Third party commentary on Lachlan Crikey battle

October 16, 2022

Crikey is staring down Lachlan Murdoch's defamation attacks and here are links to some of the third party reporting on the dispute.

Before Lachlan announced he was suing

National Public Radio (US), August 22

Michael West Media (OZ), August 22

Australian Financial Review (OZ), August 22

Sydney Morning Herald (OZ), August 22

Axios (US), August 22

Mumbrella (OZ), August 22

The New Daily (OZ), August 23

Mediaweek (OZ), August 23

Financial Times (UK), August 23

The New York Times (US), August 23

The Daily Mail (UK-OZ), August 23

Radio National ABC - interview with Peter Fray (OZ), August 23

After Lachlan actually sued

The Age (OZ), August 23

ABC online (OZ), August 23

The Guardian (UK-OZ), August 23

The New York Times (US), August 23

BBC (UK), August 23

Forbes magazine (US) August 23

The New Daily (AAP - OZ) August 23

The Desk (US journalism journal) August 23

Washington Post (US), August 23

Boston Globe, August 23

ABC radio's AM program (OZ), August 23

Malcolm Turnbull on ABC Radio's RN Breakfast (last two minutes), August 24

CNN, August 24

Aljazeera English, August 24

Bloomberg (via AP), August 24

AFR: Turnbull attacks Lachlan hypocrisy, August 24

Reuters/Yahoo: story on 40 page statement of claim, August 24

The Independent (UK), August 24

Chip Le Grand in The Age, August 24

ABC: Murdoch vs Crikey could test new defo laws, August 24

Vanity Fair, August 24

Crikey founder reflects on defo history, August 24

ABC radio's PM program (starts 24 mins), August 24

The Age editorial, August 25

Amanda Meade Guardian column, August 26

Richard Ackland Guardian column, August 27

Ben Doherty column in The Guardian, August 27

SBS, August 28

ABC Media Watch, August 29

Daily Mail on Rudd-Turnbull donations, August 29

Democracy Sausage podcast with Mark Kenny, August 30

Sky News accuses Paul Barry of conflict of interest, September 2

AFR on various barrister appointments, September 5

Press Gazette (UK), September 5

Private Eye: Rupert Murdoch's bad heir day (UK), September 7

Daily Mail on Lachlan Murdoch arriving in Australia, September 8

Michael West (OZ), September 9 (US): September 22

Vanity Fair (US): October 4

Guardian wrap of October 10 case management hearings: October 10

SMH: Media "sold a pup" on new public interest defence, according to Lachlan's lawyer: October 10