Stealing the notorious Labor Party guest list

April 16, 2019

Below is the guest list for Victorian Labor's notorious $1000 a head fundraising dinner held at the Grand Hyatt hotel in December 1999, shortly after the Bracks Government took office. Current Premier Daniel Andrews was a key organiser in the party head office. Notice how 80 of the 700-plus guest have a gambling connection. We've italicised them.

Table One
Ronnie Bluestein: Liberty Oil
Mark Dreyfus QC: now Federal Labor MP
Sam Fink: Liberty Oil
David Goldfinger: Liberty Oil
Andrew Landeryou: IQ Media
Simon Morris: Peninsula Properties Development Co-op
Geoff Porz: Auxtexx
Abe Rockawin: Liberty Oil
Stanley Rosen: Liberty Oil
David Wieland: Liberty Oil

Table Two
Jack Coyne: Ford Motor Company
Neil Fagg: AMP Property
Ross Honeywill: KPMG
Brian Jamieson: KPMG
Stewart Leslie: KPMG
Les Trudzik: KPMG
Pam Williams: KPMG

Table Three
John Cross: Equiset
Marina Floreancig: Equiset
Lara Grollo: Equiset
Lorenzo Grollo: Equiset
Manola Grollo: Equise
Mark Grollo: Equiset
Monica Grollo: Equiset
Rino Grollo: Equiset
Nick Whitby Equiset

Table Four
David Courtney: Crown
Sherrie Courtney: Crown
Anthony Garnham: Crown
Lisa Garnham: Crown
Gary O'Neill: Crown
Mez O'Neill: Crown
Diane Rafaniello: Crown
Tony Rafaniello: Crown

Table Five
Stephen Hains: Portland House
Lucy Kronfeld
Beverley Mitchell
Harold Mitchell: Mitchell & Partners
David Nettlefold: NLD Advertising
Liz Nettlefold
Ian Roberts: Melbourne Festival

Table 6
Lewis Bell: Bell Asset Management Ltd
Rabbi Shmuel Block: The Yeshivah Centre
David Feeney: ALP state secretary
Peter Lawrence: Bell Asset Management Ltd
Marcus Mandie: AICC
Robert Nottle: ASX
Alastair Provan: Bell Asset Management Ltd
Graham Richardson: PBL and ex Labor Communications Minister
Michael Veitch: Master of Ceremonies

Table 7
Ron Brown: CUB
Harry Debney: Visy Board
Fiona Geminder: Visy Recycling
Raphael Geminder: Visy Recycling
Tony Gray: Visy Industries
Don Hall: Aspect
Peter Lloyd: Visy Board
Peter McKenna: Visy Industries
Alex Waislitz: Thorney
Heloise Waislitz: Thorney

Table 8
Arthur Apted
Max Beck: Becton Corporation Pty Ltd
Paul Briggs: Becton Corporation Pty Ltd
John Button
Kevin Chamberlin
Rosemary Daniel
Hamish Macdonald: Becton Corporation Pty Ltd
Prof Boris Schedvin
Barry Shepherd: Becton Corporation Pty Ltd
Mark Taylor: Becton Corporation Pty Ltd

Table 9
Guido Belgiomo-Netis: Transfield Pty Ltd
Peter Bentley: Transfield Obayashi Joint Venture
Rob Cranston: Transfield Obayashi Joint Venture
Hans Fischer: Transfield Pty Ltd
Brian McCarthy: Transfield Obayashi Joint Venture
Steve McDonald: Metrolink
Joseph Sadatmehr: Transfield Pty Ltd
Robert Seear: Transfield Pty Ltd
Tony Shepherd: Transfield Pty Ltd
Peter Watson: Transfield Pty Ltd

Table 10
Peter Black: Tenix Defence Systems Pty Ltd
Robert Cooper: Tenix Defence Systems Pty Ltd
Deiter Glenk: Hawker de Havilland Components
Kevin Horder: Tenix Defence Systems Pty Ltd
Roger James: Business Victoria
Paul Johnson: RLM Systems Pty Ltd
Andrew Mill: Price Waterhouse Coopers
Terry O'Donoghue: LMT Australia Pty Ltd
Paul Salteri: Tenix Pty Ltd
Tony Wilkinson: Hawker de Havilland Melbourne Manufacturing

