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2013 Mayne Report diary

January 2, 2016

Here is the diary from 2013.

Monday, December 23: sent this end of year email edition of The Mayne Report.

Friday, December 20:
last day at the local primary school for our two girls. Bit sad.

Thursday, December 19:
busy day on ASA and AGM season matters.

Wednesday, December 18: in Sydney for Ten AGM plus ASA meetings.

Tuesday, December 17: final City of Melbourne council meeting for the year.

Monday, December 16: finished editing ASA magazine, then lengthy phone hook-up with ASA monitoring chairs.

Friday, December 13:
represented ASA at Westpac AGM.

Thursday, December 12:
wrote this Crikey story on Virgin, plus this ASA press release.

Wednesday, December 11: council briefings, AGM report processing and then attended RACV President's dinner.

Tuesday, December 10:
council briefings, speech to international CEOs, Future Melbourne Committee on East West Link.

Monday, December 9: interview on ABC Brisbane about Qantas/Holden situation.

Saturday, December 7: Laura's dance concert and lots of ASA AGM processing.

Friday, December 6: full day on market and ASA issues, interview on ABC Newsradio about floats.

Thursday, December 5: finance portfolio meeting at Council, plus ABC and SBS live TV interview on Qantas troubles.

Wednesday, December 4:
ASA monitoring meeting in morning, then planning portfolio meeting and attended Inside Business farewell party in evening.

Tuesday, December 3: ASA board meeting in Sydney, speech at ASA Christmas lunch then evening council meeting.

Sunday, December 1:
attended Aung San Suu Kyi speech in Dandenong.

Friday, November 29: last day of AGM season, attended lighting of Christmas tree in City Square.

Thursday, November 28: attended AGM of Seek.

Wednesday, November 27: AGM season, Takeovers Panel work and regular planning meeting at council.

Tuesday, November 26: attended Future Melbourne Committee meeting.

Friday, November 22: lodged Takeovers Panel application regarding Virgin capital raising. See media release. Commented on David Jones strike.

Thursday, November 21: long hours working on Takeovers Panel application after Virgin made this announcement.

Wednesday, November 20: in Brisbane for Virgin Australia AGM.

Tuesday, November 19: spoke at ASA Christmas lunch then public committee meeting at council.

Monday, November 18: another day in AGM season paradise.

Saturday, November 16: kids basketball, ASA work then attended The Melbourne Awards. See story on winner.

Friday, November 15:
AGM season work in morning, then 3 hour Melbourne audit committee in afternoon.

Thursday, November 14: attended Sims Group AGM, CoM finance portfolio meeting and meeting with City of Yarra heavyweights.

Wednesday, November 13: attended Computershare and REA Group AGMs, then regular planning meeting with state govt.

Tuesday, November 12: full day at Town Hall, finishing with public committee meeting.

Monday, November 11: meeting with ASA's NSW monitoring group, plus attended City of Sydney finance committee.

Friday, November 8: exposed by the Murdoch press as a moonlighting activist on the public teat.

Thursday, November 7: Sydney bus tour with councillors, then attended Fairfax AGM, ASA office and VLGA AGM in Melbourne.

Wednesday, November 6: loooong day of briefings with City of Sydney. Sat next to Clover at evening dinner.

Tuesday, November 5: went to the Cup and even backed Fiorente.

Monday, November 4: Melbourne Cup parade and ASA meetings.

Sunday, November 3: distributed press release on the 6 chairs ASA believes should go.

Saturday, November 2: morning of ASA work then attended Derby in the afternoon.

Friday, November 1:
AGM season work and chaired 100 minute phone hook up of ASA state monitoring chairs.

Thursday, October 31: AGM season, then attended Knowledge Week session on making of King Kong.

Wednesday, October 30: missed planning portfolio meeting and Crown AGM, full day prosecuting ASA's AGM season.

Tuesday, October 29: council briefings, then public council meeting in evening and dinner for anniversary of new council.

Monday, October 28: AGM season.

