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The Mayne Report's 2008 diary

June 18, 2009

Tuesday, Dec 30: interview with Michael Peshard on 702 ABC Sydney about financial crisis and the year in review.

Dec 29: discussed the year in news from 10-11pm with Rod Quinn on ABC local radio's national Nightlife program.

Tuesday, Dec 23: special Mayne Report edition revealing Australia's most inaccurrate balance sheets.

Sunday, Dec 21:
participated in Radio National's program The National Interest, reviewing the year. Have a listen.

19 December 2008
: Mayne Report edition and Crikey story on dud directors.

18 December 2008: interview with Deborah Cameron on 702 ABC Sydney about ComBank's capital raising botch-up. Last big day for AGMs with Ten Network in Sydney, ANZ in Brisbane and NAB in Melbourne. Reviewed the year on ABC television midday news.

17 December 2008: Mayne Report edition on CBA blunder, ABC Learning chairman and ASIC jail list. Listen to interview on 936 ABC Hobart about world's biggest pyramid fraud scam. Crikey story previewing Collingwood AGM then attended Eddie McGuire's extravaganza at the MCG.

16 December 2008: Listen to regular chat with Deborah Cameron on 702 ABC Sydney about Telstra shares plunge, federal government debt, etc. Watch SBS interview on Madoff scandal and listen to 774 ABC Melbourne discussing the extraordinary Ponzi scheme. Check out the press package on Bernard Madoff's alleged $US50 billion scam.

15 December 2008: subscriber edition on CBA's Centro obstinancy, plus video package from final Business View program for 2009 on Sky News Business. Crikey story on Centro, plus listen to interview on The World Today on extraordinary US Ponzi scheme fraud.

13 December 2008: interview on 2UE morning program about outrageous executive payouts.

12 December 2008: appeared on Sky's final Business View program for the year. A brief chat with Mike Smith of 4BC Brisbane and 20-minute discussion on ABC 774 Drive program with Libby Gore about the Rudd infrastructure injection, financial disasters in 2008 and the dwindling China boom. Crikey story on Combank's ruthless approach to Centro rollover proposal.

11 December 2008: listen to interview on 6PR breakfast show about Rio Tinto's slash and burn announcement. Attended strategic issues councillor briefing and separate meeting on recreation facilities in Manningham.

10 December 2008: Mayne Report edition on ABC Learning, Centro, Manningham, Pacific Brands and share trading. Manningham Council committee meeting on Aquarena facility. Attended RACV President's dinner.

9 December 2008: attended Australian Local Government Association conference on constitutional reform and formally sworn in as Manningham councillor. Watch video. Appeared on The 7.30 Report in Greg Hoy's story about CEO pay rorts.

8 December 2008: meeting of councillors to determine Manningham mayor and deputy mayor for the next year. Charles Pick is mayor and Fred Chuah deputy mayor.

7 December 2008: Mayne report edition on CEO payouts, Nufarm AGM, Manningham mayoral process and Gunns campaign.

5 December 2008: speech to local government finance professionals and Crikey article about pokies moguls plotting the future of Fairfax.

4 December 2008: attended Nufarm AGM and scolded Telstra chairman Donald McGauchie about AGM processes.

3 December 2008: Mayne Report edition on dud directors, corporate governance, share sales and Manningham Council. Interview with ABC Tasmania's Tim Cox on Qantas merger deal.

2 December 2008
: Listen to regular chat with Deborah Cameron on 702 ABC Sydney about the state of the economy, interest rate cuts, executive pay and the failed BHP-Rio merger. Listen to regular chat with Libby Gore on Drive 774 ABC Melbourne discussing the Manningham election, interest rates and other business of the day.

1 December 2008:
elected to Manningham Council in Heide ward. Read this edition announcing the news. Listen to interview on 774 ABC Melbourne. Read coverage in Manningham Leader. Listen to discussion about the council election and some business yarns with Mike Smith on 4BC Brisbane.

28 November 2008: attended Centro Properties Group AGM then sent out subscriber edition.

27 November 2008: attended Centro Retail and BHP Billiton AGMs as board candidate with subscriber edition at 6pm.

BHP Billiton victory: The Big Australian has abandoned its bid for Rio Tinto, vindicating our board campaign. Read today's special edition revealing how $7 billion worth of proxies backed our board tilt. Listen to interview with Steve Chase on ABC News Radio, interview with 6PR's breakfast team, plus interview with 702 ABC Sydney Richard Glover.

26 November
2008: sent out two editions, including the second which covered REA Group AGM, analyst sackings, Rio-BHP, Centro Retail and a RiskMetrics report on CEO payouts.

25 November 2008: check out new video on Woolies and the pokies. Listen to discussion about executive pay with Fran Kelly on Radio National Breakfast. Attended RACV AGM and lunch for life members.

24 November 2008: listen to special appearance on RRR about 2008 AGM season. Subscriber edition on pokies, Babcock, Rich List and executive pay.

23 November 2008: helped The Sunday Telegraph with this double page spread on sinking billionaires.

21 November
2008: special edition after attending farcical Telstra AGM. Also, listen to 1116 4BC Brisbane talking with Mike Smith about Brisconnections fiasco.

20 November
2008: All Ords now down 50% so special edition on financial crisis, plus coverage of yesterday's AGMs. Watch video of The 7.30 Report story about Brisconnections debacle.

19 November
2008: Melbourne Press Club breakfast debate with Lord Mayoral candidates, then attended AGMs of AED Oil, IOOF and Tatt's Group.

18 November
2008: edition from Brisbane Airport after Macquarie profit result and then second edition after getting onto ABC Learning creditors' committee. Radio interviews on 4BC and 774 ABC Melbourne.