Table 11
Graeme Barnes: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
Chris Fosterling: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
James Higgins: Office of the Premier
Ian Luck: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
Ashley Mason: Leighton Holdings Limited
Ray McCann: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
Sharon McCrohan: Office of the Premier
Lachlan McDonald: Office of the Minister for Transport
Bob Morris: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
Colin Radford: Office of the Premier

Table 12
Mark Bouris: Wizard Financial Services
Chris Brown: Tourism Task Force
Cindi Goode: Urest
Peter Hill: Liquorland
Simon Holloway: Tooheys Victoria
Desley Kennedy: Tooheys
Gabriel McDowell: Lion Nathan Australia
Philippa McKee: Silks Publishing
Michael Natoli: GM Southern Independent Liquor

Table 13
Helen Alter: Pacific Shopping Centres
Maurice Alter: Pacific Shopping Centres
Jim Bosnjak: National Bus Company
Gary Brown: Bonlac
Craig Cook: Progressive Business
Been Creighton: Corrs Chambers Westgarth
Rick Lacey: Bonlac
Robert Pascoe: Victoria University
Susan Pascoe: Victoria University
Terry Wallish: National Bus Company

Table 14
John Bourke: Central Equity
Vince Cerritelli: Central Equity
Teresa Coldebella: Central Equity
Lou Farinotti: Holding Redlich
Charles Griffin: Central Equity
Jon Hickman: Central Equity
Karl Kutner: Central Equity
Geoff Otto: Central Equity
David Wilson: Central Equity
Dennis Wilson: Central Equity

Table 15
Andrew Dexter: Macquarie Bank
Naush Dinshaw: Macquarie Bank
Ron Hayward: Nomad Communications
Michael Liu: Macquarie Bank
Gerry O'Reilly: Macquarie
Richard Price: Macquarie Bank
Jim Roennfeldt: Macquarie Bank
Carlton Taya: Nomad Communications
David Thurin: Gandel Group
David Williamstown: Blake Dawson Waldron

Table 16
Steve Bracks
Terry Bracks
Walter Bugno: Lion Nathan
Patrick Flannigan: Skilled Engineering
Bruno Grollo: Grocon
Dina Grollo: Grocon
Ros Kelly: Westpac
Eddie Kutner: Central Equity
Alistair Lucas: Macquarie
David Morgan: Westpac
James Packer: PBL
Jodie Packer: PBL

Table 17
Simon Crean "Deputy Leader, Federal Labor Party"
Peter Fox: Linfox
Lindsay Fox: AO Linfox
Bill Kelty: ACTU
Leon Kempler: AICC
Peter Lew: Witchery Fashions
Solomon Lew: Century Plaza Group of Companies
Stevie Lew: Playcorp Pty Ltd
Michael McLeod: Century Plaza Group of Companies
Graeme Samuel: AO National Competition Council

Table 18
Brian Coyle: Sussan
Nicole Feely: VECCI
Eric Mayer: Docklands Authority
Naomi Milglom: Sussan Corporation
Bill Mountford: Arthur Andersen
Alan Schwartz: Anstat Pty Ltd
Carol Schwarz: Sussan Property Group
John Tabart: Docklands Authority
Karina Tabart: Docklands Authority
Kathleen Townsend: Kathleen Townsend Executive Solutions Pty Ltd

Table 19
Vince Basile: Grocon
Robyn Falloon: Grocon
Stan Falloon: Grocon
Daniel Grollo: Grocon
Bob Howard: Grocon
Elva Howard: Grocon
Gabrielle Rothel: Grocon
Stephen Rothel: Grocon

Table 20
Richard Amos: Royce Communications
Julie Browning: Royce Communications
Derek Clayton: Sales Manager
John Donovan: JD Consulting
Richard Elkington: Loy Yang Power
Nigel Harrison: Australian Society of CPAs
Peter Kennedy: Madgwicks
Peter Mahon: Royce Communications
David Mattingly
David Pitchford: Centenary of Federation Vic

Table 21
Shane Campbell: Skilled Engineering
Claude Ceccomancini: Skilled Engineering
Ken Drake: Skilled Engineering
Darren Driscoll: Skilled Engineering
Lindsay Edwards: Skilled Engineering
Norman Fay: Fay & Fay
Ray Fitzgerald: Skilled Engineering
Terry Janes: Skilled Engineering
Peter Pisalidis: Skilled Engineering
Glenn Triggs: Skilled Engineering

