto the VEC website.

Based on the 51,156 above the line votes counted in the councillor election, the primaries were as follows:

Team Doyle: 20,886 votes (40.8%)
The Greens: 9231 votes (18.04%
Ken Ong ticket: 4506 votes (8.8%)
Phil Cleary ticket: 4261 votes (8.32%)
Morgan-Watts: 2644 votes (5.17%)
Stephen Mayne: 2467 votes (4.82%)
Robin Matthews (ALP): 1301 votes (2.54%)
Animal Justice: 1161 votes (2.26%)
Richard Foster: 1114 votes (2.17%)
Marcus Fielding: 952 votes (1.86%)
Indigenous Voice: 919 votes: (1.8%)
Light on the Hill (ALP): 662 votes (1.29%)
Melburnian Voice: 544 votes (1.06%)
Heritage Agenda (ALP): 508 votes (1%)

The City of Melbourne councillor election is like the old Senate contests with group voting tickets that deliver whole chunks of preferences from party to party, based on backroom deals.

Who could be bothered filling in 44 boxes below the line, so about 92.5% of electors in this contest just went with a 1 above the line.

How the preferences will flow in Melbourne

Assuming the final proportions remained the same (and they won't as below the lines votes will work against Team Doyle, but late votes from offshore may counter-act that), this is how the eliminations would flow:

The Team Doyle surplus of 0.8% would be first out and they prop up Labor's Robin Matthews to 3.3% but then come to me when and if she is eliminated.

Heritage Agenda goes straight to Jackie Watts lifting the incumbent "voice of the resident objector" to 6.17%, still well below the 9.54% primary voteshe received in 2012.

Melburnian Voice will be third out and they, thankfully for our campaign, go to Indigenous Voice lifting them to 2.8%.

Labor's Light on the Hill then delivers its 1.29% to the Robin Matthews ALP ticket, lifting them to 4.6%.

Marcus Fielding has the benefit of the donkey vote and his 1.86% comes our way (without any negotiation) lifting my total to about 6.6%. If I get back it will be all about Marcus!

Cr Richard Foster then goes out and delivers a further 2.17% to former room mate Jackie Watts, lifting her to 8.3%.

Animal Justice is next out, electing the second Green Cathy Oke with its 2.26% vote and possibly then sending a small surplus onto the Robin Matthews ticket.

Next out is Brooke Wandin from Indigenous Voice and her 1.8% primary comes to me, assuming that the Greens are out of the race. The 1% she collected from Melburnian Voice would then go to Jackie Watts.

That would leave the fight for the 10% quota to secure the final three spots ranked as follows:

Jackie Watts: 9.3%
Ken Ong ticket: 8.8%
Stephen Mayne: 8.4%
Phil Cleary ticket: 8.32%
Robin Matthews (ALP): 4.6%

When Robin Matthews goes out, I would pick up some Green surplus, the 1.3% from Light on the Hill goes to Team Doyle and if that gets Susan Riley over the line courtesy of a 40% vote, a touch of Doyle surplus could also be coming my way. The 2.54% primary from Robin Matthews goes to Cleary's man Michael Caiafa, a QVM trader who won't be able to vote on anything to do with the market for the next 4 years due to a conflict of interest. The surplus from Cleary's election would go to Jackie Watts but might not be enough to get her elected.

Then it would be a question of who goes out between Jackie Watts, myself and Phillip Liu on Ken Ong's ticket and we won't know the answer to that until the weekend. This will be the key exclusion that determines the final outcome.

I've been in these situations before, particularly in the 2010 state election when balance of power in the upper house was in play for a few days, before slipping away.

We genuinely won't know the outcome until the button is pushed at 5pm next Saturday and all these preference distributions will no doubt be influenced by the circa 20,000 votes still to be counted.

There was 4804 below the line votes opened on Saturday which have not yet been counted. In 2012, I had the highest proportion of below the line votes at 17% followed by 10% for Richard Foster, 9% for the Greens, 8.15% for Ken Ong and just 4.2% for Team Doyle. This is encouraging.

It terms of the percentage share of below the line votes in 2012, the Greens just shaded Team Doyle with a touch over 17%, I was on almost 12% while Jackie Watts and Ken Ong were both around the same.

It also suggests the Team Doyle vote may drift lower over the course of the week, but Susan Riley will still almost certainly be elected on the back of preferences from the Labor-aligned Light on the Hill ticket which will deliver them 1.3% once Robin Matthews has been eliminated.

There's also a credible theory that the Ong and Team Doyle votes will strengthen slightly over the coming week as votes trickle in from offshore property owners.

In 2012, there was 63,664 formal votes. The roll has grown by 22% in 4 years to 133,000 and all the figures above are based on these 51,156 above the line votes counted on Saturday.

The turnout should be up this year given the extra 5 days allowed for postal votes to trickle in. About 7000 arrived in the mail on Monday. Throw in the 22% expansion in the roll and we should be looking at around 80,000 formal votes, although that may be a stretch.

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