17 November 2008: subscriber edition ahead of tomorrow's ABC Learning creditors meeting in Brisbane and Macquarie profit result.

15 November 2008: watch edited highlights from Sky Business View appearance about CBA's ABC Learning debacle, Sir Rod Eddington and the future of Macquarie.

14 November 2008: speech to 50 debt collectors from the ATO and then attended Slater & Gordon AGM before appearing on Business View on Sky News Business.

13 November 2008: Listen to special appearence on 774 ABC Melbourne Drive with Hilary Harper discussing the CBA's $450 million loss on ABC Learning, at today's AGM. Subscriber edition about Combank and Fairfax AGMs. Spoke at Victorian Cigar Society dinner.

12 November 2008: cracking edition on ANZ's board room shake-up, BHP, Telstra and Kerry Stokes.

11 November 2008: subscriber edition after Computershare AGM. Listen to regular spot on 702 ABC Sydney with Deborah Cameron. Listen to regular spot on 774 ABC Melbourne with Lindy Burns on Drive.

10 November 2008 : Extraordinary Seven Network AGM in Sydney with billionaire Kerry Stokes calling in security to end questions and comments. Appeared on ABC TV's Talking Heads program at 6.30pm and listen to interview with Mike Smith on 4BC in Brisbane.

7 November
2008: subscriber edition with full edited audio after attended fiery Babcock & Brown Power AGM in Sydney.

6 November
2008: subscriber edition after another round with James Packer at Seek AGM.

5 November
2008: attended two Sydney AGMs with subscriber editions after both Allco Equity Partners and Babcock & Brown Infrastructure gatherings.

4 November
2008: listen to regular chat with Deborah Cameron on 702 ABC Sydney. Special edition after Platinum Asset Management AGM and meeting with Babcock & Brown Power's independent chairman Len Gill in Sydney.

3 November
2008: check out updated list on biggest protest votes against remuneration reports.

31 October 2008: subscriber edition about Gunns, Toll, ConnectEast AGM and the friendly words with Jeff Kennett at Equity Trustees AGM.

30 October 2008
: Special edition with words, video and audio after extraordinary Toll Holdings AGM, plus investor speech at Sofitel. Listen to 936 ABC Hobart with Louise Saunders about Gunns before its AGM in Launceston.

29 October 2008: subscriber update after cracking Macquarie Media AGM taking on combative chairman Max Moore-Wilton. Listen to director Tony Bell explain why he owns no Mac Media shares.

28 October 2008: special Mayne Report subscriber edition after historic vote against chairman at Transurban edition. Two additional email updates after Crown and CMH meetings with James Packer. Also, listen to regular spot on 774 ABC Melbourne with Lindy Burns.

27 October 2008 big morning edition on PBL Media and market chaos, plus afternoon edition on exchange with Carl Icahn, Boral and forthcoming Transurban AGM. Watch interview about James Packer on Sky News.

24 October 2008: attended Amalgamated Holdings, Boral, EBI and Energy World shareholder meetings in Sydney, then brief update for subscribers.

23 October 2008: listen to audio of AWB chairman Brendan Stewart breaking down at the end of yesterday's EGM. Subscriber edition.

22 October 2008: two Mayne Report editions - one in the morning on Macquarie disclosure backflip and big edition in the afternoon covering dramatic Asciano and AWB shareholder meetings where one chairman cried and another got his CEO to hand back a $750,000 bonus.

21 October 2008: Listen to regular spot on Drive 774 ABC with Lindy Burns.

20 October 2008: special subscriber edition after News Corp AGM in New York attended by a proxy armed with our questions. Crikey story defending Turnbull's "merchant banker" record, plus second Mayne Report edition on Rupert, Macquarie's Italian loss, Babcock restructure and our Rich List.

17 October 2008: Crikey story on Rudd's executive pay attack, recommended buying shares on ABC TV's midday news, plus big Mayne Report email edition including a preview of News Corp AGM.

16 October 2008: two Crikey stories on credit crisis, plus Mayne Report update from Canberra airport and attended Prime Minister's science awards in The Great Hall at Parliament House.

15 October 2008: Crikey story on $10 billion spending spree and subscriber edition after fronting ANZ chairman Charles Goode at the Australian United Investment Company AGM. Listen to Mike Smith's editorial and interview on Rudd spending spree with Mike Smith on 4BC.

14 October 2008: regular chat with Deborah Cameron on 702 ABC Sydney, lively segment with Lindy Burns on 774 ABC Melbourne and lunch time speech to lawyers from Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

13 October 2008: interview on 2UE with John Stanley about Australian share market bounce and Crikey story on commentariat response to government bank guarantee.

12 October 2008: special email edition on Kevin Rudd's bank guarantee plan.

11 October 2008: interview on 702 ABC Sydney about global financial crisis.

10 October 2008: two Crikey stories on crisis, interview on Newsradio, Mayne Report edition. Chat with Richard Glover on 702 ABC Sydney and listen to chat with Michael Smith on 1116 4BC Brisbane.

9 October 2008: Crikey story on buying opportunities and big portfolio losses, plus watch last night's Today Tonight story on fat cat payouts.

8 October 2008: Crikey story on ComBank power and Mayne Report edition on crisis, share buying, woolies tilt and Rich List.

7 October 2008: discussion with Deborah Cameron on 702 ABC Sydney about global credit crisis. Listen to regular chat on drive 774 with Libby Gore discussing the market falls, interest rate falls and honeymoon rates. Chatting with Michael Smith on 1116 4BC in Brisbane, via mobile from an RACV president's dinner, discussing interest rates and debt.