Table 22
Dennis Eck: Coles Myer
Tim Hammon: Coles Myer
Rebecca King: Coles Myer
Terry McCartney: Coles Myer
Peter Nelson: Coles Myer
Gary Nye: Coles Myer
Geoff Sadler: Coles Myer
John Schmoll: Coles Myer
Kerrina Watson: Coles Myer
Alan Williams: Coles Myer

Table 23
Toby Darvall: Tabcorp
David Elmslie: Tabcorp
Joanne Elmslie: Tabcorp
Judy Hodgson: Tabcorp
Tony Hodgson: Tabcorp
David Simpson: Tabcorp
Sue Simpson: Tabcorp
Robyn Wilson: Tabcorp
Ross Wilson: Tabcorp
Tricia Wunsch: Tabcorp

Table 24
Greg Basser: Village Roadshow Ltd
Ian Basser: Village Online
Greg Graham: Mindshare Australia
Peter Harvie: Austereo Pty Ltd
Michael Nettlefold: NLD Advertising
Mark Pearce: Clemenger Melbourne
Elysa Preece: Fox FM and Triple M
Peter Simon: Simon Richards Group

Table 25
Chris Billington: ABAS Global Risk Management Solutions, Melbourne
Mario D'elia: FAS, Privatisation Economic & Regulatory Advice
Des DeCean: Austereo Pty Ltd
Rowland Hill: Australia Post, Melbourne
Bill Kirk: Mayne Nickless Limited, Sydney
Stephen Loosley: PwC Legal, Sydney
Karyn Mealy: PwC Legal, Sydney
Mary Ann: O'Loughlin Health Care of Australia, Sydney
Anne Parsons :Zenith Media
Philip Purcell: PwC Legal, Sydney
Greg Ray: Hill & Knowlton, Melbourne
Andrew Whittaker: MCS, PI - Financial Cost Management

Table 26
David Barnett: Tattersall's
Leigh Boneham: Rye RSL
Peter Burnett: North Ballarat Sports Club
David Canny: Red Lion Hotel
Simon Doyle: Tattersall's
Alister Drysdale: Tattersall's
Peter Fonseca: Tattersall's
John Harris: Tattersall's
Wayne Rinaldi: Sebastapol Bowling Club
Pat Sheehan: Rising Sun Hotel

Table 27 (owned by PBL at the time which also owned Crown)
David Broadbent: Channel 9
Rosemary Broadbent: Channel 9
Ian Johnson: Channel 9
Kim Johnson: Channel 9
Graeme Trippett: Channel 9
Judith Trippett: Channel 9
Brian Tuckey: Channel 9
Gay Tuckey: Channel 9
Graeme Yarwood: Channel 9
Virginia Yarwood: Channel 9

Table 28
Geoff Fary: George Weston Foods Ltd
Monica Hayes: George Weston Foods Ltd
James Hubbard: Don Smallgoods
Sarah Hubbard: Don Smallgoods
Paul Loneragan: Western Cereal Industries
Gary Mulroyan: George Weston Foods Ltd
Jillian Mulroyan: George Weston Foods Ltd
Binny Thomas: Western Bioproducts Ltd
Fred Thomas: Western Bioproducts Ltd
Wayne Turner: Western Bioproducts Ltd

Table 29
Peter Alexander: Bank of Melbourne
David Carruthers: Treasury Corporation of Victoria
Andrew Clark: The Age
Duncan Fischer: Tattersall's
Sally Herman: Bank of Melbourne
Ian Little: Dept of Treasure & Finance
Eve Mahlab: Westpac Director
Matthew: Slater Bank of Melbourne
Christopher Stewart: Westpac Director
Mark Whelan: Westpac Institutional Bank

Table 30
Ian Irving: Walter Construction Group
Bruce Johnston: Ove Arup & Partners
Malcolm McMahon: Grainco Australia Ltd
Russel Perkins: Walter Construction Group
Peter Read: Walter Construction Group
Mark Scorer: Walter Construction Group
Robert Squire: Connell Wagner
John Wertheimer: John Wertheimer Consultants Pty Ltd