Sunday , October 27: visit to RACV Torquay and appeared on Inside Business.

Saturday, October 26:
Paula away, busy day ferrying the kids to sport then afternoon/evening of ASA work.

Friday, October 25: attended MAV state council, Carsales AGM plus recorded Inside Business and interview with Sky Business.

Thursday, October 24: listened to Newcrest AGM webcast, plus participated in shareholder class actions symposium.

Wednesday, October 23:
attended AGL AGM, plus meetings at council.

Tuesday, October 22: attended Southern Cross Media AGM and 4 meetings at Town Hall.

Monday, October 21: in Sydney for the day on ASA business.

Sunday, October 20:
opening match of tennis season for the kids.

Saturday, October 19:
kids basketball, school Art Fare, Rotary dinner speech and plenty of Murdoch tweeting.

Friday, October 18:
day in the ASA's Sydney office.

Thursday, October 17: attended AGM of Melbourne Convention Bureau then in Sydney for launch of Onmarket Bookbuilds.

Wednesday, October 16:
AGM season processing, then afternoon council meetings.

Tuesday, October 15: 4 meetings at council, panel discussion with Paddy Manning at super conference and long evening of ASA work.

Monday, October 14:
long day of ASA war gaming after slept in and missed flight to Sydney.

Saturday, October 12:
crook, lost 24 hours of AGM season when could least afford it..

Friday, October 11: long day on ASA matters.

Thursday, October 10: long day on ASA matters.

Wednesday, October 9: received 16.4% support in AFIC board tilt, see this write-up.

Tuesday, October 8: attended East West Link public meeting then City of Melbourne committee meeting.

Sunday, October 6: arrived home after busy 22 day trip to Europe with the family.

Saturday, October 5: News Ltd article about City of Melbourne supporting Princes Bridge bike lane.

Tuesday, September 25: ASX AGM and public council meeting.

Monday, September 16: continuing to build this list tracking all AGM dates and cities over the main season. Would love your help.

Saturday, September 14: City of Melbourne's top 20 property valuations released. See story in The Australian.

Thursday, September 12: council governance meeting on media protocols and expenses.

Wednesday, September 11: busy day with ASA, plus council planning meeting.

Tuesday, September 10:
full day at council, concluding with lengthy council meeting in the evening.

Monday, September 9: in Sydney at ASA office and meeting with NSW company monitors.

Saturday, September 7: election day, first state or federal contest missed since 2004.

Friday, September 6: Age/SMH story on Newcrest.

Thursday, September 5: story in The Australian on executive pay, The Business on Newcrest, Mayne Report email edition and Melbourne Conversations debate on "Rupert".

Wednesday, September 4: attended MAV governance conference at Sofitel.

Tuesday, September 3: attended 35th anniversary celebration of the Melbourne-Osaka sister city relationship, plus commented on ABC radio about Get-up's Murdoch ads.

Monday, September 2: comment piece on Murdoch-Rudd for The Guardian, Finance portfolio meeting at City of Melbourne.

Saturday, August 31: attended David Williamson's play, Rupert.

Friday, August 30: in Brisbane for ASA monitor training.

Thursday, August 29: in Brisbane for ASA board meeting. AFIC released notice of meeting revealing board tilt.

Tuesday, August 27: bus tour around East West Link sites then public council meeting.

Monday, August 26: in Perth for training of ASA company monitors.

Sunday, August 25:
released ASA press release on governance reforms plus sent email edition of Mayne Report.

Friday, August 23:
lots of media on light John Gay punishment, plus commented on excessive BHP bonus payments.

Thursday, August 22: ASA monitor training in Adelaide, then up to Barossa for a speech.

Wednesday, August 21:
interview with Fran Kelly on Abbott's $1.6 billion franking credits slug, Crikey story on same.

Tuesday, August 20:
council briefing on East West tunnel, AFR story on CBA pay, Guardian story on Coalition's franking credits hit.

Monday, August 19: full day of ASA monitor training in Melbourne, Mayne Report email edition.

