PDFs of materials in Menzies campaign

May 7, 2020

Here are links to PDFs of key documents and materials in the Menzies campaign.

How to vote cards

Banned How To Vote card due to authorisation on rear only

AEC approved how to vote card from early voting resurrected late on polling day

Early HTV which AEC requested to be changed with removal of "Liberal"

Coverage and advertising in The Manningham Leader

May 30 edition - page 5 lead summarising candidates

June 27 edition of The Manningham Leader - full page ad on page 4

June 20 Doncaster Rail page 11 lead

June 20 full page Kevin ad on page 14

June 20 Julie Pastore letter about Kevin

June 13 edition of The Manningham Leader - full page ad on page 20

June 13 letter page - attack and Guy du Blet

June 20 edition of Fairfax's Melbourne Weekly Eastern - full page ad on page 4

June 6 edition of The Manningham Leader - full page ad on page 20

June 6 page 3 lead on Doncaster Rail

June 6 Stephen O'Brien letter, plus Westfield letters

A bad day for Kevin in The Manningham Leader

Kevin Andrews take out p4 of Manningham Leader on June 13

May 9 letter from sacked Andrews staffer attacking Jennifer Yang

Kevin's flyers and other materials

Kevin's letter accompanying postal vote application form

Kevin's letter to newly enrolled voters

Kevin's taxpayer funded survey for newly enrolled Menzies voters

Kevin's flyer with picture of PM photo-shopped

Kevin's submission to the AEC after the election

Stephen Mayne flyers and other materials

Mayne flyer about Westfield's expansion plans

Mayne Templestowe Probus Club flyer

Half of first flyer distributed to Menzies households

Second ad in The Warrandyte Diary

Other PDFs relevant to Menzies

Michael Sukhar's lavish election promises in marginal Deakin

Audio message 53 seconds

Malcolm Turnbull letter to Warringah voters

Malcolm Turnbull letter to Menzies voters

Letter from AEC about public funding

Picture of "Fake Liberal" corflute with some Kevin campaign team amendments

Reachtel poll of Menzies showing strong Turnbull support and concern about pokies donations