Special Mayne Report edition: what to do with all these lists?

January 26, 2017

Dear Mayne Report readers,

Happy Australia Day!

Seeing as we've all been going through the list of gong recipients today, we've decided to do our own opus on lists - more than 200 of them.

The reason for this edition will become more apparent early next week but it focuses on documenting all the editorial lists we've been involved in developing over the past 17 years.

We're interested in seeking your guidance on which of these lists are worth developing or reviving and which should be junked. Drop us a line by reply email.

The 200-plus lists are currently sitting in 3 different places: the Crikey archive, the Australian Shareholders' Association website and The Mayne Report archive.

Some changes are coming but we love a good list and would like to preserve and grow this list resource into the future. The question is how?


Firstly, here are links to 20 old lists which are currently freely available in the Crikey archive. Lists were a big part of the Crikey launch in 2000 and were continually pushed through until the sale in 2005:

Current media couples list - 2016 update, one of the few that has been updated.

Where 220 former Howard government staffers are now - no update on Crikey since 2004 but definitely worth doing.

Where are 150 former Hawke-Keating government staffers
- last update 2004

114 names BRW missed in the Crikey Revised Rich List - last updated 2006

The Howard government's record of political appointments - last updated 2007

Honorary doctorates list - last updated when Lindsay Tanner sprayed Warnie's honorary doctorate in 2006.

The great Crikey defamation list - 2005 version

125 examples of political nepotism - 2005 update

Labor MPS who were once union officials - 2001 version

Australia's foreign ownership record - 75 Aussie doing well, 220 foreign companies in OZ - 2003 version

Which countries have produced which global brands - 2002

Lily white hacks who never sold out over 15 years - March 2000

Journalists who have worked for politicians
- 2005 version

What do former politicians do after leaving Parliament - 2005 version

Cheque book journalism list - updated in 2008

Unionists who crossed to the dark side
- 2006

Journalists who made it into Parliament - plus those who tried and failed
- 2007

The biggest golden parachutes to departing executives - 2002

The great journalistic book list
- 2002

Journalists who worked for PR agencies
- 2005


11 lists which were converted for use by the ASA

The Australian Shareholders' Association took on 11 lists when I was working for them in 2013-14. The ASA website now includes some updates of these lists along with newer lists such as this one tracking remuneration report protest votes in 2015 and 2016. Here is what is currently on the ASA website, although some are member only:

Selective placements without an SPP (paywall)

Longest serving ASX 200 directors (paywall)

Longest serving former ASX-200 directors (paywall)

Biggest protest votes against directors in 2013 (paywall)

Executives who become non-executive directors (paywall)

New CEOs who embrace write-offs (paywall)

Measuring independent chairs for "skin in the game"

Capped SPPs which were then expanded

How retail investors do worse with separate bookbuilds

The 100 most important remuneration protest votes (paywall)

30-plus examples of where retail investors gathered 100 signatures


180 other lists sitting in The Mayne Report

The biggest category of lists are residing in The Mayne Report archive and have been put together over the past 9 years. There are about 180 of these and we have broken them down into sections including the following:

General interest non-corporate lists
Foreign ownership
Business lists
Contested elections
Personal shares and capital raisings
Menzies campaign
Tracking media coverage

It's a bit scrappy but here they are all are, complete with a description of the content and their status. There's much updating to be done, if the right model can be found.


The Mayne Report Rich List
This list tracks Australians who have accumulated net assets exceeding $10 million. We've got more than 1500 names with those who've fallen back below $10 million now italicised. Always our most popular list but hasn't been seriously updated for a 3-4 years. With the death of BRW, this could be done as a stand-alone business in its own right.

Governance reforms at City of Melbourne
The most comprehensive transparency reform program even undertaken by an Australian council.

140 local govt councillors who made it into Parliament
Tracking a very common pathway into state and federal politics.

Australians who have sued for defamation
Here is a list of notable Australians who have sued for defamation over the years, some of which was first worked up by Crikey. There are 152 names on this list and it should probably be refined down to "100 notable defamation battles".

The great honorary doctorates list
Here is a list first worked up by Crikey many years ago which tracks recipients of honorary doctorates. A fun read.