Table 31
Angela Elmslie
David Marriner: Staged Developments
Elaine Marriner: Staged Developments
Jason Marriner: Marriner Theatres
Kayely Marriner: Marriner Theatres
Robert Peck: Robert Peck von Hartel Trethowan
Jenny Pope: Neil Pope & Associates
Neil Pope: Neil Pope & Associates
Tony Tuohey: Super Communications
Garry Weaven: IFS

Table 32
Ron Bassett: BCR Asset Management
David Ciracovitch: BCR Asset Management
Peter Fraser: IPR Shandwick
Dick Gross: City of Port Phillip
Colin Hackworth: Mount Hotham Skiing Company
Geoff Henke: Australian Olympic Committee
Mark Kerr: IPR Shandwick
Julia Murray: Friends of Luna Park
Mike Roberson: BCR Asset Management
Adrian Salmon: BCR Asset Management

Table 33

Terry Campbell: JB Were and Sons
Neil Chatfield; Toll Holdings
Graham Goldsmith: JB Were and Sons
Brian Minton: JB Were and Sons
Andrew Molony: JB Were and Sons
Ross O'Brien: Pacifica
John Paterson: JB Were and Sons
Rick Sawers: ANZ Bank
Graham Smorgon: Smorgon Steel
Keith Stamm: United Energy

Table 34
(Foster's owned both CUB and the ALH pokies pubs business at the time)
Judy Barnesby: CUB
Rick Beker: CUB
Michael Coleman: CUB
Adrian Gardner: CUB
Jeremy Griffith: CUB
Janet Latchford: CUB
Russell Peel: CUB
Geoff Rankin: CUB
Ian Shannon: CUB
Graeme Willersdorf: FBG

Table 35
John Barr: Transurban
Robin Bishop: Macquarie Bank
Peter Cooper: Merrill Lynch Mercury
Jeni Coutts: Transurban
Laurie Cox: Transurban
Kim Edwards: Transurban
Mike Fitzpatrick: Hastings Funds Management
Alan Kohler: Financial Review
Susan Oliver: Transurban
Geoff Phillis: Transurban

Table 36
Evan Gronow: Hotel and Leisure Management
Isaac Lesh: Welcome Stranger pokies hotel
Ron Lim: Entine Pty Ltd
Alexander Robertson: Welcome Stranger pokies hotel
Mark Robertson: Hotel & Leisure Management
Sandy Robertson: Alexander Robertson & Co Pty Ltd
Charles Sutton: Welcome Stranger
Martin Webb: Mansion Hotel Group

Table 37
Ken Carr: Murray Valley Trades & Labour Council
Don Carrazza: Mildura Grand Hotel
Mark Hancock: Mildura Co-operative Fruit Co Ltd
John Irwin: Irwin & Richards Solicitors
Ross Lake: Tasco Inland Australia Pty Ltd
Tony Mathews: Southern Australia Airlines
Bruno Moras: Nangiloc Colignan Farms Pty Ltd
Lloyd Thomson: Sunraysia Buslines
Ken Wakefield: Wakefield Transport
Patricia Williamson: Mildura Chamber of Commerce

Table 38

Jim Blomfield: News Broadcasting Australia
Malcolm Colless: News Limited
Murray Hohnen: BHP Copper Ltd
Steve Leigh: Qld Investment Co.
Steven Smith: Herbert Geer Rundle
Geoff Smyth: AAPT
Robin Strathdee: AAPT
Sasha Titchkosky: ASX
Gabrielle Trainer: John Connolly & Partners
Peter Welch: John Connolly & Partners

Table 39

Don Armstrong: VACC
Tony Blake: VACC
Owen Brown: VACC
Brian Curmi: VACC
Bob Fairbairn: VACC
Perce Makin: VACC
David Purchase: VACC
Russell Stuckey: VACC

Table 40
Michael Brogan: RMB Australia
Nick Falloon: PBL
Gary Gray: ALP
Shaun Levin: Artist Services
Chris Lovell: Holding Redlich
James MacKenzie: Norwich Union
Greg Paramor: Paladin
Peter Redlich: Holding Redlich
Steve Vizard: Artist Services
David White: ALP

Table 41
Gerry Bullon: Sigma Co. Ltd.
Graeme Croft: Croft Health Care Pty Ltd
Rob Foster: Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Malcolm Kinloch: International Diabetes Institute
Mark Kirkby Sigma Co. Ltd.
Louise Lyons: International Diabetes Institute
Henry Pinskier: Health Care United
John Rashleigh: Health Benefits Council
Maurince Sheehan: Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Paul Whelan: Health Benefits Council

