Who repaid JobKeeper

September 10, 2021

This list looks at who repaid JobKeeper and is partly based on this handy list produced by ABC which sourced the information from proxy adviser Ownership Matters.

Cochlear: chairman is also chair of ASX and they decided to repay $24.6m claimed in December half when reported a $236m profit for six months. Kept the $23.6m in JobKeeper from the first half.

CIMIC: made a $620m profit in 2020 so decided to repay $20m worth of JobKeeper that was claimed by various subsidiaries.

Toyota: voluntarily repaid $18m - shows different culture in Japan.

Harvey Norman: after sustained public pressure, belatedly repaid the $6m of JobKeeper claimed by the company but its Australian franchisees are estimated to have received a further $15 million.

Nine Entertainment Company: repaid $2m of the $2.6m that was claimed by the broader group, including Domain.

Super Retail Group: repaid $1.7m given made record $170m in December half year.