6 October 2008: edition on Woolies and Centro tilts, plus AGM season and buying opportunities.

3 October 2008: big Mayne Report edition with 10 stories covering AFIC, ASX, Lehman, share dealings, Rich List, ASIC jailing and much more.

2 October 2008: Crikey story on Keating's credit crunch analysis, plus published this video from Melbourne Writer's Festival on Murdoch book.

1 October 2008: Crikey story on credit crunch and interview on global credit crisis with Mike Jefffreys on 2CC in Canberra.

30 September 2008:
Listen to regular chat on 774 ABC Melbourne with guest presenter Libby Gore. Topics include ABC Learning and global financial crisis.

29 September 2008: website package on BHP-Billiton board tilt.

26 September 2008: subscriber edition on BHP tilt, Woolies pokies push, ASX fallout plus AFIC AGM plans.

25 September 2008: Mayne Report update on ASX AGM.

24 September 2008
: ran for ASX board. Check out Terry McCrann's coverage.

23 September 2008
: listen to regular ABC Melbourne chat with Lindy Burns, plus Andrew Main attack on 702 ABC Sydney and Crikey story on ASX board tilt.

22 September 2008: listen to this discussion about $US1 trillion dollar bail-out with Richard Glover on 702 ABC Sydney.

Macquarie shorting special
*Two Friday Mayne Report editions on Macquarie vs The Australian saga.
* Crikey story on the same issue plus listen to discussion about The Australian's coverage with Deborah Cameron on 702 ABC Sydney.
* Also, listen to this discussion with Mike Smith on 4BC.

18 September 2008: Crikey story on Macquarie vs Murdoch and Mayne Report edition on new Risk Metrics report.

17 September 2008: special edition on activist funds - plus Macquarie rumours and Fortescue's late profit.

16 September 2008: special morning edition on global financial meltdown, plus second edition on WA News board coup. Listen to discussion about Malcolm Turnbull with Lindy Burns on 774 ABC Melbourne and listen to chat on financial crisis with Michael Smith of 1116 4BC Brisbane.

15 September 2008: listen to BBC 5 Live interview on Lehman, plus subscriber edition on ASX, executive payouts, James Packer cynicism and updated Rich List. Also, listen to regular chat with Lindy Burns on 774 ABC Melbourne.

ASX board tilt - check out the newly updated full website package.

12 September 2008: ASX update looking at Trevor Rowe's PR offensive with the KGB.

11 September 2008: big edition analysing all the ins and out of ASX tilt after the Risk Metrics attack on ASX director Russell Aboud.

10 September 2008: special edition after Seven Network EGM and Risk Metrics bombshell on ASX board.

9 September 2008: listen to regular ABC Sydney chat with Deborah Cameron and listen to regular chat with Lindy Burns on ABC Melbourne.

8 September 2008: two editions covering AWB board, Origin, Macquarie, Aristocrat, Jerry Ellis and Brian Healey.

7 September 2008: special edition on how WA election result could scupper BHP's takeover bid for Rio Tinto.

5 September 2008: Incitec Pivot EGM and edition covering Gunns, Fairfax and WA News.

4 September 2008: Crikey stories on ASX tilt and Murdoch profile in Vanity Fair, plus Mayne Report update on AWB, Babcock and ASX tilt.

3 September 2008: special edition after reconvened AWB EGM.

2 September 2008: special ASX tilt edition, Crikey story on Woolies, plus listen to regular ABC Melbourne chat with Lindy Burns.

A record 30 losses of more than $100m in 2007-08 - read full list.

BHP board tilt - watch video announcement

Woolies and pokies special
* Read Tuesday's Crikey story on the Woolies profit.
* Listen to interview on 4BC Brisbane with Mike Smith.
* Check out which lays bare the shameless Woolies approach.
* Listen to pokies billionaire Bruce Mathieson call me a liar on 3AW in 1997.
* Listen to discussion of Woolworths profit on ABC Sydney with Deborah Cameron and ABC Melbourne interview with Lindy Burns.
* Read Nick Xenophon's extraordinary speech to Woolies and the other pokies players last Sunday.

Watch the combative AWB EGM videos
Two videos in favour of reform: opening spray against dissident directors and my final plea for gang of four to change their minds
The against case: Jock Munro's rant and Bob Iffla's erroneous News Corp argument followed by chairman's slap down.

Listen to debate with American skeptic Michael Shermer on Radio National's All In The Mind program.

Gunns chat: radio interview on 936 ABC Hobart with Tim Cox about Gunns.

Mayne Report subscriber edition on Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo's pay, record CommBank profit and CSL's bold blood move. Listen to interviews about Telstra with Mike Smith on 4BC and John Stanley on 2UE.

13 August 2008
: Mayne Report subscriber edition on Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo's pay.

12 August 2008
: listen to regular chat with Deborah Cameron on 702 ABC Sydney about Babcock, interest rates, the banks and big corporate losses. Crikey story on Janet Albrechtsen conflicts plus Mayne Report subscriber edition on Babcock, BHP tilt, Bradken, record traffic and Rich List. Updated list on successful Australian exporters.

8 August 2008
: Mayne report edition on Commander collapse, ASX conflicts, Seven EGM and activist funds.

7 August 2008: updated biggest corporate losses list, Crikey story on Rudd cronyism and listen to interview on foreign debt with 4BC's Mike Smith in Brisbane.

6 August 2008
: new video on shareholder showbags, two Crikey stories plus Mayne Report edition on WA News, News Corp and Brian Healey.