Table 42
Bill Shorten: AWU
Debbie Beale
Thai Henry
Peter Johnston: AIOFP
Barry McGuinness: Minter Ellison
John McInerney: TIFP
Michael Tehan: Minter Ellison
Rick Wilkinson: Santos Limited
Paul Woodland: Santos Limited

Table 43
Rob Bishop: Shannon's Way
Brian Boyd: VTHC
Maria Butera: C+Bus
Martin Kingham: CFMEU
Albert Littler: CFMEU
Bill Shannon: Shannon's Way
Dorothy Shannon: Shannon's Way
George Watson: CFMEU

Table 44
Marcus Birrell: Silver Star
Richard Broxham: 3 Point Motors
Michael Cusack: Brighton Star
Roman Fischer: Daimler Chrysler Aust Pacific Pty Ltd
Peter Marshall: Daimler Chrysler Aust Pacific Pty Ltd
Ted O'Grady: Mobil Oil
Joe Pinto: Mercedes-Benz of Melbourne
Robert Sayer: Worrells Motors
Werner Schmitt: Daimler Chrysler Aust Pacific Pty Ltd
Colin Uden: Central Star

Table 45
Rodney Abbott: Aspect Computing
Lyndsey Cattermole: Aspect Computing
Agnes Chee: Aspect Computing
John de Campo: Women's & Children's Health Care Network
Ian Farrington: Aspect Computing
Jennifer Hooks: Cinemedia
John Humphreys: KPMG Consulting
Max Nicholls: Aspect Computing
Janet Whiting: Corrs Chambers Westgarth
Russell Yardley: Acumen Multimedia

Table 46
Andrew Buxton: MAB Corporation
Michael Buxton: MAB Corporation
Steve Buxton: MAB Docklands
Karl Fender: Nation Fender Katsilidis
John Gibson: MAB Industrial
Glen Harrington: Project Planning & Management
Des Jackson: Jackson Development Group
Charles Justin: Synman Justin Bialek
Nonda Katsalidis: Nation Fender Katsalidis
Paul McDonald: MAB Docklands

Table 47
Ravi Bhatia: Primus Telecom
Ron Espie: Australand
Emma Fitzsimons: Australian Children's Foundation
Paul Hameister: Viacom Australia
Peter Howren: Australand
David Jones: Septimus Jones and Lee
Robert Pradolin: Australand
Lydia Schiavello: Schivello (Vic) Pty Ltd
Peter Schiavello: Schivello (Vic) Pty Ltd
Stephe Wilks: Cable Wireless Optus

Table 48
Greg France: Aristocrat
John Grace: Amrad
Julie Harders: Aristocrat
James Mitchell: Baulderstone Hornibrook
Anthony Moore: Amrad
Peter Murray: Collex Waste Management
Gerard Neylan: Baulderstone Hornibrook
Tony Pinwill: Collex Waste Management
Roger Poole: Bates Smart
James Pullar: AGL

Table 49

David Barnes: Hansen Partnership
Murray Chessell: Chessell Williams Lawyers
Chris Gallagher: Strategy Shop
Malcolm Gay: Shaw & Gay Pty Ltd
Sandra Gay: Shaw & Gay Pty Ltd
Craig Gordon: Mirvac
Cath McGechie: Ausvest Holdings Pty Ltd
Jenny Morris
Stuart Morris: Victorian Bar
David Yu: Ausvest Holdings Pty Ltd
Dominique Yu: Ausvest Holdings Pty Ltd

Table 50
Stephen Batten: Australian Hospital Care
Jack Bryant: Australian Hospital Care
Mark Bryce: Australian Hospital Care
Graham Clay: Australian Hospital Care
Rod McNeil: Australian Hospital Care
Hilary Roberts: Australian Hospital Care
Stuart Rowley: LaTrobe Regional Hospital
Richard Royle: Australian Hospital Care
Marilyn Sneddon: LaTrobe Regional Hospital

