Cr Mayne

Having another run at City of Manningham

November 26, 2020

Stephen Mayne successfully ran for election to City of Manningham in the October 2020 election. Here is the 300 word statement that was distributed to Ruffey Ward voters in the electoral pack and here is a copy of the flyer distributed to households.

I'm passionate about our community having lived most of my life in Manningham, raising our family here with my wife Cr Paula Piccinini, your mayor in 2019 who is retiring at this election. Professionally, I'm an award winning business journalist with 30 years experience, plus 8 years serving as a local government councillor in Manningham (2008-12) and the City of Melbourne (2012-16) where I was entrusted to chair the Finance and Governance committee.

Our 3 children attended Templestowe Heights Primary School and we are engaged in the local community through clubs such as The Bullants (football/cricket), the Bulleen Boomers and Templestowe Park Tennis Club, where I coached as a university student. As Australia's best known retail shareholder advocate and the founder of independent ezine,, I've asked the hard questions and consistently promoted best practice governance and transparency.

I won't be captured by developers, can spot a rort a mile off and will watch your ratepayer dollars like a hawk. If elected, I'll endeavour to keep Manningham council debt free, freeze the rates next year and push for extra support for traders at Macedon Square to assist with lockdown recovery. I will fight for the best possible deal from the North East Link, resisting tolls whilst backing Doncaster Rail.

Like all of you, I love our parks and open spaces. I will push to bring forward the Ruffey Lake Park improvements masterplan to deliver it in 4 years not ten. I have long campaigned to reduce gambling harm and will step up council's approach to reducing the $58 million per year lost to addictive poker machines in Manningham.

In conclusion, vote for the independent candidate who embraces Manningham's multi-cultural community, will energetically represent everyone in the new Ruffey ward, bringing experience and knowledge to council's advocacy and decision-making processes.



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