Company announcements to ASX about Covid-19

July 24, 2020

This list tracks announcements to the ASX by the largest 130 companies about the impact of the Covid-19 virus.

1. CSL: one of the last to move on April 9 with a 10 page presentation that sent share price higher.
2. CBA: nothing on financial impact but announced this support package on March 19.
3. BHP: waited until the regular April 21 quarterly report to provide an update.
4. Westpac: no financial update but did file this business support statement on March 30 and this 6 page letter from the new chair on April 2, then had half year results on May 4.
5. NAB: a brief update on March 23 as part of a cleansing statement with conversion of capital notes to equity, then nothing until results on April 27.
6. ANZ: March 17 internal interview with CEO, then customer support package on March 20 and half year result on April 30.
7. Woolworths: a belated update on March 24 with little financial detail. Endeavour Group demerger delayed until 2021. Another trading update on June 23.
8. Macquarie Group: one page statement on April 8 noting APRA's intervention on dividends and then waited until full year results on May 8.
9. Wesfarmers: March 20 update outlining a range of impacts but not quantifying in financial terms. May 22 write-downs announcement and then a June 9 retail trading update.
10. Telstra: nothing until March 20 announcement of capex bring forward and end to job cuts, then announced a May 5 Foxtel impairment.
11. Transurban: delivered a 16 slide update and CEO conference call on April 1, followed by these 35 slides on May 4 and another update on June 22.
12. Rio Tinto: March 24 update about slowdown in South Africa and Canada then a further update at the May 7 AGM.
13. Fortescue: finally produced this statement on March 23 after WA closed its borders, then had its April 30 quarterly production report and a couple of later conference presentations.
14. Woodside Petroleum: produced this statement on March 23 flagging massive cuts to capex, then April 16 quarterly production report and the April 30 AGM addresses followed by $6.3b in write-downs on July 14 and the quarterly production report on July 15.
15. Goodman Group: nothing until this belated 6 page operational update on May 7.
16. Aristocrat: withdrew earnings guidance on March 13, then released half year results on May 25.
17. Coles Group: waited until regular April 29 third quarter sales report.
18. Newcrest: guidance update on March 11 although this wasn't really crisis related, followed by April 30 quarterly production report ahead of $1 billion placement.
19. Scentre Group: ASX update on March 18 re-affirming centres are remaining open and debt is in hand. Brief March 20 statement withdrawing guidance, then a 5 page operational update on May 11.
20. Brambles: finally updated on April 17 with a modest reduction in 2019-20 guidance to growth of 3-5%.
21. Sydney Airport: March 23 update noting $1.3 billion in debt repayments over next 12 months, then AGM addresses on May 22 and the usual monthly traffic data.
22. QBE Insurance: a brief 5 paragraph statement on March 30 withdrawing guidance, then more detail with $1 billion placement announcement on April 14. Came out early with summary of results on July 22.
23. Santos: a detailed 3 page update on March 23, followed by April AGM update and this presentation to Macquarie in May. Announced a $1 billion impairment on July 21.
24. Ramsay Healthcare: withdrew guidance on March 18 plus made this brief statement on March 26 after elective surgeries were cancelled and then released this 40 page presentation when launching a $1 billion placement on April 22.
25. ASX: nothing as at July 23.
26. Suncorp: nothing until this 5 page update on May 11, which was followed up another update on July 1.
27. IAG: a two page update focused on operational matters on March 30, but guidance was re-affirmed. Another 2 page update on May 4.
28. Amcor: left it until the May 12 quarterly report.
29. Sonic Healthcare: withdrew guidance on March 20 but global laboratories are going flat out with testing.
30. REA Group: March 18 update but no downgrade and then delivered quarterly result on May 8.
31. Dexus: March 26 statement withdrawing guidance and pointing to $1.3b in liquidity, followed by detailed update on May 5 including pay cuts, and early valuation release on June 24 with a $195m write-down.
32. Origin Energy: provided a reasonable 3 page update on April 6, including a warning on potential increased bad debts in June quarter. Followed by regular quarterly gas production report on April 30 and then early notification of $1.2 billion in write-downs on July 15.
33. APA Group: finally delivered an update on April 21 and did mention $9 billion debt.
34. James Hardie: finally released a 5 page update on May 5.
35. Cochlear: withdrew earnings guidance on March 16, then detailed update accompanying $880m placement on March 25, a temporary pay reduction on April 7 and a further COVID trading update on May 11.
36. Magellan Financial Group: as at May 15 had done nothing more than monthly FUM statement although its listed funds each made a statement.
