Audio highlights from feisty 2010 Alumina AGM

May 11, 2010

Here are the audio highlights from the feisty 2010 Alumina AGM held on Friday, May 7 in Melbourne.

Will you live webcast these meetings in the future? Why didn't you replicate the fair model of the 2008 capital raising, in 2009?

What was the breakdown of the 2009 SPP? could you disclose the percentage of shareholders that were scaled back?

ASA representative expresses disappointment about chairman's decision about questioning.

The directors are grossly overpaid relative to the role of this post box company.

Shareholder tells chair our comments warrant a response.

Shareholder defends our comments on being a post box company

Shareholder calls chair 'arrogant'.

Shareholder speaks in support of our comments - calls chair 'thin-skinned'.

Speaking against re-election of Peter Hay.

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