Sunday, August 18:
released this press release as ASA launched major policy discussion paper.

Saturday, August 17: saw the Tigers go down to Carlton.

Friday, August 16:
attended Victorian Senate draw then 4 hour Melbourne audit committee.

Thursday, August 15: missed deadline for candidate nominations for Federal election.

Wednesday, August 14: appeared in Today Tonight story on executive fat cats.

Tuesday, August 13: City of Melbourne committee meeting. Minutes and audio here.

Monday, August 12:
in Sydney for training of 25 ASA monitors from NSW and ACT.

Saturday, August 10: long day of ASA research and preparation.

Friday, August 9:
interviews on ABC Melbourne, ABC Sydney, ABC News24, Lateline and 7pm TV news about Kim Williams departure from News Corp.

Thursday, August 8:
story in The Age on bike paths and shock jocks.

Wednesday, August 7:
ASA work in morning, arvo planning meeting at council, then MAV metro forum.

Tuesday, August 6: council briefing, then speech to local govt valuers and public council meeting.

Monday, August 5:
interview on ABC Tasmania about Gunns, attended Lawrence Money book launch about Amazing Aussie Bastards.

Sunday, August 4: Federal election called.

Friday, August 2:
two interviews on Sky about White Energy and bank tax.

Thursday, August 1:
ASA released this press release on ICAC findings.

Tuesday, July 30:
City of Melbourne August council meeting from 5.30pm, plus briefings in morning.

Monday, July 29:
ASA research on chairs without shares featured in The Australian.

Sunday, July 28:
Sunday Age article on conundrum of minimum apartment sizes.

Saturday, July 27: quoted for ASA in interesting AFR feature on analyst briefings.

Friday, July 26:
Crikey story on Packer vs Nicholas Moore. Regent Theatre motion now online here.

Thursday, July 25:
attended Macquarie Group AGM. Watch webcast of extensive debate.

Wednesday, July 24:
Crikey story on ugly billionaires who hate independent journalism. Speech in Ballarat.

Tuesday, July 23: turned 44. Attended interesting council briefing session with Linking Melbourne Authority.

Monday, July 22: bumper Mayne Report email edition sent out.

Sunday, July 21:
issued ASA media release on Billabong and released ASA's Macquarie Group voting intentions.

Friday, July 19:
Leadership Victoria panel at The Age on media, then attended 3 hour City of Melbourne audit committee.

Thursday, July 18: council consultation with Southbank residents, plus pre-AGM meeting with Carsales CEO and ASA evening meeting.

Wednesday, July 17: regular planning portfolio meeting at council.

Tuesday, July 16: regular Tuesday council briefing session, plus panel debate on media with corporate lawyers.

Monday, July 15: kids back at school, got plenty done.

Sunday, July 14: appeared on Inside Business with Alan Kohler.

Friday, July 12: chaired lengthy ASA phone hook-up, story in The Australian on Joe Gutnick, pre-recorded Inside Business for Sunday.

Wednesday, July 10: interviewed on ABC TV's The Drum about latest Murdoch scandals in UK.

Tuesday, July 9: attended CAMAC round table on future of the AGM in Sydney, then back to Melbourne for CoM committee meeting.

Monday, July 8: in Sydney for meeting of ASA's NSW company monitoring committee.

Friday, July 5: Crikey story on Packer casino deal, story in The Age on loss of council quorum.

Thursday, July 4: live interview on The Business about Sydney casino, plus chatted to Raph Epstein about it on 774 ABC Melbourne.

Tuesday, July 2: attended Future Melbourne Committee meeting. Listen to audio.

Sunday, June 30: appeared on RRR Party Show for end of financial year.

Saturday, June 29:
told The Australian former Centro CEO Andrew Scott should repay his excessive bonuses.

Friday, June 28: Paula's birthday - most important day of the year.

Thursday, June 27: speech to Institute of Chartered Accountants, ABC radio spot on Rudd.

Wednesday, June 26: tour of Australian Ballet School at Southbank, long session watching Canberra antics.