5 August 2008:
two Crikey stories plus Mayne Report edition on Seven result and ABC radio discussion at 5.40pm.

4 August 2008: Crikey story on continuous disclosure plus Mayne Report edition on Asciano private equity bid and ANZ board tilt.

2 August 2008: appeared on Sky's Business View program.

1 August 2008:
attended Hartnell Colloquium at ANU on corporate law reform, plus one Crikey story on BrisConnections float fiasco.

31 July 2008:
Special Mayne Report subscriber edition on the Brisconnections float fiasco. Listen to interview on ABC NewsRadio about NAB's fired CEO. Two Crikey stories on NAB changes and evening speech to Swinburne students on corporate governance.

30 July 2008:
Speech to Australian Investors Association conference on the Gold Coast. New video lamenting the demise of the Sunday program and reflecting back on a classic Col Allan moment. Subscribe to the Mayne Report podcast to view the full Sunday program episode and other Mayne Report videos. Subscriber edition on BHP tilt, ASX conflicts, Rupert buy and recent trading.

29 July 2008
: listen to regular chat with Deborah Cameron on ABC 702 about tumbling bank shares, Qantas and New South Wales state budget.

28 July 2008: special Mayne Report edition on Australand's emergency $550 capital raising, Crikey stories on Qantas and bank write-downs, plus interview on 4BC about the tumbling bank shares.

25 July 2008: subscriber edition on OZ Minerals, board tilt, Stokes raid, more Macquarie videos and some. Speech to McPherson Media management retreat.

24 July 2008: cracking new video on the Macquarie Model and the dead parrot sketch.

23 July 2008: subscriber edition after a cracking debate at the Macquarie Group AGM.

22 July 2008: listen to regular chat with Lindy Burns on ABC 774 about QANTAS and Frank Lowy

21 July 2008
: hard-hitting video on outrageous spin record of Oxiana chairman Barry Cusack.

18 July 2008: special edition on the rolling of Owen Hegarty's $10.7m Oxiana payout.

17 July 2008: subscriber edition after Village Roadshow EGM and SP Ausnet AGM.

16 July 2008: subscriber edition on Qantas, SP Ausnet, activist funds, Rich List and ANZ outsourcing. Plus Crikey story on state finance disclosures.

15 July 2008: special Glenn Milne video, plus listen to latest chats on 702 ABC Sydney with Toni Matthews and on 774 ABC Melbourne with Lindy Burns about the global credit crisis.

14 July 2008: two Crikey stories on AWB constitutional reform and Toll's Virgin Blue giveaway.

10 July 2008: new video on GPT fiasco plus special edition on the hunt for new directors.

9 July 2008: six stories in subscriber edition plus updated lists tracking biggest share tanks and new CEOs who slash asset values.

8 July 2008: 4BC with Michael Smith about our relationship with China from economic and ownership perspective. Weekly chat on 774 ABC Melbourne with Bev O'Connor.

7 July 2008: two Crikey stories plus a four-story subscriber edition of The Mayne Report and this new video on Kevin Rudd and climate change.

4 July 2008: Crikey story on demise of the Democrats.

3 July 2008: subscriber-edition on Oxiana, chairman margin calls, Rupert's mum our bargain hunting and much more.

30 June 2008 too crook to work. Apologies.

29 June 2008: commented in Background Briefing feature on shareholder activism.

27 June 2008: Crikey stories on board elections and tumbling markets.

26 June 2008: subscriber edition on director elections and insider trading.

25 June 2008
: updated Babcock package, spanning Sky, ABC Radio and Crikey. Plus subscriber edition on Pratt, Macquarie, Babcock, insider trading, Futuris, Telstra and our tax loss sellin

24 June 2008: regular spot with Deborah Cameron on 702 ABC Sydney. 774 ABC Melbourne with Lindy Burns.

23 June 2008: subscriber edition after dramatic Lion Selection EGM and spoke on panel at conference on web 2.0.

21 June 2008
: appeared on Business View panel on Sky News Business channel.

20 June 2008
: Radio interviews on 702 ABC Sydney with Richard Glover on Babcock and 2UE Sydney with John Stanley on Dick Pratt. Watch new video on Owen Hegarty's outrageous payout. Subscriber-edition on Pratt, Babcock, Hegarty and Transurban.

19 June 2008:
Subscriber-edition on Zinifex outrages, super governance, Rich List and much more. Crikey story on Transurban restructure.

18 June 2008: appeared on Lateline Business talking about Babcock.

17 June 2008
: new video on Andrew Michelmore's overblown claims and received this strong rebuttal to our commentary from Babcock & Brown. 774 ABC Melbourne with Lindy Burns.

16 June 2008 Listen to polite retirement advice for Australia's busiest director Peter Mansell at Zinifex-Oxiana merger EGM.

13 June 2008: special package on the Babcock collapse. 702 ABC Sydney with Richard Glover on Babcock & Brown.

12 June 2008: Watch Phil Green's body language in new video on Babcock & Brown crisis.

11 June 2008:
hard-hitting Crikey Story calling for ABC Learning to be nationalised, plus subscriber-edition on Babcock, ASIC, Rich List, directors' club and various other stories just before midnight.

10 June 2008:
video interview with Gary Weaven and regular chat with Deborah Cameron on ABC Sydney and talking with Beverly O'Connor on ABC 774 Melbourne about the resignation of Foster's chief Trevor O'Hoy.

9 June 2008: discussion on ABC Perth about what constitutes "public interest".

6 June 2008: attended big ACSI conference in Melbourne on corporate governance.

5 June 2008: gave a speech to a group of 30 Australia country CEOs of multi-nationals in Melbourne and then up to Sydney for a Q & A panel discussion with Tony Jones on the ABC.