Tracking unionists in Parliament
This lists tracks former union officials who have made it into state or federal parliament as Labor MPs over the past 30 years. Needs updating as the trend continues.

Stealing the 1999 Labor Party fundraiser guest list
It was the biggest Labor Party fundraiser in history at the time and we borrowed the guest list which still makes fascinating reading to this day. We published the list during the 1999 Burwood by-election and it got a huge run nationally.

Tracking the former Hawke Keating staffers
This list was first worked up on Crikey many years ago and has since been slightly updated but needs further work.

Where Howard staffers finished up
Crikey decided to track the career paths of former Howard government staffers to see if there is any sort of pattern. The project lapsed for six years before being fired up again but there's still plenty of work to be done.

Where Rudd government staffers went
These lists are easier to maintain when many years have passed and careers are over but we made a start and would love to update it.

Tracking government bond issues

This list tracked bond and treasury note issues by the first Rudd Government after it was elected in November 2007 as Australia's debt began to spiral. It become too much to maintain over the years given the huge number of bond issues.

The great political relationships list
This list tracking politicians whose family members also worked in the political industry always attracted much interest, but needs work.

Well known Australian whistleblowers

This list tracks well known Australian whistleblowers over the years.

Tracking the Murdoch heirs
An attempt to explain the direct heirs to the Murdoch family's controlling stake in News Corporation and 21st Century Fox.

The great Australian journalist book list
This list, first researched by Crikey in 2002, tracks Australian journalists who have gone on to write books. Someone should start a business helping journalists sell remaindered copies. One for the MEAA perhaps.

Pokies and tobacco donations
This list tracks political donations by gambling interests to registered Australian political parties over the past few years.

Interesting links on Australian campaign finance
Here are links to some interesting stories and documents relevant to Australia's woeful system of campaign finance regulation and disclosure. Will be useful for Wednesday's donation disclosures.


Tenure of AFL Presidents plus AFL gender diversity
This list tracks the tenure of AFL Presidents ahead of the 2016 footy club AGM season. Would be good to sustain, at least until Eddie McGuire finally quits as Collingwood President.

Top 25 women on ASX-listed boards
This list tracked the top professional female non-executive directors of Australian listed companies just after the GFC. Good concept but needs updating. Always contentious and somewhat subjective.

The ASX200 companies with no female directors in 2010
This list tracked all ASX200 companies which still had no female directors in 2010. There are far fewer now but it is of historical interest.

Ranking the best and worst male directors in 2010
Our first attempt to rate the best male directors in Australia, back in 2010. We started with a top 20, followed by the next 80 and then an additional pool after that. Highly subjective but given the way professional sports people are ranked and scrutinised, why not the same with those holding corporate or political power?

Top female executives in the ASX200 in 2010
This list tracks who were the top female executives in the ASX200 companies back in 2010, including positions and some histories where available.

Women on boards debate transcripts
Below is a collection of transcripts of our questions and responses about gender diversity on Australian public company boards.

Raising lack of women on boards

Back in 2009, women only represent 10% of directors on major public company boards in Australia. This is a disgrace and here are the audio files, links and transcripts where we've raised the issue.

Past female CEOs of ASX-listed companies
This list tracks past female CEOs of ASX-listed companies and assesses how they fared. Needs an update.

Global female CEOs
Not very comprehensive but definitely worth doing.


With global nationalism on the rise, particularly with the emergence of President Trump, these foreign ownership lists may well be worth pursuing in the future. Australia has traditionally been very welcoming of foreign investment but the times are a changing.

Australia's improving foreign ownership record
A list of 70 Australian companies generating more than $200 million a year offshore. Needs an update and we are doing better.

Oz companies which stumbled offshore
This list tracks Australian companies which failed in their offshore expansion plans. Is worth resurrecting in the future.

Foreign-owned major resource projects
We have more than 50 resource projects on this list and its growing all the time with the various foreign takeovers.

Foreign companies generating more than $200m
Here is a list of almost 300 foreign companies that are generating more than $200 million in revenues out of Australia each year.

Australian companies with foreign mining operations
This list tracks Australian-based miners with offshore mining operations or prospects.

Foreign government investments in Australia
This list tracks major sovereign investments in Australia, demonstrating how both Singapore and China are set to own more Australian business assets than our own government.

