Director profiles of industry fund boards

May 30, 2019

This list seeks to profile the directors of Australia's 42 industry superannuation fund boards.

Australian Super: 10 directors with 5 from employers and 5 from the union movement. Heather Ridout is the current chair.

Unisuper: 11 directors with 4 from the Universities, 4 from the unions and 3 independents, including Chris Cuffe as independent chair.

CBUS: 15 member board with Steve Bracks as chair, 7 from employer groups, 7 from the unions and John Dawkins as the sole independent.

Hesta: 9 directors with 4 from unions, 4 from employer groups and independent chair Angela Elmslie.

Sun Super: only 6 directors with a 3-3 split and current chair is Queensland union chief Ron Monaghan. No independents.

MTAA Super: 9 directors and operating with the proposed government model of 3 member/union, 3 employer and 3 independent including the chair John Brumby.

Catholic Super:
11 directors with an executive chair from the employer side in Peter Bugden and then 5 from each side..

TWU Super: 9 directors with 4 from the TWU, 4 from the Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation and David Galbally QC as the independent chair.

Vision Super: 9 directors with 4 from the ASU, 2 from the MAV, 1 from VECCI, 1 from the Water Industry Association and 1 independent with ASU's Brian Parkinson as chair. $8 billion under management.

Equip Super: 8 directors with 4 employer reps, 3 members reps and chairman Andrew Fairley who is not identified with either side.

LUCRF Super: 12 directors with 5 from each side and 2 independents. Chair John Carlile is an employer rep who has been on board since 1989.

Care Super: 12 directors with a member chair Cate Wood, plus 6 union reps in total, 5 employer reps and ex PwC partner Gabriel Szondy as the only independent. Also release this commendable voting report every six months.

Media Super: 10 member board with 5 from unions and 5 from employer groups. No independents and Gerard Noonan is chair and has served since 1991.

Maritime Super: 10 directors with 4 from the MUA (including chair Paddy Crumlin), 2 from sea faring industry, two from stevedoring and 2 independents, John Watts, Lynelle Briggs.

First Super: 12 directors with 5 from the unions, 5 from employer groups and two independents, Candy Broad and Bob Smith. Co-chaired by Michael O'Connor and Allan Stewart.