Company announcements to ASX about Covid-19

May 15, 2020

This list tracks announcements to the ASX by the largest 130 companies about the impact of the Covid-19 virus.

1. CSL: one of the last to move on April 9 with a 10 page presentation that sent share price higher.
2. CBA: nothing on financial impact but announced this support package on March 19.
3. BHP: waited until the regular April 21 quarterly report to provide an update.
4. Westpac: no financial update but did file this business support statement on March 30 and this 6 page letter from the new chair on April 2.
5. NAB: a brief update on March 23 as part of a cleansing statement with conversion of capital notes to equity, then nothing until results on April 27.
6. ANZ: March 17 internal interview with CEO, then customer support package on March 20 and half year result on April 30.
7. Woolworths: a belated update on March 24 with little financial detail. Endeavour Group demerger delayed until 2021.
8. Macquarie Group: one page statement on April 8 noting APRA's intervention on dividends and then waited until full year results on May 8.
9. Wesfarmers: March 20 update outlining a range of impacts but not quantifying in financial terms.
10. Telstra: nothing until March 20 announcement of capex bring forward and end to job cuts.
11. Transurban: delivered a 16 slide update and CEO conference call on April 1, followed by these 35 slides on May 4.
12. Rio Tinto: March 24 update about slowdown in South Africa and Canada.
13. Fortescue: finally produced this statement on March 23 after WA closed its borders.
14. Woodside Petroleum: produced this statement on March 23 flagging massive cuts to capex.
15. Goodman Group: nothing until this belated 6 page operational update on May 7.
16. Aristocrat: withdrew earnings guidance on March 13.
17. Coles Group: waited until regular April 29 third quarter sales report.
18. Newcrest: guidance update on March 11 although this wasn't really crisis related.
19. Scentre Group: ASX update on March 18 re-affirming centres are remaining open and debt is in hand. Brief March 20 statement withdrawing guidance.
20. Brambles: finally updated on April 17 with a modest reduction in 2019-20 guidance to growth of 3-5%.
21. Sydney Airport: March 23 update noting $1.3 billion in debt repayments over next 12 months.
22. QBE Insurance: a brief 5 paragraph statement on March 30 withdrawing guidance, then more detail with $1 billion placement announcement on April 14.
23. Santos: a detailed 3 page update on March 23.
24. Ramsay Healthcare: withdrew guidance on March 18 plus made this brief statement on March 26 after elective surgeries were cancelled.
25. ASX: nothing as at May 15.
26. Suncorp: nothing until this 5 page update on May 11.
27. IAG: a two page update focused on operational matters on March 30, but guidance was re-affirmed.
28. Amcor: left it until the May 12 quarterly report.
29. Sonic Healthcare: withdrew guidance on March 20 but global laboratories are going flat out with testing.
30. REA Group: March 18 update but no downgrade
31. Dexus: March 26 statement withdrawing guidance and pointing to $1.3b in liquidity.
32. Origin Energy: provided a reasonable 3 page update on April 6, including a warning on potential increased bad debts in June quarter.
33. APA Group: finally delivered an update on April 21 and did mention $9 billion debt.
34. James Hardie: finally released a 5 page update on May 5.
35. Cochlear: withdrew earnings guidance on March 16.
36. Magellan Financial Group: as at May 15 had done nothing more than monthly FUM statement although its listed funds each made a statement.
37. AGL Energy: left it until May 5 and these 15 slides presented at the Macquarie equities conference.
38. Mirvac: withdrew earnings guidance on March 19.
39. South32: belated one page update on March 24 after South African shut down ordered.
40. GPT Group: withdrew earnings guidance on March 19.
41. Stockland: withdrew guidance on March 23 pointing to $850m of liquidity.
42. Aurizon: nothing as at May 15.
43. Afterpay: March 13 update on funding position and March 19 letter to shareholders.
44. Lend Lease: left it until launching a $950 million placement on April 28.
45. Northern Star: a belated March 26 statement warning of 10-15% drop in March quarter production and deferral of $55m interim dividend.
