Cr Mayne

Stephen Mayne's Manningham policies

October 11, 2020

Here are 10 policies and ideas which Stephen Mayne will support if elected to City of Manningham in the 2020 council elections.


Continue the push on transparency such as disclosing the individual valuations of City of Manningham property holdings, similar to what we did at City of Melbourne. Require approval at a public council meeting for any interstate or overseas travel by councillors, plus a public report back on the trip.


Introduce a car share scheme for residents on Doncaster Hill similar to what inner city councils do. This would involve a car share company being given access to on-street and off-street parking spots, thereby allowing residents to not own a car and instead book through the car-share company when requiring vehicle access.


Freeze the rates in 2021-22 given that Manningham is debt free, has one of the Victoria's strongest council balance sheets and the community will need support coming out of the pandemic.


Expedite the delivery of the 10 year Ruffey Lake Park Masterplan so it is completed in 4 years rather than 10 and generally focus on expanding and improving the quality of our parks and public open spaces. This includes supporting a small cafe near Victoria Street.


Fight hard to achieve the best possible outcome, particularly in relation to compensating impacted businesses in Bulleen West and delivering improved sporting infrastructure, cycling and walking tracks at Bulleen Park and along Templestowe Road.


Introduce a quarterly aged care forum where the various operators of residential care facilities in Manningham meet with council and each other to share information on best practice, industry trends and the like. At the moment, there is no formal communication and this needs to change post-COVID, particularly given the ageing Manningham community and the large number of residential care facilities.


Support the existing planning scheme focusing development in designated activity centres and along main roads but oppose any extension of the Doncaster Hill development zone beyond its current boundaries and remain vigilant in opposing any excessive developments in Manningham's quiet streets.


Complete the rollout of electronic scoreboards at our ovals and pioneer policies to better utilise Manningham's extraordinary public and private network of tennis courts, moving away from the locked club model. Strongly encourage greater female participation in sport, including supporting far more opportunities for female cricketers in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, which is lagging well behind the vibrant Northern Suburbs female competition.


Provide incentives for local sporting clubs to end all sponsorship arrangements with gambling entities and pursue policies to reduce the $58 million lost each year in Manningham's poker machine venues. This would include council potentially buying and retaining the Yarra Valley Country Club as a pokies-free sporting precinct, as opposed to the proposed rezone and residential development that will see the golf and blows club closed.


With the high profile Aquarena and Mullum Mullum Stadium projects completed, focus on the less sexy and visible projects such as improved drainage and rolling out the network of new footpaths, plus redevelopment of some tired council buildings and empty blocks on main arterials such as Doncaster Rd, Manningham Rd and Blackburn Rd.

Click here to see a copy of the flyer distributed to voters in Ruffey Ward.