Foreign winners and losers in Australia
Here is our take on the happy and unhappy foreign players in Australia.


Everyone ASIC jailed up until 2011
Is ASIC an effective corporate cop? You be the judge as this is the list of more than 400 people they have sent to jail since it was established in January 1991. The tricky bit about this list is that you should not name people with spent convictions. Needs an update for the past 5 years.

ASX-listed chairs rushed into the job
We are of the view that a director needs at least 12 months on a board before taking over as chair. This list tracks chairs of ASX100 companies who were rushed into the job.

Attempts to make constitutions hard for board tilts
This list names 14 ASX-listed companies which have restrictions, or attempted to introduce impediments, on outsiders running for their boards. It includes some recently floated companies so this practice needs to be challenged.

New CEOs who embrace write-offs
Here is a list of 19 Australian companies that have allowed a new CEO to take the helm and wield the axe on balance sheet values.

Links to reports on how super funds vote
The idea here was to eventually provide a global list of major funds that disclose their proxy voting, complete with links, in order to pressure the stragglers in Australia such as AFIC to lift their game. We've only got 6 Aussie super funds so far. There is rarely media coverage on these interesting disclosures.

Director profiles of industry fund boards
This list seeks to profile the directors of Australia's 42 industry superannuation fund boards, which still have few independents and are dominated by unions and employer representatives. We've got a few more to add yet.

Tenure limits in place with boards and leaders
This list looks at tenure limits, binding and advisory, that apply to leaders in various institutions. Needs work but is an interesting concept which should be more widely applied. Australian politics has no tenure limits at any level.

Murdoch family executive pay since 1998-99
This list tracks executive pay at News Corp since 1998-99 and 21st Century Fox since it was demerged in 2012. Remarkably the Murdoch men are up to $US606 million over the past 18 years. Worth maintaining.

What happens to directors in takeovers
This list tracks the so-called social issues at board level when public companies merge or are taken over. Interesting concept which no-one else has done but lots of work to complete. A very important issue in any form of institutional merger or takeover. Big job ahead to finish this list.

Voting support for non-independent executive chairs
This list tracks the voting support that non-independent executive chairs of ASX100 companies over the past 15 years. For all the talk of wanting independent chairs, this shows that shareholders rarely vote against chairs.

History of protest votes at News Corp an 21st Century Fox
Here are links to key documents and reports tracking the history of protest votes at News Corp. There have been heaps and this is worth maintaining until Rupert's dreadful governance is fixed.

The great power industry shuffle
This master-list tracks energy sector deals, including major privatisations, since 1992, including the investment bankers who advised on some of the deals.

The great privatisation list
Here is a list of privatisation deals in Australia over the past 20 years. Very comprehensive and interesting but needs an update for the past two years.

$100 million loss club - biggest to smallest
This list tracks all annual losses exceeding $100 million by ASX listed companies over the past 30 years. Needs an update for the past 3 years.

The $100m loss club up until 2011-12
Amazing how many public companies have lost more than $100 million in a single year and there are at least 20 more entries to come with the next update.

Tracking big bank bad debt provisions
This lists tracks how Big Four bank bad debt provisions have risen from their lows during the great credit bubble, reached peaks in 2009 and then tumbled again. Needs updating for past few years.

The biggest votes against remuneration reports
This list tracks against votes of more than 20% on remuneration reports since the non-binding vote was introduced in 2005. Needs an update.

Former pollies on ASX-listed boards
This list tracks the former Australian politicians who have served on public company boards. Needs an update.

Tracking frozen funds in Australasia
This list tracks the avalanche of Australasian investment funds that either collapsed or suspended redemptions due to the global financial crisis. Should research how each situation resolved itself.

The 2008-09 $100m loss club - a chronology
The 2008-09 reporting season was the worst we've ever seen. Here's a chronological list of how the 53 losses above $100 million were rolled out.

Chronological run down of worst day of losses in history
Here is the chronological version of the losses revealed by ASX-listed companies on Friday, February 27, 2009, the very last day of the worst profit reporting season in history.

2010 last day losses
Here is a reverse chronological list of how the deluge of last day results unfolded in 2010.

Tracking the last day results announcements
All earnings results released on August 31, 2009, the last day of the 2008-09 profit reporting season.