Table 51
Philip Aiken: BHP
Paul Clayton: BHP Steel
Graham Evans: BHP
Mandy Frostick: BHP
Malcolm Garratt: BHP Petroleum
David Goodwin: BHP Petroleum
Andrew Marjoribanks: BHP Steel
David McGough: BHP Petroleum
Mike Oppenheimer: BHP Petroleum
Michael Spencer: BHP

Table 52
Nick Bantounas: Mermaid Parking
Les Bognar: Object Oriented
Gerry Carroll: Object Oriented
Len Coysh: Slade and Partners
Andrew Komesaroff: Corrs Chambers Westgarth
Andrew McEwin: Mermaid Cleaning
Bill McLaughlin: AGL
Peter Mitrakas: South Melbourne Soccer Club
Alistair Urquhart: Affairs of State
George Vasilipoulos: South Melbourne Soccer Club

Table 53
Angeline Chan: Merlion Business consulting
Bill Dirksen: Ford Motor Company
Steven East: Sodexho Food & Management Services
John Lazzari: Prestige Property Services
Don Norton: Sodexho Food & Management Services
Paul Nugent: Sodexho Food & Management Services
Andrew Pike: MWCC
Brad Rasmussen: Sodexho Food & Management Services
Ray Wiley: MWCC
Douglas Wright: Wright Marketing

Table 54
Arto Atwood: SCHC
George Condos: SCHC
Spiro Condos: SCHC
Samantha Drummond: SCHC
Deborah Gray: SCHC
Mina Kanis: SCHC
Chris Miller: SCHC
Yvon Nolette: SCHC
Graeme O'Leary: SCHC
Steve Quinn: SCHC

Table 55
Graeme Bowker: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Clinton Casey: RSA Pty Ltd
Jim Douglas: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
David Dowling: Deloitte Consulting
Vera Holt: Deloitte Consulting
Alan Jackson: AO Austrim Limited
Bram Kefford: Kefford Group
Jack Kelly: Powercor Australia
Phillip Kershaw: Austrim Limited
Jan Sloane: JGL Investments Pty Ltd

Table 57
Trish Finemore: Finemore Holdings
Ron Finemore: AO Finemore Holdings
Anne Kinsella: Finemore Holdings
Brian Kinsella: Finemore Holdings
Louise O'Bryan: Finemore Holdings
Tom O'Bryan: Finemore Holdings
Guy Scott: APP
David Thiessen: Australia Post

Table 58
Stephen Armstrong: Victorian Taxi Association
Garry Bradd: Black Cabs Combined
Ron Daniels: North Suburban Taxis
Lisa Dowd: CS First Boston
Phil Franet: Victorian Taxi Association
Kevin Grange: Silver Top Taxi Service
Noel Granger: Silver Top Taxi Service
Tassi Revis: Silver Top Taxi Service
Neil Sach: Victorian Taxi Association

Table 59
Theo Andriopoulos: Sun Health Foods
John Bosancic: President Homes
Jim Dandanis: Zaparas & Dandanis
Jenny Dardalis: Marathon Food Industries Ptd Ltd
Steve Dimopoulos: Office of Simon Crean MHR
Con Mantzis: Mantzis Holdings
Arthur Nakas: James Lane Motors
Peter Nicholls: President Homes
John Thomas: Foodlife Industries
Peter Zaparas: Zaparas & Dandanis

Table 60
Paul Cooper: SMS Consulting Group Ltd
Philip Hind: Department of Justice
Ken Hore: Clubs Victoria
Tony Imbesi: Clubs Victoria
Margaret Kerney: Clubs Victoria

David Pollard: State Revenue Office Victoria
Bob Smith: Clubs Victoria
Andrew Spinks: Clubs Victoria
Tom Stianos: SMS Consulting Group Ltd
Stephen White: Clubs Victoria

Table 61
Kevinn Burke: AHA
Peter Burnett: AHA
Jon Caneva: AHA
Ray Dodd: AHA
Alan Giles: AHA
Warwick Hunter: AHA
Richard Layton: AHA

Table 62
Si Banks: Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Neil Batt :Health Benefits Council
John Denton: Corrs Chambers Westgarth
Carmine Fusco: Pioneer Homes
Graeme Hannan: Hannan & Co
Judi Hannan: Hannan & Co
Trevor Lloyd: Dunhill Madden Butler
Bill Scott: Pharmacy Guild of Australia
David Whiting: Australian Industry Group
Paul Zimmet: International Diabetes Institute