46. Oilsearch: announced cuts to capex on March 18.
47. Qantas: 4 announcements in total.
48. Computershare: March 11 profit downgrade based on lower interest rates
50. Vicinity Centres: withdrew guidance on March 19 pointing to $1.3b in undrawn facilities.
51. Medibank Private: left it until this May 6 update at the Macquarie equities conference.
52. Scentre Group: terse statement on March 20 withdrawing guidance with no details.
53. Treasury Wine Estates: one of the earliest downgrades on February 25 focused on China impact, and then another update on April 8.
54. CIMIC: the chairman's address at the April 1 AGM was an update of sorts.
55. AFIC: cancelled information meetings and released a mid-month NTA on March 16.
56. Ausnet Services: a one page statement on April 2 detailing some customer relief but nothing on financial impact.
57. TPG Telecom: nothing as at May 15 although the last results announcement was March 5.
58. Evolution Mining: a 4 page update on April 1 outlining minimal impact and retaining guidance.
59. Orica: left it until the May 8 results presentation.
59. Coca Cola Amatil: finally updated the market on April 17 with a 4 page statement and 31 page powerpoint - stock fell 6%.
60. Caltex: warned on March 23 that jet fuel demand was down 80-90% but no financial commentary. April 6 update bringing forward maintenance closure of Lytton refinery.
61. Seek: a detailed 4 page update on April 6 including deferring interim dividend.
62. Tabcorp: March 23 statement about clubs/pubs closing whilst future of racing up in the air. Further update on April 7 standing down 700 staff.
63. Computershare: early March 11 earnings downgrade due to falling world interest rates, then revised down again on April 7 with an investor call.
64. Reece Australia: a 40 page powerpoint accompanying $600m capital raising announcement on April 6.
65. Bluescope Steel: withdrew $302m EBITDA forecast on March 19 but stressed net debt was only $47 million.
66. Atlas Alteria: 3 page statement on March 23 flagging paying down debt rather than paying future dividends.
67. Argo: announced on March 24 that it was moving to weekly disclosure of its NTA, rather than monthly.
68. Soul Pattinson: half years results released on March 26 but not a lot of Covid-19 commentary.
69. AMP: withdrew guidance on March 26 but threadbare financial details.
70. Alumina: waited until the regular quarterly report on April 23.
71. Crown Resorts: 5 COVID related statements so far the earliest being social distancing polices on March 16.
72. Dominos Pizza: a one pager on March 19 disclosing closure of French stores and pivot to take away.
73. Seven Group Holdings: a one page statement on April 8 confirming dividend and detailing liquidity buffers.
74. Wisetech Global: April 22 update for investors.
75. Oilsearch: announced big cuts to capex on March 18.
76. Cleanaway: March 24 announcement dropping guidance, maintaining dividend and stressing $357m of banking headroom.
77. Altium: a two page statement on April 8 withdrawing guidance but pointing to opportunities and robustness of model.
78. Harvey Norman: March 19 statement revealing offshore closures and rising Australian sales. Cancelled $149.5m dividend on April 2.
79. Bendigo Bank: finally withdrew guidance on April 16.
80. Charter Hall: A March 25 statement pointing to a $148m performance fee and re-affirming guidance. Very bold.
81. Spark Group: nothing until May 7 update to the big Macquarie equities conference.
82. JB Hi Fi: withdrew guidance on March 23 after shutdown, sparking share slump.
83. IDP Education: Silent until March 26 when it went into a trading halt and deferred its interim dividend ahead of a capital raising announcement on April 1.
84. Orora: finally released a 5 page update on May 8, mainly dealing with a $600m capital return.
85. Qube Holdings: two page statement on April 6 withdrawing guidance due to issue like lower container volumes at ports.
