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Tributes to the late great Christian Kerr

December 22, 2021

Christian Kerr was a dear friend and a Crikey legend who gave our start up ezine 8 wonderful years of service. Here are a few links to the tributes and comments since his passing, plus reminders of his magnificent writing.

Rowan Dean in Spectator on December 2

Bernard Keane in Crikey on December 2

James Madden in The Australian on December 3

Stephen Mayne in Crikey on December 3

Susan Brown in Crikey on December 3

Amanda Meade in The Guardian on December 3

Stephen Brook in The Age on December 3

Terry Barnes in Spectator on December 3

Caroline Di Russo in Spectator on December 8

Rowan Dean in The Spectator on December 9

There are also lots of lovely comments on his Facebook page.

Here are some relevant past pieces as well:

Susan Brown in The Sunday Age when Christian came out as Hillary Bray in 2004

Crikey tribute piece when he defected to The Australian in 2008

His Wikipedia page has also been updated and you can click here to see all his Quadrant work during the 2016 election.

Most of his Spectator work was under pen names but you can read all his Charles Pier material here. And go here for his Marion Tomsey columns.

Antony Green also posted the following on his private Facebook page:

Oh no, my good friend Christian Kerr has been taken from us. Many is the time, when a particular week's politics was either too nasty or too ridiculous to listen to, I would ring Christian and we'd have one of our off-on-tangents chats on the sheer silliness of the whole political game. Or he'd relive memories of past Duran Duran or Buzzcocks gigs, or the more surreal urban myths about who did what to whom in Adelaide. Allegedly. My last conversation with him was over the extra-ordinary Henry 'Chips' Channon diaries, an astonishing epic of observations and bitchy asides on the social and political life of mid-century Britain. I think he wished he could have written something like that himself. Maybe he has but we'll have to wait several decades before it comes out. In mid-lockdown and after binge watching tips, I suggested "The Trials of Christine Keeler". He liked the sound of reliving the Profumo affair. I hope he got to see it.

Vale Christian Kerr (AKA Hillary Bray). Gone too soon.

The private funeral was held at St Patrick's in Adelaide at 11am on Tuesday, December 21, 2021. An archive of the live stream will be accessible here until January 21, 2022 and you can also leave a private message of remembrance.

May he Rest In Peace.