Table 63

Annabelle Butler: AAMI
Don Casboult: AAMI
Anthony Durakovic: AAMI
Michael Kay: AAMI
Brian Keane: AAMI
Lynda Keane: AAMI
Samantha McIntosh: AAMI
Suzanne Peddington: AAMI
Simon Smith: AAMI
Genevieve Staff: AAMI

Table 64
Leigh Ainsworth: Thiess Environmental Services
Julie Browning: Thiess Environmental Services
Des Dalton: Silcar
Michael Dixon: Silcar
Robyn McLeod: Staff of Minister for Energy, Resources and Ports
Tom Mikus: Thiess Contractors
Bill Moh: Rail Services Australia
Jackie Ross: Thiess Contractors
Geoff Thomas: Thiess Contractors
Russell Trevaskis: Thiess Infraco

Table 65

Leon Daphne: Nissan Australia
Jim Jovanovic: Binks Western Nissan
John Kee: Oakleigh Nissan
Andrew Liddicoat: Blackburn Nissan
Bill Miller: Nissan Australia
Ian Moreillon: Nissan Australia
Ken Morgan: Ken Morgan Nissan
Garry Rogers: Garry Rogers Nissan
Michael Thomas: Essendon Nissan
Ron Yates: King Nissan

Table 66
Raymond Barro: Barro Group
Graeme Cock: FIAA
Vicki Corbett: Progressive Business
Geoff Donohue: AGL
Sarah Jones: Gavin Anderson & Kortlang
Lee Kidman: FIAA
Tim Little: FIAA
Paul Rainey: Corrs Chambers Westgarth
Ian Smith: Gavin Anderson & Kortlang

Table 67

Les Cupper: Commonwealth Bank
Eric Kinsella: Commonwealth Bank
Paul Leeds: Leeds Media & Communications
John Long: Commonwealth Bank
Victor Maree: George Patterson Bates
David McLachlan: Commonwealth Bank
Tony Phillips: Adtown
Tom Renda: Commonwealth Bank
Eric Rooezdaal: ALP NSW Branch
Mark Ryan: Westfield Holdings Limited

Table 68
Marius Brinkhorst: CS First Boston
Liz Brinkhorst-Roberts: CS First Boston
Alan Highet: CS First Boston
Lisa Highet: CS First Boston
Belinda Jones: CS First Boston
Kyle Mangini: CS First Boston
Rob Stewart: CS First Boston
John Wylie: CS First Boston
Myriam Wylie: CS First Boston

Table 69
Max Ervin: Golder Associates
Paul Gardener: Gardener Group
Kevin Hunt: Mirvac
Ian Jones: Parry Fraser Jones
John Landy: Haden Engineering
Barry Murphy: Murphy Design Group
David O'Shaughnessy: Mirvac
Graeme Smith: CLG Plumbing
Kevin Winward: Bonacci Winward

Table 70

Betty Higgins: ALP
Chris Kelly: ALP
Roland Lindell: ALP
Jacki Willox: ALP
Faye Wilson: ALP

Table 71
Bernard Ahern: B J Ahern
Bob Brownless: Contract Media Sales
Tony Currie: Capital Glass Pty Ltd
Spiros Dellas: Lang Australia Pty Ltd
Keith Drew: John Holland
Robyn Drew: John Holland
Gilliam Hamerston: Victoria University
Michael Hamerston: Victoria University
Neil Tresize
Frank Wilkes

Table 72
David Balcombe: Ernst & Young
Judith Dwyer: Southern Health Network
Peter Jonson: Ernst & Young
Elizabeth Little: Bradmill Undare Group
Michael McDowell: Royal Melbourne Hospital
Darren Moses: Oztrack
Peter Rohan: Ernst & Young
Phillip Ruthven: Ibis Limited
Marion Stanway: Ernst & Young
Ken Stout: Ernst & Young

Table 73
Paul Birch: Ansett
Tony Bracy: Kendall Airlines
Pamela Catty: Ansett
David Comford: Ansett
Trevor Jensen: Ansett
Alan Logan: Ansett
John Vincent: Ansett
Craig Wallace: Ansett
Mark Whitby: Ansett Australia Cargo
Geoff Young: Ansett

