Fast and furious nine face-offs with Fairfax

November 12, 2010

Here is a compilation of material relating to the current Fairfax Media board tilt, including accounts of all past AGM encounters with the company.

Fairfax AGM November 11, 2010
- listen to audio, see Mayne Report

Fairfax Media, Nov 10, 2009
See notice of meeting. Listen to audio. See results.

The thoughts of Eric Beecher on Fairfax.

The thoughts of chairman Ron.

ABC News Radio - Wednesday, 23 September, 2009, discussing my Fairfax board tilt with business editor Peter Ryan.

See Crikey.

Past Stephen Mayne Fairfax board tilts

Fairfax Nov 18, 2005
Ran for the board and the lights went out - see results and Crikey.

John Fairfax (20.58% of vote) Nov 7, 2001
- see results.

Past Fairfax AGMs which attended but didn't run for board

Fairfax Media November 14, 2008
- see Mayne Report, listen to audio

John Fairfax Nov 06, 2002
Attacked Ron Walker appointment - see PM transcript, The Age, Crikey, The Australian, AGM transcript

Fairfax Oct 27, 2000
Pointing out the Fairfax mogul stooges - see Crikey, see transcript.

Fairfax Melbourne, Nov 18, 1999
Really enjoyed winding them up over Kennett cronyism - see The Age, see transcript.

John Fairfax
Sydney, Nov 6, 1998
Jack Tilburn went bananas and chairman Brian Powers very combative - see Daily Telegraph, see transcript.

Voting results at past Fairfax AGMs: 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002

Other media discussing Fairfax

Mayne Reports

Fairfax, RACV elections, MAP, capital raisings, Manningham, Wallis, hostile EGMs, video, AGM diary, rich list and much more
September 22, 2008

Fairfax stories I've written for Crikey

Will Kirk's $4 million farewell be the end of Ron Walker?
September 4, 2009

News Ltd and Fairfax: a study in contrasts
Tuesday, 25 October, 2005

Fairfax pulls ther old ' no vacancy' trick, Gunns cowboys
Wednesday, 26 October, 2005.

Fairfax AGM, secrets emerge from Holding Redlich's birthday
Friday, 18 November, 2005.

RBA board, questioning Murdoch, Fairfax board tilt, defeated directors club
Monday, 21 November, 2005.