Cr Mayne

Having another run at City of Manningham

September 22, 2020

Stephen Mayne is running for election to City of Manningham in the October 2020 election. Here is the 300 word statement being distributed to Ruffey Ward voters in the electoral pack.

I'm passionate and energised for Manningham after living 37 of my 51 years in Templestowe, raising our family here since 2004 with my wife Cr Paula Piccinini, your mayor in 2019 who is retiring at this election.

Councils are complex and I have the experience to add value after serving 4 years on City of Manningham (2008-12) and 4 years on City of Melbourne (2012-16) where I chaired the Finance and Governance committee.

Our 3 children all attended Templestowe Heights Primary School in the heart of Ruffey ward and our family remains heavily engaged in the local community through sporting clubs such as The Bullants (football and cricket), the Bulleen Boomers and Templestowe Park Tennis Club.

I've spent 30 years in journalism, publishing ( and shareholder advocacy asking the hard questions and arguing for best practice governance and transparency. I can spot a rort a mile off and will watch your ratepayer dollars like a hawk.

If elected, I'll endeavour to keep Manningham debt free, support a rate freeze in 2021-22, and push for extra support for traders at Macedon Square to assist with lockdown recovery. I will also fight for the best possible deal with the North East Link and never give up on Doncaster Rail.

We love walking our dog Daisy around Ruffey Lake Park and I will strongly push to accelerate delivery of the 10 year master plan, plus expand the size and quality of our network of public open spaces.

I have long campaigned to reduce excessive gambling harm in our community and will step up council's overly cautious approach to reducing the $58 million per annum lost to poker machines in Manningham.

In conclusion, vote for the inclusive independent candidate who embraces Manningham's multi-cultural community, will energetically represent everyone in the new Ruffey ward and bring dynamism and accountability to council's advocacy and decision-making processes.

Candidate Training Certificate