How we went in Menzies booth by booth

January 26, 2019

The AEC ordered a ban on our how to vote cards at about 3pm on polling day. Here is an attempt to explain what happened after that.

1. Templestowe Uniting Church: 210 votes or 14.5% with an 11.42% swing against Kevin.

James all day with relief from Sally (12.30-1.15pm) and Matt (3pm-4pm). Church provided barbecue. Dropped in with coffee 8.45am. Missed less than half an hour of cards due to quick replacement delivery courtesy of Matt, plus Edward. See this package of volunteer encounters.

2. Templestowe Heights Primary: 341 votes or 10.1% with a 10.35% swing against Kevin.

Biggest booth and best staffed for the day with Philip 8am-2pm, Doug 8am-noon, Sam 10am-2pm, Matthew 10am-11am, Dawn 12-2pm, Kathy 3-6pm, Paula 2pm-6pm and Ed helping out late in the day. Barbecue provided and only brief period with out service of how to vote cards. Liberal booth worker lodged formal complaint late morning claiming Doug was being too enthusiastic.

3. Milgate (Our Lady of the Pines): 170 votes or 10.02% with 8.96% swing against Kevin.

Matt and Cath 8am-11am, Donna 11am-1pm, Peter 12-2pm, Alan 2pm-6pm, missed about 45 minutes collecting new cards from HQ plus PJ dropped in an extra 100 so fully serviced until 6pm. Barbecue provided but no coffee available. Long queue in morning so only needed one worker.

4. Templestowe Valley Primary: 140 votes or 9.97% with 11.14% swing against Kevin.

John and Andrew 8am-12, Alice, Alessia and David 12-6pm. Booted off at 3.30pm but re-stocked within the hour despite ongoing AEC and Liberal booth worker interference and went until finish.

5. Wonga Park Primary: 128 votes or 9.79% with 9.39% swing against Kevin.

Doug and Rosemary 8am-6pm. Rosemary went to Blackburn Language School from 10am-12.30pm. Doug headed to Park Orchards at 1.30pm then closed Manningham Uniting Church. School ran barbecue. Warned off at 3.30pm including removal of t-shirts and corflutes on school grounds. Only told was "illegal" with no explanation. Rosemary sent home but was back with new cards from 4.15pm so only missed 45 minutes.

6. Gumnut Gully (Manningham Uniting Church): 121 votes or 9.54% with 8.47% swing against Kevin.

Veronika 8-11am, Ron 11am-3pm, Stephen 2pm-3pm, Doug finished 3.30pm-6pm. Barbecue ran into the afternoon. No interruption with the old cards. Might have been due to it being briefly unattended 3pm-3.30pm. Needs two workers when busy as come from car park below and street above.

7. Warrandyte Primary: 160 votes or 9.22% with 7.43% swing against Kevin.

Peter 8am-11am, Diana and Ian 11-3pm, Chris 3-5pm, Peter 5-6pm. Barbie and coffee early but all done by 3pm. Shut down about 4pm and Chris departed at 5pm. Peter returned with new cards for last 50 minutes. Only needed one worker.

8. East Doncaster early voting (Manningham Uniting Church): 896 votes or 9.1% with 10.2% swing against Kevin.

Various volunteers across the 15 days with Len working most days, plus the family putting in many hours.

9. Manningham (St Gregorys): 101 votes or 8.73% with 10.04% swing against Kevin.

Sally 8am-11am, Ann 11-2pm, Sandy 2-4pm then called off. Ann scheduled for 4-6pm and stayed to end with grand-daughter but no cards, talking to voters. Barbie, coffee and cake stall. No disabled access and queues took up to an hour. Not a well run booth. See this package of volunteer encounters.

10. Bulleen Heights Primary (Manningham Rd): 128 votes or 8.43% with 8.11% swing against Kevin.

Matt 8am-11pm, Lyn 11am-2pm, Ian and 2 kids 2-4pm, Rose 4-6pm. Rose picked up some replacement cards from HQ so only missed about an hour. AEC official didn't give a reason for ban at 4.30pm and also prohibited later recycling from the bin. Booth workers were fine. Can be covered by one person. See Matt's account in this package of volunteer encounters.

11. Onemda (East Doncaster): 129 votes or 8.33% with 11.77% swing against Kevin.

Len 8-11am, Rob and Chris 11am-3pm with Jo assisting from 3-6pm. Didn't miss many HTVs with Jo writing on front of cards plus some extra deliveries. See Rob's account in this package of volunteer encounters.

12. Park Orchards: 122 votes or 7.85% and 7.4% swing against Kevin.

Peter 8am-noon, Stephen 1-1.30pm, Doug 1.30pm-3pm, Dawn 3-4pm. Dawn texted at 3.44pm to say told HTVs were "illegal" and departed at that point.

13. Warranwood Primary: 182 votes or 8.11% with 7.82% swing against Kevin.

Paula and Claire 8am-11am, Diana 11am-3pm, Stephen 12.30pm-1pm, John M 3-6pm. Barbecue provided. Long line meant one worker could cover. John wasn't warned off but departed at 5pm as numbers dwindled after reading email about problem with HTVs.

14. Yarraleen (St Clements Primary): 159 votes or 7.7% with 8.65% swing against Kevin.

James 8am-12.30pm, Paula 12.30pm-2pm, Marisa and family 2pm-5.45pm. Missed 45 minutes, Rohan replenished and Marisa also printed some more from home.

15. Bulleen Heights Primary (Pleasant Rd): 161 votes or 7.68% with 8.98% vote against Kevin.

Adam 8-10am, Margaret and Max 10am-1.30pm, Rob and Helen 1.30pm-6pm.