Tuesday, June 25:
ASA meeting with Macquarie Group, public council meeting with a full agenda including budget and 4 year plan.

Monday, June 24: Sent email edition of The Mayne Report.

Friday, June 22:
Crikey story on News Corp demerger.

Thursday, June 21:
ASA consultation meeting with Seek CEO Andrew Bassat.

Wednesday, June 20: interview on Sky Business about Newcrest, Crikey story on councils, plus watched referendum debate in Parliament.

Tuesday, June 19: all day in Canberra at ALGA conference.

Monday, June 18: all day in Canberra at ALGA conference.

Sunday, June 17: flew to Canberra for ALGA conference.

Thursday, June 13: in Sydney for ASA business.

Wednesday, June 12: quoted in ABC radio PM program story on Sydney casino battle.

Tuesday, June 11: lengthy Future Melbourne Committee meeting. Agenda and audio here.

Friday, June 7: Crikey story on Feeney's Batman battle, RN political quiz, plus meetings at council and ASA work.

Thursday, June 6: Finance portfolio meeting at council.

Wednesday, June 5: lots of ASA AGM work.

Tuesday, June 4: council meeting dominated by Arden-MacAuley debate.

Monday, June 3: Crikey story on Batman preselection battle.

Saturday, June 1: debated "art vs sport" at Williamstown Literary Festival.

Friday, May 31: long evening session wrapping up various ASA matters.

Thursday, May 30:
Crikey story on Westfield pay. Interview on 774 ABC Melbourne about political funding.

Wednesday, May 29:
missed Westfield Group AGM in Sydney due to fog.

Tuesday, May 28: monthly public council meeting in the chamber from 5.30pm. Listen to audio.

Monday, May 27: Crikey story on Murdoch backflip, attended launch of Reconciliation Week, interview with ABC Brisbane.

Sunday, May 26: appeared on Inside Business panel discussion.

Saturday, May 25: spent day at RACV Torquay Golf Club.

Friday, May 24: attended morning session of AFL local government day.

Thursday, May 23:
attended second day of Future of Local Government conference, plus Crikey story on Westfield pay deals.

Wednesday, May 22: regular planning portfolio meeting at council, plus attended Future of Local Govt conference.

Tuesday, May 21: council briefings and asked questions at Boart Longyear AGM along with ASA monitor.

Monday, May 20: attended first hour of Leighton AGM in Sydney then spent day in ASA's Chatswood office.

Sunday, May 19:
battled Greg Craven in Sunday Extra debate on local government referendum, plus send this email edition of The Mayne Report.

Friday, May 17:
pre-recorded referendum debate for RN's Sunday Extra and attended Melbourne audit committee meeting.

Thursday, May 16:
represented Melbourne at MAV state council.

Wednesday, May 15: lots of ASA mini-season report processing.

Tuesday, May 14: council briefing and Future Melbourne committee meeting. Listen here.

Monday, May 13:
lengthy governance meeting at council, plus story in The Age on "facadism".

Friday, May 10: panel discussion on developer contributions at Property Council.

Thursday, May 9: City of Melbourne budget released. Listen to debate here.

Monday-Wednesday May 6-8:
in Sydney at ASA national conference.

Friday, May 3: final briefing sessions on Melbourne's budget.

Thursday, May 2:
lengthy phone hook-up on ASA policy review.

Wednesday, May 1: council briefings and listened to Dean Paatsch speech at ASA Investor Hour.

Tuesday, April 30: council briefings and everything passed unanimously at April council meeting.

Monday, April 29: Crikey piece on News Ltd campaign against constitutional recognition.

Friday, April 26:
lodged two motions for debate at next week's council meeting.

Wednesday, April 24: regular planning portfolio meeting at Melbourne.

Tuesday, April 23: regular council briefing session plus separate discussions on budget and council plan.

Monday, April 22: sent out this bumper Mayne Report email edition.

Friday, April 19:
three hour budget session at council, plus late night working on email edition.

Thursday, April 18: more budget and governance meetings at council, plus quoted in The OZ on David Crawford.