86. Worley: belated March 30 update pointing to $1.36 billion in liquidity and review of property portfolio.
87. Metcash: finally updated when launching a $300m placement on April 21.
88. Carsales: cautiously withdrew guidance on March 20 but no financials disclosed.
89. Iluka Resources: waited until April 9 AGM to provide update in the formal addresses.
90. Incitec Pivot: nothing until April 21 statement about retaining its fertiliser business.
91. Ansell: upbeat statement on March 30 reaffirming guidance and pointing to booming medical glove sales. Sent stock up 25%.
92. Yancoal Australia: waited until regular quarterly report on April 20.
93. Mineral Resources: waited until regular quarterly report on April 24.
94. ALS Ltd: updated on March 27 saying had drawn down cash to repay US debt and some South American testing labs had been closed.
95. Boral: withdrew guidance on March 19 saying had $US500m borrowing capacity. Also disclosed a potential class action.
96. Steadfast: cautiously withdraw guidance on March 25 but no financial detail.
97. Bank of Queensland: belated one page update on March 30 before further update with half year results on April 8.
98. Viva Energy: a March 24 update saying jet fuel down 80-90%, net debt only $137m.
99. NextDC: a good informative update on March 19 despite no direct financial impact. Later launched a capital raising.
100. Beach Energy: belatedly released a detailed statement on March 27 cutting guidance by $100m but stressing has net cash of $151 to weather storm.
101. Saracen Minerals: March 27 update sticking with guidance, pointing to strong balance but mentioned negotiations with banks.
102. Technology One: nothing as at May 15.
103. Challenger Financial Group: out early on March 16 with a one page update claiming it would still make more than $500m for the year.
104. Genesis Energy: nothing from the Kiwi company as of April 15.
105. Brickworks: March 20 statement on 12 brick plants in Pennsylvania closing and then half year results on March 26.
106. Milton: stuck with monthly portfolio report which is reasonable for an LIC.
107. NIB Holdings: released a member support package on March 27 but little detail on financial impact.
108. Appen: a one page update on April 15 re-affirming guidance.
109. IGO Ltd: March 20 update pointing to $395m in net cash for the iron ore miner.
110. Growthpoint: one pager on March 26 withdrawing guidance and pointing to $243m in undrawn debt lines.
111. Cromwell Group: no specific update but some mentions at late March EGM fending off Gary Weiss nomination then a proper update on April 3.
112. OZ Minerals: March 30 statement deferring $150m in capex and pointing to net cash position.
113. Shopping Centres Australia: some good detail in its March 25 update which the likes of Scentre Group could learn from.
114. Nufarm: regular half year result on March 25.
115. Platinum Asset Management: nothing more than the monthly FUM statement as of May 15.
116. Premier Investments: aggressive March 26 statement standing down 9000 staff and closing all stores.
117. Downer EDI: brief 6 paragraph statement withdrawing guidance on March 19, then deferred $83m dividend on March 25.
118. Whitehaven Coal: waited until the regular quarterly report on April 16.
119. Regis Resources: waited until quarterly report on April 29.
120. Pro Medicus: nothing until launched on-market buyback on March 30 but that statement was threadbare.
121. Abacus Property: a two paragraph withdrawal of guidance on March 23, perhaps the briefest statement linked on this list.
122. Graincorp: nothing until May 14 half year result.
123. CSR: waited for full year results on May 12.
124. Link Administration: withdrew guidance on March 23 and disclosed net debt of $773 million.
125. Breville Group: withdrew $110m EBIT guidance on March 27 despite no early declines. Discussed liquidity.
126. Nine Entertainment: a brief one page statement on March 19 withdrawing guidance but sticking with the dividend.
127. Iress: a one page statement on April 7 cautiously withdrawing guidance.
128. Reliance Worldwide: March 25 update withdrawing guidance and cancelling interim dividend given debt levels after UK acquisition.
129. Viva Energy: March 24 update with sales and production data and pointing to strong balance sheet after Viva REIT sale.
130. Netwealth Group: March 19 update after RBA rate cut and actually cut guidance to something specific. A rarity.