Fairfax media 2010 AGM

November 29, 2010

A somewhat tumultuous affair with the board weathering some scathing attacks from the floor about editorial issues.

Can we hear from the auditor why we overvalue ourselves. What genuine impairment tests were taken?

How are you Roger and Bryan the CEO, working together?
Does the BRW make a profit, how much has been spent on afr.com and any comments on corporate actions at Ten Network?

Speaking in favour of Mr Anderson. Does he retain an interest in Austereo?

Supporting the re-election of Nick Fairfax

Is it the intention of Greg Hywood to be a professional non executive director?

Can we here from Sam Morgan and why doesn't he own any shares?

Speaking in favour of Linda Nicholls and commending Fairfax on their diversity in the company.

What has the board done about work place bullying in a cultural sense?

Editorial attack and responses - read transcript