Breaches of continuous disclosure provisions
This brief list tracks ASIC interventions and successful class actions related to breaches of continuous disclosure laws.

Claimed assets of companies at time of collapse
This list tracks the claimed balance sheet values of companies at the time they collapsed and names the auditor who was involved.

Top Australians in global business
Current and former position holders of the most successful Australian executives and directors in business on the world stage. Needs an update and worth doing.

Hostile EGMs and resolutions called in Australia
Here is a list of the hostile EGMs and resolutions that have been called by shareholders of ASX-listed companies over the past 20 years. Needs an update.

The biggest share tanks in history
Here is a list of some of the biggest share price tanks in recent Australian history that were triggered by an announcement.

What happens to ousted CEOs
Australia's directors club is dominated by former CEOs as this list demonstrates but gaining entry always depends on the circumstances of your exit. Here is a list that tracks what happens to CEOs who were forced out in awkward circumstances.

Biggest golden parachutes in corporate Australia
Here is list of 50 excessive CEO payouts between 1990 and 2010 in Australia.

When 100 signatures gathered for S249P statement
If 100 shareholders sign up, a company must distribute up to 1000 words on an issue to all shareholders in an Australian public company under s249P of the Corporations Act. The ASA has used this more than anyone but not for a decade.

Rating expat CEOs of Australian companies
Here is a list looking at the records of expat CEOs brought in to run Australian companies.

How chairs and CEOs depart in quick succession
Chairs and CEOs of troubled companies tend to depart in quick succession, as this list demonstrates.

Former Aussie CEOs who join the director's club
The most common background of Australian non-executive directors is that of former CEOs of ASX-listed companies. This list tracks some prominent examples.

Sports-linked business flops
When a business develops an association with a sports franchise, inevitably it seems to lead to trouble.

CEOs with board seats elsewhere
A list of CEO board seats at outside companies, past and present.

Australia's longest serving non-executive directors
Ever wondered who our longest serving executive and non-executive directors are?

The out of town chairs whose companies struggle
The Mayne Report has long had a theory that trouble is more likely to hit public companies which have a chairman who lives in a different city from the head office and CEO.

Conflicted service providers who've sat on boards
The corporate governance juggernaut has led to the phasing out of the old system of conflicted service providers sitting on the boards of our public companies but as this list shows, there are still a few prominent examples that are tolerated.

Do former Coalition ministers perform well on boards?
Any suggestion that former Howard Government Ministers are competent economic managers is questioned by this list of share price performance. Whilst Tim Fischer, Ian McLachlan and John Sharp have delivered in the regional and agricultural space, there's not much else to celebrate.

How the NRMA broke director number records
Here is a list of almost 70 people who have sat on the well worn seats of the NRMA board since 1992. Thankfully, it has settled down in recent years.

Departures which sent the share price plummeting
Comings and goings of directors and executives at public companies can often cause sharp share price movements. This looks at departures which sent the price diving.

Departures which sent the share price soaring
Comings and goings of directors and executives at public companies can often cause sharp share price movements. This list tracks corporate departures which sent the share price soaring.

History of independents standing for the senate
This list tracks the history of independents standing for the Senate.

Tracking individual BRW Billionaires since 2008
This list tracks the progress of the 38 individual billionaires identified by BRW Magazine in 2008 against their valuations in the following years. Only a small editing job to add the last 6 years. Not.

Ranking corporate Twitter followers in Jan 2016
Here is a list of 100 corporate-related twitter accounts largely focused on Australia and tracking the number of followers as at January 15, 2016.

Delayed or abandoned Resources Projects
As companies feel the grip of the financial crisis, some projected or current resource projects have either been delayed, abandoned or the companies responsible are in administration. This out of date list tracked some of them.

Private equity deals in Australia
This list tracks private equity investment returns in the Australian market.

Tracking the fallen Rich Listers
A good concept but obviously needs to be expanded beyond 10 names.

Public private partnerships in Australia
A worthwhile concept but needs updating.

Mayne Report Lists related to share trading and capital raisings

Owning the world's biggest small share portfolio naturally helped generate plenty of material to satisfy our list obsession. Here are a few of them.