Wednesday, April 17:
3 council meetings and discussed Lend Lease tender on audit with The Australian.

Tuesday, April 16:
AFR story on Prime Ag EGM. Budget planning day and council meeting.

Monday, April 15: in Sydney for Prime AG EGM and ASA commitments.

Sunday, April 14: very cold surf at Smith's Beach. Rode across Phillip Island with kids.

Saturday, April 13: drove back to Phillip Island.

Friday, April 12: drove back from Phillip Island for council budget session then attended Comedy Festival gig.

Thursday, April 11: ASA and council work in morning then drove to Phillip Island with kids.

Wednesday, April 10: planning portfolio meeting at council.

Tuesday, April 9: council briefing session.

Monday, April 8: busy day editing ASA's Equity magazine.

Friday, April 5: bus tour of council buildings and Herald Sun story on Fire Services Levy.

Thursday, April 4:
interview on ABC Gold Coast about Billabong situation.

Wednesday, April 3: attended regular planning meeting with senior officer from DPCD.

Tuesday, April 2: two hour council briefing session.

Monday, April 1: drove back from RACV Cobram.

Thursday, March 28: drove up to RACV Cobram for Easter break.

Wednesday, March 27: big pay protest vote at QBE Insurance AGM.

Tuesday, March 26: public council meeting. Listen to audio here.

Monday, March 25: interview on ABC Gold Coast about Billabong.

Friday, March 23: council briefings and received petition from Carl Katter.

Thursday, March 22: watched upper house Question Time then panel discussion at municipal engineers conference.

Wednesday, March 20: on panel with Tony Jones and 6 others at AIST conference in Brisbane.

Tuesday, March 19: council briefings and then a boat tour of Docklands.

Monday, March 18: attended launch of Crown's Reconciliation Action Plan, plus commented on ASIC's high frequency trading paper.

Sunday, March 17: attended F1 Grand Prix at Albert Park.

Friday, March 15: council briefings and attended Melbourne Press Club Quill Awards at Crown.

Thursday, March 14: finished editing of ASA Equity magazine.

Wednesday, March 13: speech to Gippsland branch of ASA in Traralgan.

Tuesday, March 12: council briefing on 4 year plan, plus Future Melbourne Committee meeting.

Monday, March 11: participated in remuneration forum in Perth.

Sunday, March 10: meeting in Perth with ASA's WA monitoring team.

Friday, March 8: panel discussion at big Rotary breakfast for International Women's Day.

Thursday, March 7: speech to national seniors group, panel discussion at UDIA conference at Crown, finance portfolio meeting.

Wednesday, March 6: planning meeting at Melbourne, interviewed by Lindy Burns on 774 ABC Melbourne after Ted Baillieu resigned.

Tuesday, March 5: another interview on Jon Faine about Matthew Guy, council briefings and then committee meeting.

Sunday, March 3:
Faine bunfight included in Sunday Age feature on Matthew Guy.

Friday, March 1:
scored 14 votes in MAV election, sent this report to councilors on historic gender victory.

Thursday, February 28:
Herald Sun story on skyscraper, interview with Jon Faine on planning, attended part of ASA board meeting, appeared in 7.30 story on Murdochs and Ten.

Wednesday, February 27: chaired all day meeting of ASA state company monitoring leaders.

Tuesday, February 26: council briefings and then public council meeting.

Monday, February 25:
Crikey story on Lachlan Murdoch, chatted about Network Ten on ABC Melbourne, council briefings, MAV lobbying and more preparation for this week's ASA meetings.

Saturday, February 23:
supported BHP-Billiton pay practices in Fairfax press and worked on various ASA papers.

Friday, February 22:
Crikey piece on battle to save campaign for constitutional recognition of local government. City of Melbourne audit committee.

Thursday, February 21:
emailed 3000 local government professionals on MAV and constitutional recognition campaigns.

Wednesday, February 20: long interview on ABC Brisbane about Brisconnections and BHP, ASA speech in Bendigo and attended MAV Presidential forum in Benalla.