4 June 2008:
Two new videos from Babcock AGM: Don't Fund Bondy and Phil Green's Mea Culpa. Since we began, our popularity has grown every month. See our growth in this article.

3 June 2008:
updated foreign-owned mines lists after Queesland coal royalty slug. Two new videos from Babcock AGM: Don't Fund Bondy and Phil Green's Mea Culpa. Finally, listen to 774 ABC Melbourne chat with Lindy Burns.

2 June 2008: subscriber-edition on Bond, Rich List, Gunns, Woolies, dodgy accounting, Four Pillars and our record traffic figures in May.

30 May 2008: subscriber-only edition on Babcock & Brown AGM after 55 minute slug-fest. Listen to this small snapshot of the audio exchanges.

29 May 2008:
subscriber-only edition on Babcock battles, Austar AGM, new video and Rich List. Plus Crikey story on Rich List.

28 May 2008:
new video on today's BRW Rich List plus our own Mayne Report Rich List. Subscriber-only edition on Special Rich List edition and Babcock preview Plus 2 Crikey stories - Crikey 1, Crikey 2.

27 May 2008: 702 ABC Sydney with Deborah Cameron. Regular chat with Lindy Burns on 774 ABC Melbourne on new Rich List and oil price. Crikey story on the Rich List.

26 May 2008: added 30 names to the Mayne Report Rich List cracking the magical 1000 names mark. Crikey story on ANZ spin strategies.

23 May 2008:
special edition on Westfield AGM. Listen to edited highlights of AGM audio.

22 May 2008: Macquarie Airports AGM - listen to these exchanges with chairman Max Moore-Wilton. Special subscriber-only edition on Macquarie. Watch video response to Alan Kohler's gushing over the federal budget. Listen to journo's panel on 702 ABC Sydney with George Negus, Helen Dalley and Richard Glover. Lateline story about ASIC chairman Tony D'Aloisio.

21 May 2008: Crikey story on cynical Swan budget tactics, plus late night Mayne Report edition on Macquarie Airports AGM, Rio Tinto AGM audio, conflicted directors and our Rich List.

20 May 2008:
watch this video on big takeover documents and listen 774 ABC Melbourne chat with Lindy Burns.

19 May 2008:
listen to radio interview with Mike Smith on Brisbane 4BC about Reserve Bank dividends. Plus 2 Crikey stories- AFR missing in action as Murdoch pay-TV conspiracy collapses, Alcopops are one thing, but what about the Reserve Bank?

16 May 2008:
subscriber-only edition on ASX board tilt, Margaret Jackson, Hellicar, consumer conflicts, Macquarie and iiNet CEO email. Listen to the comments I made at Bell Financial Group's AGM. Read subscriber report on AGM.

15 May 2008:
Crikey story on BHP and Rio Tinto.

14 May 2008:
Here are the Budget 2008 articles published in Crikey and watch this video on journalists experiencing the officious security for the lock-up.

13 May 2008: Listen to interview with Deborah Cameron on 702 ABC Sydney about Westpac, St George merger.Here are the Budget 2008 articles published Crikey.

12 May 2008: Crikey story - Rudd shoud block Westpac and St George love-in. Listen to radio interviews on Brisbane 4BC with John Miller and 774 ABC Melbourne with Hilary Harper about Westpac, St George merger.

9 May 2008: subscriber-only edition plus two videos on ASX conflicts. And also, read this Crikey story on ASX and AFR in conflicted new joint venture.

8 May 2008: subscriber-only edition- Our liveliest edition yet. Plus 2 Crikey stories- Telstra's Dr Phil wins media over but what about Graeme Samuel? and Will Swan keeps his hands out of the Reserve Bank till?

7 May 2008: new video on Chinese takeovers, one of our best yet. Plus 2 stories in Crikey- Spin the winner in Victoria amid net debt confusion and Life in PR? It's a gas, says golden boy Hedley Thomas.

6 May 2008: Spoke on a panel at MEAA public affairs conference in Sydney. Plus one story on Crikey- Will big spending John Brumby do a Keating?

5 May 2008: 2 Crikey storyies on Wayne Goss conflict of interest as Free TV Australia lobbyist and Alumina and the unflattering comparison.

3 May 2008: Appeared on Business View panel on Sky Business Channel. See NSW power privatisation comments and discussion on Federal budget and executive tax breaks.

2 May 2008: Crikey sledge on corporate governance king maker Dean Paatsch for failing to drive reform at the Alumina lunch club. Watch video interview with the mega-powerful Paatsch. And subscriber only- End of another frenetic week and month.

1 May 2008: elected to Alumina board on show of hands but defeated in poll. Listen to the campaign speech which won the audience, read full account of all the action and watch the video. Plus this Crikey story- Wayne Swan's $500m Origin bonanza.

30 April 2008: attended Iress Market Technology AGM and sent out report to subscribers which also covered Origin takeover bid and 20 more Rich Listers. Financial Times Alphaville blog summarises our Chinese raiding coverage. And also read this Crikey story- China's unprecedented Australian resources grab.

29 April 2008: Crikey stories on NSW power conflicts and Nick Sherry's soft approach to governance. Mayne Report subscriber-edition on WA News, corporate governance conference, Rich List and HIH directors. Latest chat with Lindy Burns on 774 ABC Melbourne - Chinese government investment and Rio Tinto.

28 April 2008: Kerry Stokes WA News campaign speech - full audio. Click here for bunfight with Kerry Stokes over editorial independence. And two Crikey stories- Stokes and the vexed issue of editorial independence and Time for Rio Tinto toffs to call Australia home.