Revealed: world's biggest small portfolio
Our "world's biggest small share portfolio" with spreadsheets.

Capital raising plays since January 2009
A full list of the circa 300k that was made over the past 8 years playing the margins of capital raising offers courtesy of owning the world's biggest small share portfolio.

Links to 9 years worth of articles about how retail investors get ripped off in capital raisings
Clearly, we've been banging on about this issue for a while.

All our share transactions in 2011

All our share transactions in 2010

All our share transactions in 2009

All share transactions in 2008

All our share transactions in 2007

The 368 stocks we bought in 2007

The stocks we bought in 2006

The 60 stocks we bought in 2005

Companies worth $10m+ I didn't own in 2010
A list of the listed companies on the ASX in 2010 that had a market capitalisation above $10 million and weren't in the world's biggest small share portfolio.

Takeovers we've accepted since 2005
Here is an incomplete list of takeover bids we've accepted or been forced to accept since we started building the world's biggest small share portfolio in 2005. We'll add the recent takeover details some time soonish. Maybe.

Tracking major capital raisings
This list examines the size and timing of major equity market capital raisings since the beginning of 2008. Needs an update.

Companies which did pro-rata entitlement offers
Major Australian companies which raised capital since January 2008 exclusively through pro-rata entitlement offers that treated shareholders equally. PAITREOs of late yet to be added.

Tracking the outcome of PAITREOs
The fairest way to raise capital.

The SPP shame file since 2007
Companies since the beginning of 2007 which did cosy placements with big institutions but then treated shareholders differently.

Shares retained in collapsed companies
Here is a list of public companies that I've had the unfortunate experience of being on the share register when they've collapsed or gone into administration.


Biggest protest votes in 2015
This list tracks the biggest and most interesting protest votes at ASX-listed AGMs in calendar 2015.

Last day laggards in main 2014 AGM season
This list tracks the voting results from June 30 balance date companies which held their AGM on the last possible day, November 28, 2014. A big job which wasn't quite completed.

100+ favourite AGMs since 1999
The favourites since October 1998, complete with links to stories written at the time and any relevant media coverage.

AGMs we've asked questions at since 1998
Needs to be updated for the last 6 years.

Examples of lively AGM exchanges
Audio of some interesting exchanges from public company AGMs.

Our favourite AGM audio exchanges
Below is a package of favourite AGM highlights since we launched The Mayne Report in 2007. They are largely snappy 2-3 minute affairs and well worth a listen.

Companies which clarify rem ahead of AGM vote
This list looks at companies which put out an ASX announcement clarifying an aspect of their remuneration arrangements shortly before an AGM, usually at the prompting of proxy advisers or major institutional investors.

Great AGM sledges and response to our questions
Here are a few of our favourite sledges from AGMs and elsewhere over the past 15 years.

Companies we've had multiple AGM battles with
We've put together this package of companies where we have had more than three encounters over the years. News Corp and Macquarie are the most engaged.

Questions on capital raising fairness at AGMs
Amidst the biggest deluge of capital raisings in Australian corporate history, we raised serious questions about the fairness of the system at AGMs.

Getting auditors to speak at AGMs
A compilation of audio files from various AGMs over the years where auditors have been asked to comment on the accounts.

2009: 43 AGMs attended
Here is a list of the 43 AGMs we attended in 2009, plus links to the reports and audio where available.

2008: a record 66 AGMs attended
Here is a list of the record 66 AGMs we attended in 2008, plus links to the reports and audio where available.

2007: a record 53 AGMs attended

Ranking the top 50 on webcasting AGM archives
Here is an attempt to rank the 50 largest Australian companies for the quality and completeness of their AGM webcasting and archiving in 2010. They are ranked from best to worst. This is one ASA could run with down the track.

AGMs attended but said nothing at
With the world's biggest small portfolio and the luxury of our own publication, there is no problem speaking at AGMs these days. However, as a regular reporter for mainstream newspapers and someone who at time couldn't afford to own stocks, there were also plenty which I attended but didn't ask questions at. Here is a list of 30 of them.

AGM transcripts provided by companies
We requested AGM transcripts a few years back which produced 20.

Status report on company co-operation with supplying AGM archives
Done a few years back, but interesting to see which were the helpful companies.