Tuesday, February 19:
sent bumper email edition of The Mayne Report. MAV Presidential debate at Collins St office.

Monday, February 18: editorial in The Age on campaign finance, appeared on The Business discussing APN board coup and attended MAV Presidential forum in Stawell.

Friday, February 15:
council briefing on rating strategy and story in The Age on calls for campaign finance reform.

Wednesday, February 13:
brief mention of MAV election in print edition of Weekly Times.

Tuesday, February 12: long day of council briefings and then Future Melbourne committee meeting.

Monday, February 11: attended capital works briefing at council.

Sunday, February 10: long day processing AGM reports for ASA magazine. Liked this Robert Doyle column for Rupert.

Saturday, February 9:
Weekly Times story on MAV tilt.

Friday, February 8:
solid 3 hour session on Melbourne's 4 year council plan.

Thursday, February 7: nominated for President of Municipal Association of Victoria. See VEC website.

Wednesday, February 6: good meeting with ASA chair, plus attended meetings at council.

Tuesday, February 5: long day of council briefings and chat followed by public committee meeting.

Monday, February 4:
Herald Sun story on revamped planning procedures in Melbourne.

Friday, February 1:
trawled through dump of donations data from 9am. See updated Herald Sun story on 200m+ Southbank proposal. ...

Thursday, January 31:
happy to support Cr Richard Foster's bold proposal on smoking bans, plus attended several meetings at Town Hall.

Wednesday, January 30: kids back at school, letter in AFR about Network Ten shafting, briefings at council, ABC Gippsland interview and Sky Business interview on Qantas and Gina.

Tuesday, January 28: first official briefing session of the year for councillors and ASA's February edition of Equity magazine released.

Saturday, January 26: participated in Australia Day parade from Town Hall and quoted in media defending "two strikes" regime after Penrice Soda EGM .

Friday, January 25: quoted in Adele Ferguson article defending "two strikes" regime, plus this Cameron England News Ltd piece. $4500 gain exiting BC Iron and Macmahon capital raising plays.

Thursday, January 24:
took kids to Melbourne City Baths and North Melbourne aquatic facility.

Wednesday, January 23:
page 3 article in The Age about differential rates on pokies venues and Crikey story on Rio Tinto.

Tuesday, January 22: 7 hour session at council, quoted in ABC story on ranting shareholders.

Monday, January 21: full day of ASA work publishing reports, researching voting, updating monitors and proofing magazine.

Sunday, January 20:
long day working on ASA editing and reports, then enjoyed Djokovic epic.

Friday, January 18: day in Sorrento with family, tried out new Peninsular Link.

Thursday, January 17:
Crikey story on Network Ten's poorly structured capital raising.

Wednesday, January 16: attended Australian Open, interviewed on The Drum about AMP Capital's support for the "two strikes" regime.

Tuesday, January 15: first visit to Melbourne Town Hall since NYE. Melbourne Times story on possible planning reforms.

Monday, January 14: full day editing AGM reports for February edition of ASA's Equity magazine.

Sunday, January 13: sent this Michael Pascoe article to all Manningham councillors.

Saturday, January 12:
long day on ASA reports then attended opening night of Jersey Boys.

Friday, January 11: criticised Jack Tilburn on ABC Radio's AM program. Drove back from Illawarra holiday, quoted in Fairfax piece on pay.

Thursday, January 10: interviewed on Radio Australia about Whitehaven Coal hoax.

Tuesday, January 8: attended 3 hour staff meeting at ASA head quarters in Sydney. Excellent late afternoon surf at Maroubra in 41 deg heat.

Sunday, January 6: visited lovely Wombarra Sculpture Garden.

Friday, January 4: drove to sleepy hamlet of Wombarra between Sydney and Wollongong for a house-sitting holiday.

Thursday, January 3: visited Mint and War Memorial in Canberra followed by entertaining dinner with 3 public servants and a tough family lawyer.

Wednesday, January 2: drove to Canberra with family.