37. AGL Energy: left it until May 5 and these 15 slides presented at the Macquarie equities conference.
38. Mirvac: withdrew earnings guidance on March 19.
39. South32: belated one page update on March 24 after South African shut down ordered.
40. GPT Group: withdrew earnings guidance on March 19.
41. Stockland: withdrew guidance on March 23 pointing to $850m of liquidity.
42. Aurizon: waited until June 3 to announce a $1.3 billion refinancing whist re-affirming earnings forecast.
43. Afterpay: March 13 update on funding position and March 19 letter to shareholders.
44. Lend Lease: left it until launching a $950 million placement on April 28.
45. Northern Star: a belated March 26 statement warning of 10-15% drop in March quarter production and deferral of $55m interim dividend.
46. Oilsearch: announced cuts to capex on March 18, a $1.16 billion capital raising on April 7, a further AGM update on May 1 and then early announcement of circa $US380m in write-downs on July 13.
47. Qantas: close to 10 announcements in total.
48. Computershare: March 11 profit downgrade based on lower interest rates, with another downgrade on April 7 and then a further briefing on May 19
50. Vicinity Centres: withdrew guidance on March 19 pointing to $1.3b in undrawn facilities.
51. Medibank Private: left it until this May 6 update at the Macquarie Equities conference.
52. Scentre Group: terse statement on March 20 withdrawing guidance with no details, a 3 paragraph liquidity update on April 1, provided scant information at the April 8 AGM followed by this 4 page operational update on May 11.
53. Treasury Wine Estates: one of the earliest downgrades on February 25 focused on China impact, and then another update on April 8.
54. CIMIC: the chairman's address at the April 1 AGM was an update of sorts.
55. AFIC: cancelled information meetings and released a mid-month NTA on March 16.
56. Ausnet Services: a one page statement on April 2 detailing some customer relief but nothing on financial impact.
57. TPG Telecom: nothing as at May 15 although the last results announcement was March 5.
58. Evolution Mining: a 4 page update on April 1 outlining minimal impact and retaining guidance.
59. Orica: left it until the May 8 results presentation.
59. Coca Cola Amatil: finally updated the market on April 17 with a 4 page statement and 31 page powerpoint - stock fell 6%.
60. Caltex: warned on March 23 that jet fuel demand was down 80-90% but no financial commentary. April 6 update bringing forward maintenance closure of Lytton refinery.
61. Seek: a detailed 4 page update on April 6 including deferring interim dividend. Detailed update on June 22 including foreshadowed write-downs of $230m.
62. Tabcorp: March 23 statement about clubs/pubs closing whilst future of racing up in the air. Further update on April 7 standing down 700 staff.
64. Reece Australia: a 40 page powerpoint accompanying $600m capital raising announcement on April 6.
65. Bluescope Steel: withdrew $302m EBITDA forecast on March 19 but stressed net debt was only $47 million.
66. Atlas Alteria: 3 page statement on March 23 flagging paying down debt rather than paying future dividends.
67. Argo: announced on March 24 that it was moving to weekly disclosure of its NTA, rather than monthly.
68. Soul Pattinson: half years results released on March 26 but not a lot of Covid-19 commentary.
69. AMP: withdrew guidance on March 26 but threadbare financial details. Updated at May 8 AGM and later confirmed life sale on June 30.
70. Alumina: waited until the regular quarterly report on April 23.
71. Crown Resorts: 5 COVID related statements so far the earliest being social distancing polices on March 16.
72. Dominos Pizza: a one pager on March 19 disclosing closure of French stores and pivot to take away.
73. Seven Group Holdings: a one page statement on April 8 confirming dividend and detailing liquidity buffers.
74. Wisetech Global: April 22 update for investors.
75. Oilsearch: announced big cuts to capex on March 18 then detailed presentation with April 7 capital raising announcement. Came out early with $US360m-$US400m write-down on July 13.
76. Cleanaway: March 24 announcement dropping guidance, maintaining dividend and stressing $357m of banking headroom. May 7 presentation to Macquarie.
77. Altium: a two page statement on April 8 withdrawing guidance but pointing to opportunities and robustness of model.
78. Harvey Norman: March 19 statement revealing offshore closures and rising Australian sales. Cancelled $149.5m dividend on April 2.
79. Bendigo Bank: finally withdrew guidance on April 16.
80. Charter Hall: A March 25 statement pointing to a $148m performance fee and re-affirming guidance. Very bold.
81. Spark Group: nothing until May 7 update to the big Macquarie equities conference.
82. JB Hi Fi: withdrew guidance on March 23 after shutdown, sparking share slump. An upbeat 2 page update on June 11 tipping rising Australian profits but a write-down in NZ.
83. IDP Education: Silent until March 26 when it went into a trading halt and deferred its interim dividend ahead of a capital raising announcement on April 1.
84. Orora: finally released a 5 page update on May 8, mainly dealing with a $600m capital return.
85. Qube Holdings: two page statement on April 6 withdrawing guidance due to issue like lower container volumes at ports.