Lists related to contested elections

Comprehensive package on 48 unsuccessful public company board tilts
Who else can claim they've had more than $400b worth of stock voted against them?

Complete electoral record
Having participated in more contested elections than any other Australian, here is a brief summary of the complete record across the public company and political space.

Ranking the Independent Senate Votes in 2010
This was an attempt to justice a woeful vote in 2010. It ranked from highest percentage of votes received to lowest of all 41 independents that ran for the senate in the 2010 federal election.

The 20 most biased ballot papers we've faced in corporate elections
Is it time for ASIC to take over the running of contested corporate elections? This list would suggest so.

Naming and shaming the platform censors
Here is a list of companies which have censored my submitted platform during a contested board election since 2000.

Selected public company campaign speeches
Links to the audio or transcripts from various campaign speeches during tilts at various public company boards.

List of board tilts where didn't show up
Having participated in more contested public company elections than any other Australian, this was always going to happen. Here is a brief summary of his electoral record when there was a no show at the AGM.

Lists related to 2016 Menzies campaign

Taking on Kevin Andrews in Menzies in 2016 was the first proper campaign with some serious funding that I'd run. We also produced a few lists along the way.

Key links to materials from Menzies campaign

Disclosing spending on the Menzies campaign
In keeping with running a transparent campaign, here is what we spent our $55,000 on putting a solid dent in Kevin Andrews' primary vote.

How we went in Menzies booth by booth

Media coverage during Menzies campaign

Menzies donations: chronology and disclosure
A chronology of 125 donations totalling $38,540 received for the campaign against Kevin Andrews in Menzies. We included full names where the donor agreed.

Voting history in Menzies for Kevin Andrews
Links to the AEC website tracking the last 6 results in Menzies.

Full history of Liberal Party support
A rebuttal of Liberal Party President Michael Kroger who claimed I was no "true liberal".

Lists tracking media engagements

We've been quite the media tart over the years and here are some lists tracking multiple appearances with the same outlet.

Tracking more than 400 speeches over the years

More than 50 Lateline and Lateline Business appearances

Audio of 120 chats with Lindy Burns on 774 ABC Melbourne

3 engagements with A Current Affair

6 engagements with Today Tonight

City of Manningham press coverage

More than 200 chats on RRR

More than 100 appearances on ABC Television

Audio of 38 chats on ABC Sydney with Virginia Trioli and Deborah Cameron

Audio of 10 chats with Tim Cox on ABC Tassie

Audio of 8 interviews on 2UE

Links to 8 pieces in The FT's Alphaville blog

Audio of 26 chats with Mike Smith on 4BC

25 press articles on shareholder activism work

10 contributions to The Reader in 2005 before it was closed

12 engagements with Radio National's The National Interest

Links to Crikey stories since 2005

Since Crikey was sold in March 2005, more than 1600 freelance contributions have been published by Australia's best known and longest running independent ezine as follows:

2017: 2 stories
2016: 62 stories
2015: 108 stories
2014: 51 stories
2013: 19 stories
2012: 56 stories
2011: 71 stories
2010: 64 stories
2009: 50 stories
2008: 264 stories
2007: 354 stories
2006: 295 stories
2005: 257 stories

Links to Mayne Report editions

And here is an annual breakdown to the 350-plus Mayne Report email editions over the past decade:

2016 - 32 editions but majority didn't go to full list

2015 - 8 editions

2014 - 8 editions focused on back half of the year post ASA gig

2013 - 10 editions

2012 - only 9 editions given council and ASA commitments

2011 - 21 editions but slowed down after elected to ASA board in May

2010 - 39 editions and last year with paid staff

2009 - 40 editions but was slowed down by Manningham council

2008 - 172 editions in our first and best full year of operation as the GFC hit and before we got overloaded at Manningham

2007 - 15 editions


Well done if you managed to get all the way to the bottom of this enormous Australia Day missive. It will all make more sense on Monday.

That's all for now.

Do ya best, Stephen Mayne

* The Mayne Report was an email newsletter and website which promoted transparency and good governance in the corporate, political and media worlds. It was published by Stephen Mayne, the founder of Crikey.com, shareholder advocate, ASA director and former City of Melbourne councillor. To unsubscribe from this email list, click here.