Cr Mayne

August 2010 public council meeting

January 7, 2014

Below is the edited audio highlights from the Manningham City Council meeting held on August 31, 2010. Check out agenda and minutes.

Moving approval for apartment development on Whittens Lane

Difficult Coptic Church debate (full 49min debate)

VicRoads denies Westfield approval for big signs

Pines Activity Centre structure plan

Strange debate about open space with cheap VicRoads acquisition in Esta Court

Supporting tea room development at Ruffey Lake park

Full debate over the Ruffey Lake tea rooms

DACs: handing over planning powers to the state on Doncaster Hill

An excellent management model for the Civic Precinct

Well done to past council for excellent Pines Learning facility

Moving to a majority of independents on audit committee

Summing up a strengthening council balance sheet as land values soar

A note of caution on Mayor's regional council partnerships

The debate triggered by DRPA over process of briefing on Coptic Church proposal

Questioning the mayor about councillors being more accountable in reporting back

Cr Reid attempts attack over sale of pocket parks