16. Greythorn Bowling Club (Doncaster West): 42 votes or 7.58% with a 7.22% swing against Kevin.

Paul all day and see his account of what happened in this package of volunteer encounters.

17. Templestowe Park Primary: 128 votes or 7.54% with a 5.9% swing against Kevin.

Alice and friends 8am-11am, Jacinta 11am-2pm, John 2pm-4pm then warned off and departed.

18. Doncaster Gardens Primary: 94 votes or 7.4% with 7.05% swing against Kevin.

Laura all day with Grace, Regan, Maddi and Tristy until 3.30pm when warned off. Laura and Tristy stayed until 5pm pointing to pile of flyers on the ground. Greens brought food for everyone.

19. Serpell Primary School: 183 votes or 7.26% with 8.28% swing against Kevin.

Mark, Ella and Mitch 8-11.30am, Kate 11am-6pm, Len 12-4pm, Alastair 4-6pm, Martin and Ed also assisting. Very disappointing that the biggest primary school Menzies failed to provide a barbecue or coffees. HTV ban not applied effectively.

20. Donburn Primary: 79 votes or 7.02% with 7.55% swing against Kevin.

John all day. Changed entry just before start and no disability access. Rohan gave John a break and replenished cards around noon. Warned off at 4pm and then sent home at 4.30pm. Good barbie ran until 4pm. No grief from Libs.

21. Tunstall (Donvale Primary): 88 votes or 6.65% with 8.25% swing against Kevin.

Penny all day apart from 1 hour relief from Paula around noon. Advised by ALP at 3.30pm but not called off until 4.30pm. Liberals had paid Indian booth workers.

22. Doncaster South (Birralee Primary): 70 votes or 6.56% with 6.6% swing against Kevin.

Diana 9am-10am, Charles 10am-noon, John K 12-3pm, Julian 3-4pm then called off. One person booth.

23. Doncaster Heights (St Peters and Pauls Primary): 89 votes or 6.52% with 7.52% swing.

Tim and cousin 8-11am, Tim alone until 2pm then Julie from 2-5pm.

24. Doncaster Secondary College: 122 votes or 5.92% with 5.84% swing against Kevin.

Lisa 8-11am, Linda and John 11-3.30pm, Lisa 3.30pm-6pm. Big queues which could be worked but needed two people as entry and exit was through same door. Lost about 40 minutes with AEC intervention as Rohan made two deliveries of new cards. Dance school ran a limited barbecue from 11am-3pm which the school should have run. Libs lodged complaint around midday and were narkey for most of the afternoon after a peaceful morning.

25. East Doncaster Secondary College: 132 votes or 5.76% with 8.9% swing against Kevin.

Julian and Eliza 8am-11am, Whitehead family 11am-6pm, Nicholas 3-5pm. Barbie ran until mid-afternoon and queues were quite long. Replenished with new cards from Rohan after 3.30pm intervention so carried through until stumps and missed less than an hour.

26. Whitefriars College (Donvale): 48 votes or 5.66% with 5.54% swing against Kevin.

Veronika did midday until 3pm and was bullied by Liberal blokes. Same with Sally who arrived after AEC intervention and pulled out before 5pm.

27. Ringwood North Primary: 74 votes or 5.57% with 4.13% swing against Kevin.

Andrew 8am-11am, Justin 11am-3pm, Tim 3pm-6pm. Dropped in more HTVs at midday before heading to Warranwood. Tim contest AEC advice, demanding evidence in writing. Also hand wrote on cards so lost very little time.

28. Heidelberg early voting in Jagajaga (Scots Church, didn't hand out): 55 votes of 4.75% with 1.86% swing against Kevin.

No coverage but polled better than other abutting seats as voters came from Bulleen and Templestowe areas.

29. Beverley Hills Primary: 78 votes or 4.64% with 7.11% swing against Kevin.

Kim handed out all day with Sally providing a break around noon. All booth workers were fine, save for someone handing out an anti Safe Schools flyer. Two entrances so needed second volunteer. Shut down by AEC around 4pm so un-manned for last two hours. Good barbecue provided.

30. Doncaster Church of Christ: 63 votes or 4.14% votes with 6.95% swing against Kevin.

Joanna 8am-10am, Lillian and Bertha 10am-5,45pm. AEC official arrived in car at 3.30pm to advise illegal. Told to put box under table. Diana replenished supplies so only missed about 45 minutes and departed at 5.45pm.

31. Yarra Road Primary: 66 votes or 3.88% with 6.54% swing against Kevin.

Paul and Josh 8am-11am, Joanna 11am-5pm. Called at 3.57pm to say had been warned off. Three Liberal booth workers a little unfriendly.

32. Ringwood Bowls Club (early voting in Deakin): 124 votes or 3.63% with 6.77% swing against Kevin.

Doug and Rosemary covered for much of the last week of early voting.

33. Box Hill Town Hill early voting (Chisholm, didn't hand out): 43 votes or 3.32% with 2.43% swing against Kevin.

No coverage.

34. Croydon Hills Primary: 64 votes or 2.98% with 2.85% swing against Kevin.

Leo 8-11am, Jan 11am-2pm, Leo 2-3.44pm when texted to say had been ordered off. Jan returned at 4pm and they both departed by 4.15pm. Barbecue provided and could be covered by one volunteer. Younger Libs were skiting as we exited but Leo told them was a "hollow victory".

35. Croydon North (Blackburn Language School): 26 votes or 2.9% with 1.17% swing against Kevin.

Rosemary covered for about 3 hours in the morning.