25 April 2008: major update of the Mayne Report Rich List.

24 April 2008: ABC Radio National - interview about WAN News AGM. Listen to Kerry Stokes's address in WA News AGM. Subscriber edition on WA News fallout, plus second special edition after Rio Tinto AGM in Brisbane. And also read this Crikey story- Vanquished Stokes reveals his dark side.

23 April 2008
: Subscriber-only edition on Kerry Stokes getting vanquished in WA News showdown. Plus read this Crikey story.

22 April 2008: Subscriber edition on WA News, ASX, Rich List, old chairmen and Peter Costello's book deal. Spoke at Freehills remuneration seminar. Regular chat with Deborah Cameron on 702 ABC Sydney and on 774 ABC Melbourne. Separate interview about Costello's book deal with 2UE's John Stanley. Plus see The Age and The Australian.

21 April 2008: Crikey story- 2020: Where were John Howard's four favourite chairmen?
720 ABC Perth - latest chat on the Drive program with Russell Woolf about the WA News EGM on Wednesday and my candidacy for the board.

18 April 2008: Crikey story- Revealed: How ANZ cleaned out 500 accounts without warning. Go here to check out the world's biggest small share portfolio.

17 April 2008: Special subscriber email edition launching "save Owen Hegarty campaign" after last Oxiana Resources AGM. Watch video with Oxiana shareholder Ron Barrassi and listen to the full audio exchange.

16 April 2008: Morning edition on ASX, ANZ, Opes and WA News. Attended Axa Asia Pacific AGM - special subscriber edition. Listen to chairman Rick Allert explain "doing a John Howard" and the debate about why Centro director Paul Cooper should also quit Axa. Plus two Crikey stories - The Chris Murphy editorial that wasn't delivered by The Parrot and Any dwarf in a storm as Swan plays hard ball with the RBA.

15 April 2008: Latest Mayne Report video: Opes chairman's corruption hypocrisy. 702 ABC Sydney- latest chat with Deborah Cameron about Opes Prime and Tattersalls-Tabcorp duopoly.774 ABC Melbourne - discussion with Lindy Burns about Opes, ANZ, David Crawford, QBE and second chances.

14 April 2008:see Crikey stories for today - Time for ASX, ANZ and friends to start writing Opes Prime cheques, and Pokies duopoly tumbles, Brumby holds all the aces. Subscriber-only edition covering Opes Prime, Victorian pokies drama, ASX and WA News. 774 ABC Melbourne 2020 summit with Lindy Burns - full version, edited version.

13 April 2008: See this hard-hitting article in The Sunday Age about Brumby breaking the Tabcorp-Tattersalls duoply.

11 April 2008: Latest chat with Jon Faine about Tattersalls, Tabcorp and Opes Prime. 3AW News - Stephen Mayne comments on Tattersalls and Tabcorp licensing Issue. 774 ABC Melbourne with Lindy Burns. Crikey story- Brumby's unprecedented $2.7 billion wipe out. Also, subscriber edition on Opes Prime, Lift Capital and the smashing of the pokies duopoly in Victoria.

10 April 2008: expanded package on website concerning WA News, including this call for Steve Harris to be the next chairman. 1116 4BC Brisbane - latest chat with Mike Smith concerning the Opes Prime collapse and calling for a royal commission.

9 April 2008: speech to 25 finance directors in Melbourne. Plus this story in Crikey on Gatto and Opes Prime.

8 April 2008: 774 ABC Melbourne- latest chat with Lindy Burns about Opes Prime and Mick Gatto. Subscriber edition on WA News, Gatto, Macquarie Model, sporting sponsors, Rich List and share sales. Plus read this Crikey story on Mick Gatto.

7 April 2008: subscriber edition on ANZ bad debts and Opes disclosure debacle. Plus read this Crikey story.

4 April 2008:
One Crikey story- Taxi! All hail the Macquarie model.

3 April 2008: Check out today's Mayne Report video and subscriber only edition on Macquarie's taxi play, more Eddington gigs, a Babcock shafting and 25 more Rich Listers.
Plus two stories in Crikey- Opes fiasco must end the ASX regulatory monopoly and The business of conflict in The West.

2 April 2008: Regular chat on 702 ABC Sydney with Deborah Cameron and 774 ABC Melbourne with Lindy Burns. Also, two stories in Crikey- Time for Chris Murphy to face up the reality and Opes Chairman in victim's sights.

1 April 2008: Subscriber only- Opes founder's mortgage, BHP spies, Directors' club, Rich List and hilarious Allco HIT DRP. Plus one Crikey story- Can the Templestowe boy be fingered for all Opes Prime's woes?

31 March 2008: Two Crikey stories- A Friday cocktail of greed, incompetence and cynicism and How the many will pay or the cavalier few at Opes Prime.

29 March 2008: Check out Stephen Mayne's appearance on Sky News Business's Business View program last Saturday.

28 March 2008: subscriber only account of lively MFS EGM. Listen to this spray after CEO Craig White tried to blame market analysts. Second edition on some breaking news and new MFS video.

27 March 2008: new video on the mail bag, packaged up audio spraying Alan Jones at Macquarie Radio AGM. Plus two stories in Crikey- BRW's Executive Rich List a wobbly extension of the franchise and Babcock's desperate $220m share placement.

26 March 2008: subscriber edition on Goodman, a letter from Macquarie Infrastructure Group chairman Mark Johnson, Rich List and more on lists tracking where directors come from. Also see Crikey edition on Goodman.

