Speeches given in 2006

June 15, 2010

Here is a list of speeches given by Stephen Mayne in 2006, plus any relevent feedback.

Australian Future Directions Forum: Feb 5-8, 2006
Three day brain storming session about Australia's future

Churchill Club: how to build a killer board: Feb 9, 2006, Melbourne
Chaired a panel on pitfalls in board rooms - see feedback

Chartered Secretaries Association seminars - Is the AGM Dead?: Apr 5, 2006
See program brochure, feedback and follow-up article in CSA magazine.

St Kilda Writers Festival: Apr 27, 2006
The Crikey story - see St Kilda Writers Festival website

Social Enterprise Partnerships dinner: May 16, 2006
Was a last minute fill-in for Noel Pearson - see Crikey report

NSW Young Lawyers: May 18, 2006
See NSW Young Lawyers report

Churchill Club - How to build a killer board:
May 31, 2006, Brisbane
Moderated panel - see event website

The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs - June 27, 2006
The internet, business, politics and the media - see feedback

Victorian Inquiry into poker machines: Aug 1, 2006
See transcript of submission and evidence

Investment and Financial Services Association 2006 conference: Aug 3, 2006
Two panels on funds management - see program sessions.

International Pokies Impact Conference: Sept 18-19 2006
See program speakers list
The 7th National Public Affairs Convention:
Aug 9-11,2006, Sydney
Panel discussion and dinner speaker - see events program

Chartered Secretaries Association: Is the AGM Dead?

See feedback

Chartered Secretaries Association: Victorian Public Sector Update. Aug 22, 2006
Panel on AWB with Telstra company secretary Doug Gration, Henry Bosch and academic Dr David Wright-Neville - see program brochure and see feedback

Australian Super Investment Conference: Aug 28-30, 2006
Summary of the year in corporate governance - see feedback

The Finance and Treasury Association - Melbourne, Sept 2006
Corporate governance presentation - see feedback and ratings

Chartered Secretaries Association networking function:
Oct 26, 2006, Melbourne
Anecdotes on politics and business

Melbourne Press Club minor parties debate - The Windsor, November 15, 2006
Spoke for People Power in debate with other minor parties in state election - see Stateline transcript.

200 Gertrude Art Gallery Forum:
November 16, 2006
Panel with Robert Connelly, Anthony Loewenstein, Helen Johnson and Dr Liz Connor exploring "how cultural producers and commentators connect to our humanity in a time when sedition is legislation".

Fairley Leadership - 'Our Capital City':
Discussion about challenges facing Australia - see feedback

Melbourne Social Forum - RMIT:
see feedback

Municipal Association of Victoria 2006 conference:
See conference program, see feedback

Victorian Local Government Association: 2006 new majors training:

Australian Davos Connection:
Sat on two panels on AWB and Australia's role in Asia

Future Leaders 2006 - Thinking Games:

Melbourne Writers Festival: panel with Loewenstein:

Bob Niccol - Talk on shares at Templestowe Primary:

ASFA (Association of Super Funds of Australia):

Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce Young Business Forum:

Australian-Davos Connection Future Summit 2006:

Australian Institute for Credit Management dinner (2006):

Institutional Shareholder Services 2006 governance conference:

Probus Club: