Disclosing spending on the Menzies campaign

December 15, 2019

In keeping with running a transparent campaign, here is what we spent our $55,000 on putting a solid dent in Kevin Andrews' primary vote.

$15,000 on 3 full page ads in The Manningham Leader

June 6 edition on page 20

June 13 edition on page 20

June 27 edition on page 4

$4902.28: first electorate wide flyer distributed on June 14-15

$4,876.42: second electorate wide flyer to distributed on June 28-29

$4,605.92: Melbourne Weekly - full page ad on page 4

$4000 on salary of volunteer co-ordinator which also covered some incidentals

$3300 for automated telephone messages

$2387: How to vote cards: $1452 for first 40,000 and $935 for additional 20,000

$1683: T-shirts: $945 for first 100 and $738 for second 80

$1650: two ads in The Warrandyte Diary - version 1 and version 2

$1000: payment to campaign consultant

$995: payment to cameraman for candidates forum and work on Daisy video

$914: 200 “Fake Liberal” corflutes

$914: 200 “true liberal” corflutes

$1200: Templestowe RSL event on Thursday before election

$1200: payment to bowls club for hire and drinks

$500 on stamps for letters to female voters

$500 to freelance writer

$400 for Wonga Park candidates forum and general assistance

$350: freelancer for design and video work

$400 for two paid booth workers on election day

$500 for top booth worker at early voting

$600: Ink for home printer:

$300: petrol

$200: Taxis for booth workers

$420: IT consultancy

$1000: extra Maria salary

$500: cost of additional emailing

$600: Facebook boosting

A question for Foxtel & Sky News chair and Lachlan Murdoch fixer Siobhan McKenna at Monday's @Woolworths
AGM: "You were paid $420,000 by TEN's shareholders to serve on the board from June 2012 until March 2017. Over that period, why didn't you buy a single share in the company?