25 March 2008: Regular chat on 774 ABC Melbourne with Tracy Bartram while Lindy Burns is on a holiday. Subscriber-only edition on Macquarie troubles, WA News, lunch with ASX regulatory boss Eric Mayne and plans to reform the AGM. Plus two Crikey stories on As Allco burns, Sir Rod shares some pearls on the boardroom and Babcock bounces as Bear Stearns extracts more value.

24 March 2008: new list tracking former ASX-listed CEOs who dominate the director's club and the much shorter list of Australian country managers for multi-nationals who make it onto our public company boards.

20 March 2008: listen to last night's forum exchange with Sir Rod Eddington about executive chairs. Also, read this Crikey story- Latham skewers the Government's ugly duckling.

19 March 2008: special subscriber-only edition on Sir Eddington speech and chat, Allco and the Mayne Report Rich List. Plus one story in Crikey on Andrew Peacock and the political art of compromise.

18 March 2008: regular chat with Deborah Cameron on 702 ABC Sydney and Lindy Burns on 774 ABC Melbourne with focus on market chaos and China. And three stories in Crikey today on Iron ore ship delays produce a heady mix for Red Kev, New lows in chequebook journalism – a Crikey list and Bear Stearns and the decline of American prestige.

17 March 2008: updated website package on WA News and special edition concentrating on WAN sent at 5.30pm and one story about WAN on Crikey.. Plus, see Crikey story on BHP chairman Don Argus coming under pressure.

14 March 2008: another 100 names for Mayne Report Rich List, speech to 300 at Brisbane Advertising Association and Crikey story on raging bull Charlie Aitken.

13 March 2008: lead story in Crikey on Kevin Rudd's colourful Chinese connections. And this story in Crikey on the most Sackable Seven directors.

12 March 2008: hard-hitting subscriber edition on WA News, Fortescue, ABC Learning, Allco and Incitec-Pivot.

11 March 2008: subscriber special on WA News board tilt, plus this doomsday scenario interview with Lindy Burns on 774 ABC Melbourne and an updated audio package of favourite AGM exchanges from the past year. Also, read these two stories on Crikey- Australian credit crisis round-up and Spitzer's hook-r scandal as ASIC keeps dithering.

10 March 2008: check out this subscriber only edition on margin calls, director dealings and WA News. Plus see Babcock & Brown story and this package on WA board tilt. Also, read this Crikey story on China buys Timor oil.

7 March 2008: subscriber edition on more Eddy Groves margin calls, Andrew Forrest becoming richer than James Packer, Challenger Financial Group's plunge, the great asset sale list and this video announcing a WA News board tilt. And also check out these Crikey stories- Bell Financial does a Lachlan Murdoch to Tricom and Let's be honest about this banking bloodbath.

6 March 2008 subscriber-only edition laying out the 10 most sackable directors after the reputation-destroying chaos of the credit crunch. Second special edition on ABC Learning and Allco developments. Also, go here and check out page 10 of the latest ASIC Gazette to read about Austock's capital raising and some references to ABC Learning and potential margin call scenarios. Read these two Crikey stories- So much for the Eddy Groves 'coup' and Pub mogul Hedley joins the credit casualty list.

5 March 2008: subscriber-only edition on ABC Learning, Allco,a master class from Wayne Goss and the $100m loss club. And also read these two Crikey stories- City Pacific and the full-blown non-bank credit crisis and Servcorp hires Coalition politican - sell, sell, sell.

4 March 2008: subscriber-only edition- Governance talk, City Pacific, campaign finance, two new videos and Fairfax transcripts, plus interview with Deborah Cameron 702 ABC Sydney covering interest rates, credit crunch, foreign ownership and some hard hitting commentary on campaign finance reform. Also read this Crikey story on Stars align for serious campaign finance reform.

3 March 2008: subscriber only edition - Steve Harris, City Pacific defo attack, Rich List and all our recent trades. And also read these two Crikey story- The Oz dishes it out, but can it take it? and Australia's 2nd busiest pro director loses two top chairs.

29 February 2008: subscriber-only scoop on new WA News board candidate. And read this Crikey story- Bizarre twists in ABC saga as ASX flexes its muscles.

27 February 2008: subscriber-only edition - ABC Learning, WA News tilt, ASIC jail list, update Rich List and see Rod Eddington spray. And also ABC Learning story on Crikey.

26 February 2008: subscriber-only edtion - ABC Learning, Allco and Murdoch. Also read these two Crikey stories- Time for corporate plod to throw the book at multiple Allco scandals and Lawyers in a tizz about cartel criminalisation.

25 February 2008:
Read Crikey story- Allco claims big profit, shares plunge - death approaches.

22 February 2008:
Two Crikey stories- After eight fabulous years, it's farewell to Christian Kerr and Liberals turn to a four-time board loser.

21 February 2008:
Timbercorp AGM - This was one of the best ever in terms of quality debate from a range of shareholders. List to my questions on debt, margin loans, racing sponsorships, board conflicts and financial planners. Watch Mayne Report video on Timbercorp's silly shareholder showbag. And also subscriber only edition: Taking on Timbercorp today and Timbercorp one of the best AGMs ever. And also read this Crikey story - Bearish Kohler meets McCrann's bull.

20 February 2008: Hot News Corp documents- We've got some hot court documents exposing Rupert Murdoch's colourful business practices. And also subscriber only edition - Special edition: foreign investment in Australia. Also read this Crikey story- Lifting corporate tax will fix a few problems.

