Heading to LA, CBA issues, strong Fairfax support, Cabcharge push and state election update

November 15, 2014

Dear Mayne Report readers,

First up, many thanks to everyone who responded to the crowd sourcing appeal in the last edition to catch up with Rupert Murdoch at his two AGMs at Fox Studios later this week.

More than 30 donors generously contributed almost $3500, hence I'll be on a flight to Los Angeles this afternoon.

In other AGM season action, Commonwealth Bank chairman David Turner gave up 45 minutes of his day yesterday for a catch-up ahead of today's AGM in Melbourne. It was a good discussion on a wide range of issues including the financial planning blow-up and how a chair-succession should be handle.

Am not expecting to be north of 5% in terms of votes cast at CBA today but am hoping a majority of the retail shareholders who choose to vote will support the nomination.

This is what happened at Fairfax where a miserable 0.92% of votes cast were in favour but retail investor sentiment was completely different with the proxies showing 902 shareholders voting in favour and only 495 voting against.

I'm indebted to Fairfax for voluntarily disclosing this data and made a similar request to David Turner yesterday.

If CBA also discloses this, which accords with Australian Shareholders' Association policy to better understand retail voting sentiment at AGMs, what it will confirm is a complete divide between the big and small shareholders.

The big proxy advisers Ownership Matters, CGI and ISS are very conservative when it comes to outside candidates and rarely endorse a challenge to the incumbents. And their clients tend to agree with this "don't rock the boat" attitude.

This system deserves to be heavily scrutinised and a no brainer reform should be mandatory disclosure of how institutions vote, something which applies to mutual funds in the US.

Recent Crikey stories on AGM season

I'll be filing for Crikey on the Rupert gatherings in LA this week but will also be sending a Mayne Report update after returning home on Saturday morning. Crikey is running a story most days on the AGM season and here is what has appeared so far:

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Out of the state election

It would have been great to participate in the November 29 Victorian election but logistically it all just got too much in the end.

There would have been a tilt against Planning Minister Matthew Guy in my local seat of Bulleen, but then he delivered spectacularly on a City of Melbourne request to release the departmental reports on all these skyscrapers he has been approving.

Then there was a serious look at running in marginal Albert Park, but when rocker Tex Perkins entered the field, the call was made to endorse his efforts to shake up the marginal seat contest.

Tex should be good for more than 10% of the vote and will be the kingmaker. The party which delivers on a commitment to fix up the iconic Palais Theatre in St Kilda will get his preferences. Even the Rolling Stones have publically called for this to happen.

The other consideration was the forthcoming tilt at the Cabcharge board, which is a serious and prospective undertaking.

The Cabcharge AGM is on November 26 in Sydney, the Wednesday before the state election. I've been in contact with proxy advisers, big shareholders and lots of taxi driver shareholders on this one and am pushing hard to be a "governance change agent" who gets off the board after a year, once 3 new independent directors have been appointed with strong governance, technology and payments systems expertise.

The days of non-independent taxi industry veterans dominating the poorly governed company's board room should be over, especially given the major competitive threats from the likes of Uber.

It's firmly in the hands of the Cabcharge shareholders, as was explained in this Crikey piece yesterday.

Tap into ASA's excellent research lists

Any retail investor worth their salt should be a member of the Australian Shareholders' Association and the value proposition has never been better.

The new ASA website has a growing list of interesting research lists, some of which are member-only behind the paywall. Here are a few favourites:

Longest serving ASX 200 directors

New CEOs who embrace write-offs

Biggest protest votes against directors in 2013

Measuring independent chairs for "skin in the game"

Capped SPPs which were then expanded

How retail investors do worse with separate bookbuilds

The 100 most important remuneration protest votes

31 examples of where retail investors gathered 100 signatures

ASA won't be continuing its recent practice of having voting intentions free on the website this season.

However, "subscribers" who merely give their details will get plenty of access so that's definitely worth doing.

And if you want to see all the research plus the full archive of AGM reports and voting recommendations since 2009, you really should become a member. Click here.

From the member edition archive

The Mayne Report goes to almost 18,000 people but if you're a relatively new reader, here are some links to some of the more interesting email editions sent out over the past seven years.


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Gotta fly, there's a plane to catch and AGM season matters to attend to.

Do ya best, Stephen Mayne

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