86. Worley: belated March 30 update pointing to $1.36 billion in liquidity and review of property portfolio. Full 110 page presentation at June 10 investor day.
87. Metcash: finally updated when launching a $300m placement on April 21.
88. Carsales: cautiously withdrew guidance on March 20 but no financials disclosed. April 23 announcement detailed customer support, stand downs and board pay cuts. June 17 update provided solid full year forecasts.
89. Iluka Resources: waited until April 9 AGM to provide update in the formal addresses.
90. Incitec Pivot: nothing until April 21 statement about retaining its fertiliser business. Detailed presentation on May 11 accompanying $600m placement.
91. Ansell: upbeat statement on March 30 reaffirming guidance and pointing to booming medical glove sales. Sent stock up 25%. Nothing again until full year results in August.
92. Yancoal Australia: waited until regular quarterly report on April 20.
93. Mineral Resources: waited until regular quarterly report on April 24.
94. ALS Ltd: updated on March 27 saying had drawn down cash to repay US debt and some South American testing labs had been closed.
95. Boral: withdrew guidance on March 19 saying had $US500m borrowing capacity. Also disclosed a potential class action. May 15 update provided business update and details of debt restructure.
96. Steadfast: cautiously withdraw guidance on March 25 but no financial detail. Then moved to monthly updates culminating in this July 22 announcement marginally beating the previously ditched guidance.
97. Bank of Queensland: belated one page update on March 30 before further update with half year results on April 8.
98. Viva Energy: a March 24 update saying jet fuel down 80-90%, net debt only $137m.
99. NextDC: a good informative update on March 19 despite no direct financial impact. Later launched a capital raising.
100. Beach Energy: belatedly released a detailed statement on March 27 cutting guidance by $100m but stressing has net cash of $151 to weather storm.
101. Saracen Minerals: March 27 update sticking with guidance, pointing to strong balance but mentioned negotiations with banks.
102. Technology One: waited until half year results on May 19.
103. Challenger Financial Group: out early on March 16 with a one page update claiming it would still make more than $500m for the year. Then an April 22 3rd quarter update followed by this June 22 capital raising announcement.
104. Genesis Energy: nothing from the Kiwi company as of April 15.
105. Brickworks: March 20 statement on 12 brick plants in Pennsylvania closing and then half year results on March 26.
106. Milton: stuck with monthly portfolio report which is reasonable for an LIC.
107. NIB Holdings: released a member support package on March 27 but little detail on financial impact.
108. Appen: a one page update on April 15 re-affirming guidance.
109. IGO Ltd: March 20 update pointing to $395m in net cash for the iron ore miner.
110. Growthpoint: one pager on March 26 withdrawing guidance and pointing to $243m in undrawn debt lines.
111. Cromwell Group: no specific update but some mentions at late March EGM fending off Gary Weiss nomination then a proper update on April 3.
112. OZ Minerals: March 30 statement deferring $150m in capex and pointing to net cash position.
113. Shopping Centres Australia: some good detail in its March 25 update which the likes of Scentre Group could learn from.
114. Nufarm: regular half year result on March 25.
115. Platinum Asset Management: nothing more than the monthly FUM statement as of May 15.
116. Premier Investments: aggressive March 26 statement standing down 9000 staff and closing all stores, followed an April 21 update and this more detailed update on May 12.
117. Downer EDI: brief 6 paragraph statement withdrawing guidance on March 19, then deferred $83m dividend on March 25.
118. Whitehaven Coal: waited until the regular quarterly report on April 16.
119. Regis Resources: waited until quarterly report on April 29.
120. Pro Medicus: nothing until launched on-market buyback on March 30 but that statement was threadbare.
121. Abacus Property: a two paragraph withdrawal of guidance on March 23, perhaps the briefest statement linked on this list.
122. Graincorp: nothing until May 14 half year result.
123. CSR: waited for full year results on May 12.
124. Link Administration: withdrew guidance on March 23 and disclosed net debt of $773 million.
125. Breville Group: withdrew $110m EBIT guidance on March 27 despite no early declines. Discussed liquidity.
126. Nine Entertainment: a brief one page statement on March 19 withdrawing guidance but sticking with the dividend.
127. Iress: a one page statement on April 7 cautiously withdrawing guidance.
128. Reliance Worldwide: March 25 update withdrawing guidance and cancelling interim dividend given debt levels after UK acquisition.
129. Viva Energy: March 24 update with sales and production data and pointing to strong balance sheet after Viva REIT sale.
130. Netwealth Group: March 19 update after RBA rate cut and actually cut guidance to something specific. A rarity.


K&S Corp: revealed it has received $12.4 million in the June quarter in this one page earnings update.
Experience Co: the tourism operator revealed that it had 360 employees on JobKeeper but is yet to disclose just how much it received.