19 February 2008: Interviewing Bruce Dover - Listen to the 774 ABC Melbourne interview with the man that has revealed all about Rupert Murdoch's Chinese adventures. Or watch interview video. Dissecting the credit crunch - Listen to today's chat with 702 ABC Sydney's Deborah Cameron about the credit crisis. Also read these Crikey stories- Beware the debt-funded commercial property plays and Did Murdoch Give $8 million to a notorious hacker?

18 February 2008: Crikey stories- Allco's Sir Rod well-placed to advise on governance and Swan's FIRM guidlines ignore the elephant in the room.

15 February 2008:Hot News Corp documents- We've got some hot court documents exposing Rupert Murdoch's colourful business practices - see Crikey story. Subscriber-only edition - A much-deserved kicking for Macquarie. And also another Crikey story- Teetering trio becomes “the leveraged eleven”.

14 February 2008:
Crikey stories- Labor Party losing plenty as Allco teeters and Happy 8th Birthday Crikey.

13 February 2008:
AWB AGM - This week's AWB AGM was a notional defeat for the reform ticket, but in reality a major victory for good governance...>> more...Related links: AGM audio, Lateline Business story, Mayne Report video. And Labor and the Commonwealth Bank ,Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan sledged those Commonwealth Bank rate rises but what about their nice little earner...>> more... Related link: interview on 4BC. Also, check out Crikey story - CBA disappoints, drags whole financial sector down.

12 February 2008: Subscriber only edition - AWB AGM, Rio takeover and three updated lists. Read Crikey story - The Macquarie Fortress has been breached.

11 February 2008: Farewell to Allan Moss - After 15 years Allan Moss has bowed out as Macquarie CEO, sparking all sorts of debate...>> more... Related links: Radio National with Geraldine Doogue, Sky Business News debate. Crikey story- Time for Costello to put up or shut up

10 February 2008: Australia's woeful foreign ownership record - The Chinese raid on Rio Tinto has sparked strong interest in our foreign ownership lists. Related links: who own our mines list, listen to 702 ABC Sydney.

8 February 2008: Subscriber-only edition- Rio Tinto tilt, Macquarie and Labor finances. Crikey story- Time to put MFS out of its misery.

7 February 2008: Crikey stories- Full marks to Macquarie for new bonus structure and Murdoch kids still screwing the pooch at News Corp.

6 February 2008: Subscriber-only edition- Macquarie, AWB, foreign ownership, market movers and Alumina tilt. Crikey stories- Alan Moss quits Millionaire Factory, shares tank, Ken Henry's toughest week, BHP goes hostile on Rio with crafty all-scrip bid.

5 February 2008: Subscriber-only edition- AWB, China, AGM voting, directors section and Rich List. Also, read Crikey story- Where was Ken Henry's straight talking on inflation?

4 February 2008:
Crikey stories- Time to stop China digging all the way to Australia's assets and MFS flogs control of Stella to CVC.

1 February 2008:
Crikey stories- Political donations: Gems aplenty in the annual deluge and John Durie loses the plot backing Burrows conflict.

31 January 2008:
Subscriber-only edition- Burrows quits, Rupert, donations, long-serving directors and much more. Read Crikey stories- Trial by media for Tricom as ANZ emerges as major villain and Parallels aplenty with the late 1980s.

30 January 2008:
Subscriber-only edition- Skilled EGM, Mark Burrows campaign and our oldest directors. Read Crikey stories- Will MFS trigger a financial planners blacklash? You bet and Tricom, Babcock, Allco, MFS and the interlocking web of deals.

25 January 2008: Subscriber-only edition- John Kinghorn saves the day at Allco. Also read Crikey stories- Death of The Bulletin : a family affair and Babcock's ties to the teetering trio.

24 January 2008:
Crikey stories- MFS, Centro and Allco - teetering trifecta and The FT scoop which drove a huge Wall Street turnaround.

23 January 2008:
Crikey stories- Confessions of a share trading addict and How do the Yanks get away with it?

22 January 2008:
Crikey stories- Victims everywhere as panic selling sets in and Governance issues galore in Murdoch-Packer play

21 January 2008:
Subscriber-only edition- Is Allco insolvent as you read this? and Market crunch and Murdoch's Packer deal. Crikey stories- RBA super problems show why Rudd is right – to the tune of $18b and Allco crunched as debt contagion spreads.

18 January 2008:
Subscriber-only edition- MFS plunges, dodgy governance everywhere. Crikey stories- MFS joins Centro on the debt-addicted emergency list and Centro highlights the problem of financial conglomerates.

17 January 2008:
Subscriber-only edition- Markets tumble, Rupert book deal, Centro, Rich List, Xenophon, AFR tips and our buying spree. Crikey stories- If Howard was so hot, why aren't we bailing out Wall Street? and The relative decline of National Australia Bank.

16 January 2008:
Crikey stories- Wall Street's Big Six now worth only $US606bn and In defence of Andrew Scott's payout and why the union funds should buy Centro

15 January 2008:
Crikey story- Ray Williams is no Bondy, Steve, Dick or Jack

14 January 2008:
Subscriber-only edition- NAB scoop, Alumina tilt, AWB and AGM archive. Crikey story- Swan goes further than Costello on the bank cartel. Also, read crikey stories on Swan on the right track targeting loan fees and MFS and City Pacific propose shot-gun wedding.

11 January 2008: Crikey stories on Forget Twiggy, is James Packer richer than Murdochs? and Centro trading halt has investors fearing the worst.

9 January 2008: Subscriber-only edition- Alumina board tilt to expose the overpaid lunch club.

8 January 2008: Crikey story - Sing Inc and CBA drop plenty as ABC learaning founders and The AFR's speculative stock tippers beat the market - for now.

7 January 2008: Crikey story on Costello.