Table 74
Greg Duggan: Sanderson Computers
Brad Green: Boral Energy
Simon Harland: Sanderson Computers
Chris Hickman: Sanderson Computers
Anne Holmes: City of Boroondara
Garry Noffs: Sanderson Computers
Pete Steedman
Richard Switzky: ANZ Bank
Brendan Tipple: Sanderson Computers
Andrew Warhurst: Sanderson Computers

Table 75
Jack Curtis: Freehill Hollingdale & Page
Jonathon Forbes: Freehill Hollingdale & Page
Jeff Harding: Pacific Hydro Ltd
Peter Hay: Freehill Hollingdale & Page
Paul Lorenzini: Powercorp
Paul Montgomery: Freehill Hollingdale & Page
Ian Nethercote: Loy Yang Power
Robert Nicholson: Freehill Hollingdale & Page
Susan Taylor: Freehill Hollingdale & Page
Nick Wormald: Freehill Hollingdale & Page

Table 76
David Abraham: Davslav Nominees
Brian Cargill: Multiplex Constructions
Eugene Cester: Multiplex Constructions
Jim Cox: CPR Group
Scott Davies: Multiplex Constructions
James Evans: Multiplex Constructions
Noel Henderson: Multiplex Constructions
John O'Rourke: ABN - AMRO Aust Pty Ltd
Ray Wilson: ABN - AMRO Aust Pty Ltd
Robert Woolf: Rothschild Australia

Table 77
David Buckingham: Business Council
Peter Burns: Business Coalition
Bert Dennis: Dennis Construct
Toni Fedderson: CEDA
Ray Fisher: CSR Construction
David Fulton: John Holland
Sergio Ginerari: CSR Construction
Ian Latta: CSR Construction
Richard Peters: CSR Construction
Debra Stirling: CSR Construction

Table 78
George Adams: Adams Group
Mick Bourke: City West Water
Geoffrey Brennan: Canberra Liason Pty Ltd
Daryl Browning: Knight Frank
Frank Costa: Costas
David Heeps: City West Water
Leon L'Hullier: Woolworths
Don Sharp: Adams Group
Kevin Wood: CCE International Pty Ltd
Roy Woodhouse: Knight Frank

Table 79

Greg Baird: O'Brien Catering
Frank De Napoli: O'Brien Catering
Jon Garrard: O'Brien Catering
Simone McDonald: O'Brien Catering
Ann-Maree O'Brien: O'Brien Catering
Caroline O'Brien: O'Brien Catering
Elizabeth O'Brien: O'Brien Catering
Michael O'Brien: O'Brien Catering
Michael X O'Brien: O'Brien Catering
Bernie Stephens: O'Brien Catering

Table 80
Amanda Barnett: Blake Dawson Waldron
John Best: ABN Amro
Richard Bunting: Blake Dawson Waldron
Anne Dalton: Blake Dawson Waldron
David Danziger: Priceline
Gordon Hughes: Blake Dawson Waldron
Peter Johnstone: Blake Dawson Waldron
Chris Quennell: Blake Dawson Waldron
Peter Quinlivian: BHP Transport
Bill Reid Blake: Dawson Waldron

Table 81
Tat Cork: McDonalds Australia
Andrew Fletcher: Kinhill
Mark Gold: Edelmans Worldwide
Richard Leather: Edelmans Worldwide
Heather Lustig: Lustig & Moar
Ted Lustig: Lustig & Moar
Michael O'Shaughnessy: McDonald's
Karen Rada: Lend Lease Projects
Mark Rada: Lend Lease Projects

Table 82

Greg Batchelor: Intergraph Public Safety
Tom Brennan: Corrs Chambers Westgarth
Bernie Cooper: Enetech
Bryan Harris: Pivot Limited
John Hjorth: Media Monitors
Malcolm Hogg: Media Monitors
Bob Shapard: TXU
Phillip Stocker: Media Monitors
John Watson: Pivot Limited
Marina Zabrieszach: Intergraph Public Safety

Table 83
Peter Brecht: Abigroup Contractors
John Chessels: IT Environmental
Richard Davies: Abigroup Maintenance Services
Steve Fraser: Abigroup Maintenance Services
Ian Hawkey: Abigroup Contractors
Don Hayward: Abigroup Limited
David Lam: IT Environmental
Ron Lovett: Abigroup Contractors
Peter Mirkov: IT Environmental
Rob Whitwell: Abigroup Contractors