Cr Mayne

Related party transaction disclosure at CoM

January 17, 2022

Here are links to various documents detailing related party transaction disclosure at City of Melbourne.

City of Melbourne

See p43-45 of 2012-13 financial statements for related parties dealing with pay and institutions but nothing on individual councillors.

See p85 of 2013-14 annual report for first detailed executive pay disclosures but nothing on related party transactions. Separate 2013-14 finance report on p170-171 covering related party transactions but not much value.

See p191 of the 2014-15 annual report for detailed disclosure specific to individual councillors. Also repeated on p65 of 2014-15 financial statements including specific details of arrangements with councillors.

See p208 of the 2015-16 annual report for comprehensive disclosure. Also see p67 of the 2015-16 financial statements for specific related party transactions with councillors.

See p209-211 of the 2016-17 annual report for lengthy but non-specific disclosures. Also starts on p54 of 2016-17 financial statements.

Se p223 of the 2017-18 annual report for a one paragraph disclosure identifying $338,000 worth of related party transactions. Similar disclosure on p54 of the 2017-18 financial statements. Also see last page of financial statements for $350,000 correction on KMP leave entitlement.

See p55-56 of the 2018-19 financial statements for not very useful disclosures on related party transactions.